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😂 Tag a friend #MudJug #dip30 #packing #soul photo by @chrisdips1

packing now ✈︎✈︎✈︎
jumelleの新作もってるんるん 💛💛💛
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Welcome to new Hopeless !!
I'm sure a lot better than before
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3 en 1 ◽Ayer ayudé a una amiga a hacer su valija de luna de miel, era todo un desafío. 3 semanas, 3 destinos muy distintos entre sí playa, aventura y ciudad en 1 sola valija! Y lo logramos!! Incluso le sobró lugar para algunas compritas.
▫primero definí cantidad de días del viaje, investigá el clima, tipo de actividad en cada destino y códigos de vestimenta por religión.
▫elegí una paleta de colores neutros para utilizar como base, suma toques de colores para realzar los looks.
▫llevá bijou que "decore" pero que no sea muy pesada.
▫una mochila o cartera cruzada es ideal para estos viajes, cansa menos llevarla y tus cosas están más seguras. ▫pensá en prendas que se adapten a distintos looks, tanto para el día como para la noche.
▫si estás con tiempo sacale fotos a todas las combinaciones que podes armar con lo que llevas! Es de gran ayuda en destino para usar todo lo que llevas. (Sobre todo en viajes de trabajo que no queres pensar) ▫llevar las cosas divididas en bolsitas de tela ayudan a armar y desarmar la valija más rápido.
▫Ella me pregunto por el método de #mariekondo Y le dije que lo recomiendo para cundo uno no viaja en avión, realmente entran más prendas pero corremos el riesgo de sobrepeso! (Me pasó la primera vez que lo hice)
▫fuimos tan aplicadas que incluso dejamos la ropa lista con la que viaja el domingo! (Segunda foto)
🔘si queres más tips de viajes mirá mis posts pasados que hay miles!!!🔘
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When you are packing for 5 for the weekend and everyone wants tennis rackets, footballs and dollies but you also have to pack wellies and swimmers just in case - it's all about the capsule wardrobe. Much easier doing the little ones than my own! From left - last years embroidered jacket from @zara (buy similar from @outsidethelines.kids ) paint splashed skinnies and cross over body bag both from @Zara this season. Loving the versatility of the @octaviahix kaftan, good to wear over jeans when not so sunny and then yesterday's sandal purchase from @hm only £9! The little Peter Pan blouse is so sweet from @questioneverythingkids and if it gets nippy, this hand knitted wool gilet from @nevillliz in NZ will keep the goosebumps at bay (her email is in my shop section over on the blog!) Finished off with hair ties from @glammrags 💕Voila!


Packing up for baby's first flight! Fingers crossed he sleeps through it! Been obsessed with watching traveling with baby YouTube videos. Please leave any tips if you have any!

One of my favorite knifes, only spend like 5 bucks for it at a flee market #knives #lovethem #beautiful #blue #one #games #boxes #packing #ghostrecon #lol

Day 24/ #marchmeetthemaker is 'milestones'. For me the biggest milestone in the last 8 years of running my business has been making the decision to move all the stock from my garage to a warehouse in 2013. When I first started it was a case of a few coasters in the bedroom wardrobe in the spare room and some cards and prints down the side of the bed. I then moved to the garage but it wasn't long before I realised I needed more space and to free up my time to do more designing. It was a difficult & stressful time trying to find the best home for my stock, we ended up having problems with 2 warehouses and having to move twice, once right in the middle of November which was terrible timing for Christmas orders! But it was the best decision, it has meant that I can really focus on creating new artwork which is the lifeblood of the business and after years of packing it hugely satisfying seeing an order coming in and thinking, I don't have to pack that!

Most of today has been spent finalising what to take with us tomorrow to @hatstock
Ladies, I think we're going to need a bigger car!!!!!
See you in Stockport everyone x
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Mommy take me with you!!! #puppylove #packing #milanhereicome ✈️✈️🙈🙈🐺

It's a perfect day for #storage ! Happy Friday 😊

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