Curcumin combined with hemp Crystal's. Great for nerve pain and inflammation. -Curcumin- serves as a good analgesic and can help relieve numbness and tingling in certain cases and is great for increasing pain tolerance and lowering inflammation. -Hemp- has so many nutrients that are great easing neuropathy and tackling the underlying issues.

Vremenom postanu deo nas, naša krila, deo našeg bića. Deo svakodnevnog outfita, deo naše kose. Bude nam urodjenu snagu ženstvenosti, navikavaju nas na promenu, zbližavaju nas sa dinamikom života. Flert poteče našim venama - kako sa sobom tako i sa suncem i zavodljivim jesenjim vetrom koji nam svako malo pomrsi kosu i perje.
Postanu deo nas koji svakodnevno, bez blama, fascinirani mekoćom, mazimo jer nam ruke prosto lete u tom smeru. Čeznu za prirodom - vodjene srcem koje je dugo kucalo u ritmu zemlje. Sada se kroz taj jednostavni dodir sa perima ponovo povezujemo sa svojom pra majkom - pridodom ❤️ Volim ono što vidim da bude u svima
Volim ono što vidim da bude u meni 🥰
Volim ❤️

Fotkala magična @tinatmaric ❤️

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Cusco ... Día 1 😊

A comenzar a explorar esta bella provincia, sus majestuosos paisajes y recargarnos de la mejor vibra 💪💪 #cusco #cuscoperu #aeropuertovelascoastete #imagenesbonitas #plazadearmascusco #catedralcusco #miradorcristorey #pachamamma #vinocaliente

Santa injeção de ânimo de cada domingo

Mi amiga Juana se encontro una iguana , una iguana se encontro mi amiga Juana pero si mi amiga Juana no se hubiera encontrado esa iguana, esa iguana no seria de mi amiga Juana. 🌳🌱 Una bonita amiga que vive en Chichén Itzá
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Tribute to one of our fav Peia tracks "Qui Mi Medicina" 💖 "This song was carried out of the jungle of Peru by a friend about 10 years ago. I have since heard it sung throughout North and South America, around many sacred fires. I have always been touched by this prayer: "May the medicine that heals me be medicine for all, God is all, all is God." I have added the lines:
Mother Earth, Sacred Water All of my life, all of my love. " "I sing this prayer with fierce reverence for our sacred Mother Earth and the Spirit of all life. Every creature that ever was, every single drop of water, every fertile fistful of the ground which feeds our bodies, each breath and the fire that lights our days and warms our cold nights. It is all medicine if we can only remember how to live in balance, if we can only restore our relationship with the beauty and power of the elements, the earth and our own inner wisdom."
~ Peia
Beautiful 🙏💖💚💙💛💜✨ . . .

Happy 11/11 Gateway 🙏🌈✨ #peia #sacred #peruvian #prayer #pachamamma #shamanic #medicine #tribute #reverence #upliftment #lovespacewellness

The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most
These beauties are ready for another project. Mother Earth gifts are precious.
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powerful womben coming together to support one another, bless spaces, one another, & elevate the vibration of this planet fills my heart with gratitude ✨♥️✨ we have heard the call, together we rise ✨

Sunsets never get old 🌞
This is looking out into our wildlife refuge that borders La Cangreja National Park. There are trails that wind through that will take you to secluded swimming holes and let you experience the life of the jungle. Come visit to experience it yourself! 🍃 #pachamamma #actlikeyoulivehere #junglelife #getoutstayout 📷 by @tayh00se

Offerings to a tree, giving thanks and gratitude for the life they provide us

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All in Halasana 🤸🏾‍♀️
✨This Asana rejuvenates the nervous system
✨relaxes the brain, nerves and heart

Morning Hike 🙏
Crazy Horse dreamed and went into the world where there is nothing but the spirits of all things. That is the real world that is behind this one, and everything we see here is something like a shadow from that one. - Black Elk

Morning Corsica 🌲

Pine trees have played a major role in the ancient pagan religions of Europe.

In ancient Greece, the pine was particularly sacred to Dionysus and his worshippers. In the ancient city of Corinth, the Corinthians were ordered by the Delphic Oracle to worship the pine along with Dionysus as a god.

The pine was the sacred tree of the Mithraic cult which became widespread in ancient Rome. On March 22nd, the followers of Cybele would cut a pine tree down and bring it into her sanctuary in honor of her consort Attis, who died underneath, and was said to have been turned into, a pine tree. During the Roman holiday of Saturnalia (Dec. 17-25th), the ancient Romans would decorate pine trees with ornaments such as oscilla, which were made in the image of Bacchus, and little clay dolls known as sigillaria.

Pine trees are one of the symbols of the Germanic mid-winter festival of Yule.

The pines and other coniferous trees of the Black Forest of Germany help give the forest its reputation as a dark and impenetrable place, associated by many with fairy tales.
Other pine trees in Europe have also become famous worldwide, such as the Balkan pine tree of southeast and eastern Europe, which can live up to 1,000 years. Along the coasts of Norway, a vast rain forest of pine, spruce, and other trees provide a unique ecosystem for Scandinavia and a magnificent treasure for the world.

Pinus sylvestris, the Scots pine, grows naturally in Scotland, but can be found across much of Europe and as far north as the Arctic Circle! Vast forests of Scots pines growing across the Scottish countryside bring to mind ancient Druid rituals in which the pine was burned to commemorate the changing of seasons and to bring back the sun.

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Celebrando la vida, conexion con los ancestros!
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New Goddess Dress,floor length organic silk Habotai...print created in layers of blue,pink,and purple, a particular colour combination our friend Barney confuses. We're getting ready for a photoshoot and preping the run through.Lovely range of models coming,Yummy mummies,Yogis,Goddesses,for some frocks and fun and frolicking! #godesses #floorlengthdress #frocks #frolicking #fun #divinefeminine #gemstonecolours #rubys #garnet #redrubies #habotaisilk #organicsilkdress #organiclife #earthfriendlyproducts #lesschemicals #natureknowsbest #pachamamma #divinemother #pixel #pixelprint

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