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Yeah, that's the spot, right there... 10x mom @valensandu

Finally get to hold baby 👶🏼 after 2 days
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Alright let's talk about @justdanjohnson and my current foster baby. We've had Vinny for a few weeks now since he graduated from @marleysmutts_pawsitivechange program at California City. I was going to get a cute picture of just him but this demonstrates him a little better 😂 once he knows you he loves to love you. Haha If this handsome boy catches your eye go to @marleysmutts website and learn more.
More about Vinny...
•Vinny has done absolutely perfect on my pack walks - he is best friends with every dog he meets no matter their size, breed, or attitude. •Vinny has been perfect with my 1 y/o daughter Olivia - this being said Olivia could care less about a new dog coming into our home and naturally respects dogs space (as all humans should) 😉
•Vinny is high energy and can definitely lean to excited/ anxious if not given the proper structure. With the proper structure and exercise he would really make a great addition to any home and fill it with lots of fun and love! ❤️
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Using a chair to make you as tall as your Pack Leader 💺💪🏽💁🏼‍♂️💁🏼🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏼 #vizsla #packleader #short #chair #dogcity #doggydaycare #dogcityeast #dogcitywest #daycarefordogs #adelaidedogs #dogsofsa #dogplay #dogfun #doggydaycare #adelaidedoggydaycare #adelaide #adelaidedogdaycare

Had a great evening last night at pet street vet clinic last night talking about #dogbehavior

My dawgs 🐾👅🐶

Roll call! The gang's all here. Super squad Wednesdays 😎🐾 #mustlovedogs #thedailybeans #happyhounds #bigdogparty


Who doesn't love getting spoiled? This amazing leash arrived today 💙Seriously cant wait for my next outing ☺️ #packleash #packleashes #packleader #thor #quality

New friend, Sophie, lookin most adorable, and a lil like her head is floating 🤷🏼‍♂️ #mustlovebullies #floatinghead #adorabully

"😎🐕Pack Leader and powerhouse #bosslady JoJo of @trotsdogs came out to visit Mini (Aka Leroy) today at @ruffliferesort and assess him for continued training.😎🐕 💙Mini showed us that his "bad" behavior is really puppy habits that were encouraged in his life prior to rescue and that his "aggression" to other dogs is truly fear. You should have seen this big guy literally hiding behind JoJo when he saw another dog.💙 Jojo's calm, confident energy brings out a whole new side to our rescue dogs, and every dog! We are so grateful to her for spending time training our pups and our fosters/rescue board to work with our pack and achieve the balance we all want. 👉🏽‼️Did you know that by fostering or adopting a Live Love Dog, you could work with some of the best trainers in #socal, courtesy of the rescue? If you're interested in fostering or being a #fostertoadopt parent for one of our rescue dogs, please email us at woof@liveloveanimalrescue. MINI STILL NEEDS A FOSTER FAMILY! 👈🏽‼️

Walking your dog is an important part of having a relationship with your dog. In the dog world, a pack will migrate up to 40 miles a day or even more. They work together to search for food. They work together to kill their pray. They have rules in their migrating. They have rules when and how they feed. You can help them by being a good pack leader. Walking them simulates the migration they would normally do to hunt for food in the wild. Start thinking about what your dog needs. If you can't think this way maybe it's not the right time for you to own a dog. #balanceddogtraining #dogs #packleader #distractions #leadership #dothework

Puppy shenanigans between #Hendrix and #Buddha @thefatbully

New pal, Sophie, lookin as cool as the other side of the pillow with her new friends. She was definitely the talk of the town this morning sporting her shades 😎🐾 #mustlovedogs #mustlovebullies #thedailybeans #bigdogparty #sonomaplaza

#Jagger #Buddha @thefatbully #Hendrix & #Styles are ready to watch an #ImpracticalJokers marathon

It's bed time and someone doesn't want to go to bed... #ratcha #dogmom #stubborndog #alpha #packleader

Tonight was the last night for our behavioral training class with Pepper. I felt strongly that before this baby comes I needed a good positive way at being a good pack leader for them. We learned a bunch of stuff including alpha-rolls and praising galore! I'm much more calm now that she responds better and for the most part listens to me. I know training is never over with dogs (as we figured out Hurley is a trigger for her aggression) but it has gotten us off to a very good start. I'm feeling more confident with our new addition to our family and how our dogs will do with this huge change. •

Furmoms - have you ever had issues with your dogs and babies/kids before?

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