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I miss the ocean. No doubt in my mind I'll be living close to a beach again one day. Growing up near the ocean I took it for granted. It's the thing missing in my life most.
#goals #California #beach #coastline #usa #palmtrees #sunshine

Sunset Views 😍 With a view like this, every day is a good day! PC📸 @eric_scire #YelpSanDiego

11x22" oil on panel. Waves near Montara lighthouse. #seascape #waves #allaprima #oilpainting #beach #pacificocean #painting #california

The Velella, also known locally as "By the Wind Sailor" is a free floating hyrozoan that lives on the surface of the ocean. Brought by wind, tides and currents, it is a signal of what's yet to come. As millions show up all over the banks and beaches, it's already panning out. Bring it on summer. Bring us the fish.


Went to this tiny island today. #mysteryisland #paradise #pacificisland #pacificocean

My idea of doing nothing, floating on a boat in the ocean trying to catch a fish. #tgif #Friday #pacificocean #GoldCoast #fishing #hobby #Australia

The sea lions on the rocks looked so much bigger and closer in real life, you can barely see them in the picture! They're such a noisy animal lol, some of the noises they make are so funny 😄 I ahouldve taken a video! Well, next time lol 😊 #beach #sealion #marinemammals #ocean #pacific #pacificocean #oregon #oregoncoast #coosbay #pnw #pacificnorthwest #beautiful #nature #naturegram #naturephoto #naturelovers #naturephotography

Подарок от погоды :) #Kamchatka 28 апреля. Моя самая экстремальная и запоминающаяся свадьба!

Me enjoying the beautiful seaside views. The weather was sunny and clear today, too! This was along the Coastal Trail. This was during our hiking trip to Lands End/Sutro Baths here in San Francisco, CA. I was with my cousin, Khin and Regina. We always have our own hiking group to hike spontaneously around the city and whatnot. This time, we headed by the sea…
Our day in summary:
We arrived to SF shortly before 10 a.m. or so. We met up with Regina at the parking lot by the Sutro Bath Ruins. The weather was nice and sunny out. We hiked along the Coastal Trail starting from by the Sutro Baths parking lot. The ocean views were stunning along the trail, with the Golden Gate Bridge clearly visible towards the northeast. There were quite a few stairs we had to climb which was a workout no doubt! The trail ends at the Lincoln Hwy so we turned around and headed back where we came. Along the way back, we decided to go down to the beach, particularly to the Mile Rock Beach. It was a nice small rocky beach. (The stairs back up was a killer though lol). After enjoying the scenery by the sea, we continued back along the Coastal Trail and explored the Sutro Bath Ruins for a bit before calling it a day. All this hiking made us hungry so we ate our lunch back at Sweet Tomatoes. We then went our separate ways after lunch. Me and my cousin knocked out back at her place since we were super tired and exhausted lol. Though tiring, we had a fun time hiking in the city by the bay!
(Outing taken place Friday, April 21, 2017)

Velella velella, aka by-the-wind-sailors. Though they look like a jellyfish, they're not, but they're related, and they're actually the only member of their genus, velella. 💙🌊 #nature #naturegram #velella #sealife #marinebiology #zoology #seacreatures #beach #oregon #oregoncoast #coosbay #pnw #pacificnorthwest #pacific #pacificocean

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