Just teaching the twincesses some basics😘and #PaceMckenna is on point💁🏼‍♀️😜why does that totally not surprise me🙄Happy Hump Day, Friends! {This pic was taken before the “paci pull” a few weeks ago😉} #PaceAndRush #KissyFace

YOU: Personality for dayyyssss•Red lipstick lova•leader of the pack•Expressive language is 💯•Secure w your “B” (blanket) and red puppy paci•Mommas girl🤗•Human necklace•Trampoline jumper•dollhouse and its family are your favs•siblings+cousins =besties•you rule our roost•nickname: Pacey Boo•Two going on 13•”dos ponies” is most requested hair style as of late•You sing every song, even if you don’t know the words•All things Sophia the first•Preferred beverage is that liquid gold•Bedtime prayers include thanking God for Sophia, Elsa Anna, Moana, heyhey, pua and Sammy (the dog on you tube🤣)
ME: SNS nails foreva•Loving our new congregation...the enriched children’s program + the singing 😍, but missing our old church friends•Moms of Men Bible study is my fav day of the week•Greatest Showman soundtrack on repeat•More nervous than The Big 3 for the school talent show next week•Disappointed in cancelled spring break plans, but starting from scratch•Gathering toys, bilingual books and cosmetics for our 2nd annual mission trip to Honduras in July•searching for best deals on brushed brass hardware, faucets, linear fireplaces, flooring...all things #DenverRanch #flanneryprojectyouandme #PaceMckenna
📷: Unknowingly taken by Fischer Love💗

This lil punkin’ had a fever and snotty nose yesterday😢We have an arsenal of natural remedies that work well for our family when one of us is under the weather (including letting a fever simply do its job). I am happy to report this morning, she woke fever free and feeling sassy 🙏🏻 Momma’s eyes burn from exhaustion and my boobs are trying to adjust from all the extra attention (good thing she wasn’t fully weaned🙃). As much as it hurts me to see my babies not feeling 100%, I reveled in the extra snuggles and time watching Frozen...again. And on the bright side, we are now armed and ready for ailments that may enter our household for the rest of this sick season💪🏻#PaceMckenna #HealingNaturally

Everything about this sugarplum is done with flare and sass. God love her big, bold, beautiful soul ❤️#PaceMckenna #LaborDayWeekend #Throwback #flannerysummerlivelist

Happiest baby on the block ☺️#TrueStory #BubbleBathUponRequest #PaceMckenna

God gave me this one to keep me light on my toes! #PaceMckenna #StinkPot #23mo

Rollin' with the punches at the boys football practice, y'all. Its like all of a sudden one baby is dying.. and only Momma's milk will satisfy. And then the other one, contently playing, catches a glimpse of what is going on and crumbles right before our eyes👆🏻(see above 😳). And tandem nursing on the sidelines is 🙅🏼🙅🏼 because thats basically National Geographic style and ain't no one want that (including me!). Shew 😅 Momma's sweatin' it...but embracing it. Because it won't always be this way. And someday I can see myself desperately missing it 😭Because, afterall, THIS is exactly what I prayed so fervently for, for years and years ☺️🙏🏻Can any of you other nursing Momma's relate to the struggle? #TheStruggleIsReal #BlessedMomma

I wonder what it is they'll remember. Will they remember the love that oozed as we snuggled up together in bed while on our chilly mountain vacay? I do hope it stands out forever in their hearts. But what about the oh-too-often times I have to bring out the mean mom voice to motivate obedience? Or the days I try to teach them patience while yelling "hurry up"? Or the abrupt words spoken out of pure exhaustion or frustration or, quite frankly, both? My prayer is that they will remember a mama who was far from perfect but who loved them fiercely. A mama who all too often didn't hold it together, but always held them close. A mama who did a lot of things wrong, but always tried her hardest to make those things right. A mommy who taught them, cooked for them, read to them, heard them, cuddled them, noticed them, fought for them, comforted them, chauffeured them 😜, praised them, adventured with them, smooched them and always taught them about grace. Grace upon grace. Perfection is never the goal. But, love always is. And (thankfully 🙏🏻) it covers a multitude of wrongs. #TheFlannery5 #BlessedMomma

"Motherhood is not a hobby, it is a calling. You do not collect children because you find them cuter than stamps. It is not something you do if you can squeeze the time in. It is what God gave you time for." ~ Rachel Jankovic

Today I stand in profound honor that I get to be a part of this👆🏻From sunrise to sunset. To be given this calling. This mission. To be part of this club. This worldwide tribe. Of warrior Momma's. It is them that I draw the most strength from. This day belongs to us 💖 #BlessedMomma #HappyMothersDay #TheFlannery5

My girls. Thick as thieves and learning what it really looks like to love each other 😉 #PaceMckenna #RushEverly #FischerLove

YOU: My little mockingbird • Shoulders back, bulging belly, and swinging those arms in a big walk sorta way • A permanent smile across that beautiful face • Shaking yo head "no no no" • That bald head getting some blonde hairs • Some call it a mullet, we endearingly refer to it as a "party in the back" 😂 • The party in a pony makes you so proud 👱🏻‍♀️ • That right foot & your cord at my cervix was the sole reason we had to abort mission on our natural breech birth plans 🙄 • Been creating a ruckus ever since 🤗 • Big kid wannabe • Your espanol is 👌🏻 • Rushy is your bestie, but Fischer is your look-a-like twinkie 👯• I could listen to you say "mmmmm" (Mimi) all day long • Named after my Grandmommie and my sisters • Nickname: Pacey • Twenty-two pounds stocked full of big personality • Our most ambivalent swimmer • Future gymnast and master of a 19mo-style cartwheel • Queen of our brood 👸🏼
ME: Your typical monolingual American 🙄 • My kids knowing Spanish is high on my list • Really wish I knew what I was doing with this mothering gig • Looking for a daily mommy devotional • Encountered some tough moral topics with my boys the past week • Prayerful my babies turn out better than me and prayerful I'm not messing them up • Mapping out our summer schedule • Counting down the days to Denver Ranch ground breaking • Blessed by a hubby who cleans my dishes and straightens my kitchen • Missing him like mad when he travels • Ultra grateful for a family that swoops in to help when needed (a lot!) • Struggling with the quick passage of time • Immersed in trying to create the perfect academic environment and standards for my babes • Challenged by balancing special learning needs • There is so much to be said for a peaceful home • STILL pinching myself as I walk this beautiful life #DreamsComeTrue #PaceMckenna #19mo #flanneryprojectyouandme #ThingsIWantToRemember #BabyA #TwinA

Here's to the weekend and all it's star-blazin' glory ✨Enjoying the final hours of this glorious Lords Day with my herd at our forever homesite 🏡 #DenverRanch #TheFlannery5 #SiblingsAsBesties

Call me crazy (because they're only eighteen months old) but I can see them living side-by-side one day, raising babies and growing old together. And it gives this Momma all sorts of butterflies every time that thought touches my heart. Because, really...what more could a momma want? 📸: Mrs Alina #Twincesses #Girlfriends #RushEverly #PaceMckenna #siblingsasbesties

I am never so overwhelmed by Gods love, than when I see my kids loving on each other 💖😍 #PaceMckenna #FischerLove #Sisters #AWinkFromGod #siblingsasbesties

I don't remember the last time I was bored 😅Life with five kids under seven will always be a grand adventure, no matter how you look at it. And yesterday was no exception as the boys came rushing home from the pool coddling a new hatchling dove🐣 Excited is an understatement 😃They thought of it as an opportunity and were love struck from the get-go. After I got over the initial shock of seeing a ratty looking baby bird, I bought in to their big dreams. As you may have seen on snap or instastories we took the hatchling in and gave it water and the boys were "all in" going bug and worm hunting for the new baby🐛🐜I can't believe I get to be the momma to these little people. Gosh, it was so hard getting them here, but absolutely, unequivocally worth it 💖 #theflannery5 #TeamFlannery #HomeschoolLife

I have to think that this is what the apostle Matthew was talking about when he said that we needed to "change and become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven". Pure, innocent and obedient. We were praying as a family for the sweet newborn baby bird the boys found earlier today. Briggs snapped this video of his baby sister participating in our family prayer. Took my breath away when I discovered it on my camera roll. God bless all my sweet-hearted babies. May they always be pleasing to the Lord. #SquintyEyedPrayersAreTheBest #FaithLikeAChild #MyMissionMyChildren #PaceMckenna #FunnyBabyGirl

Us Momma's get most of the credit for child rearing, instilling those good character traits and habits in our little ones and we mustn't forget the magnitude of that. But in my house, I would be amiss to minimize the role this daddy plays in the hands-on molding of our little souls. He loves ferociously, wears his heart on his sleeve, protects and provides better than any superhero and treats his baby momma like gold...all while juggling critical business obligations, helping with school and sports duties and teaching life skills to a crew under fifty inches tall 😜 #Superdaddy in the flesh. Cape not included 🕺🏻❤️#BlessedWife #BlessedFamily #PaceMckenna

The broken-hearted healer meets us ALL! And tenderly heals like only His scars can. ~Ann Voscamp
Celebrating His resurrection today with the people I want to spend eternity with. Praying Gods blessings for you and yours this Easter Sunday! #HeIsRisen #HappyLordsDay #EasterSunday #TheFlannery5

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