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A week after my pacemaker surgery and first day back in the office! Feeling strong, happy and positive and proud of my scar! It tells a story of my journey and will only make me stronger! I still can't move my arm or drive but I am on the mend and have more energy than ever! Feel so lucky to be given a second chance! Life is too short to sweat the small stuff! So enjoy life while you can! #pacemakerclub #pacemaker #complete heart block ##sicksinussyndrome #pacemaker #desperatetogym ❤❤❤

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain." -- Vivian Greene #noexcuses #iamwithoutlimits #mojoracing #lovethepain_official #crushitwithasmile #antiquit #wilmingtonroadrunners #cardiacathletes #thewiredathlete #pacemakerclub

It's still here!❤️ But you seem lower.😒 #pacemaker #pacemakerclub #bionic

The end of heart awareness week but not the end of our Journey. We will continue to raise our voices, encourage warriors to be fearless (especially Lily!) and raise funds for the incredible @childrensla. Thank you to my amazing community and stay tuned for the "heart dress" over at @littleminis end of the month. 💋#chdwarrior #pacemakerclub

Today marks two months with my pacemaker ❤️ It's been quite the journey through all this, but thankfully everything is going well :) I should be able to try and get back my full range of motion with my arm now. Can finally lift my arm all the way. Still a little hesitant to like do the YMCA or push-ups though haha 😬 .but everything seems to be going pretty good :) #pacemaker #twomonthupdate #pacemakerclub

When your twin brother just gets you. Happy Heart Month! Our very own Lily is my #heartwarrior! Rocking her Red in support of all the warriors out there! I have an exciting new dress coming to support the Heart Ambassadors at @childrensla and will be releasing it after the big launch! ❤️❤️ #SuperLily #pacemakerclub

There was some complications. I'm ok now. But they did have to perform CPR, chest compressions, shock me with the pads twice and intubate me. The surgery took 6 hours instead of two. As a result I was in Intensive Care till just now. I'm back on my normal ward, now. The downside is they didn't get everything done, and I need another op in a few weeks or so. Also the atrial fibrillation attacks are back (that had me in here back in May). The upside is that I'm alive 😊 xx
#pacemaker #pacemakerclub #zipperclub #heartwarrior #tetralogyoffallot

She picked her "favorite" Little minis dress and grabbed her ❤ @levis jacket for her heart appointment this am. #heartwarrior #pacemakerclub


I've had nine heart surgeries in the past 11 years. Seven years ago today my heart stopped for over a minute and I came back on my own. I ended up with a pacemaker two days later, but I'm still here. Seven years, two houses, one beautiful little red headed boy, two dobermans, the most incredible husband in the world, and two states later, here I am. Words can't begin to describe how lucky I feel. Despite the chronic fatigue, the mast cell disease, interstitial cystitis, histamine intolerance, and heart problems. I'm here! I'm grateful! I wake up every day and thank God for my family, my friends, my job, and my body that never stops fighting. Life is precious. Don't let all of those health issues way you down! We're the lucky ones. We're still here. #sevenyears #lifeday #grateful #positivitythroughthepain #pacemaker #pacemakerclub #stillhere #loveyourlife #mastcellactivationdisorder #mastcell #interstitialcystitis #histamineintolerance #spoonie #raiseyourvibration #hereforareason

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain." -- Vivian Greene #noexcuses #iamwithoutlimits #mojoracing #lovethepain_official #crushitwithasmile #antiquit #wilmingtonroadrunners #cardiacathletes #thewiredathlete #pacemakerclub

Yesterday I spoke to almost 200 middle school students about the human heart for science day! I talked to them about how my heart was different from theirs, taught them about my pacemaker and answered lots of questions. It was so fun! I was completely exhausted at the end of the day but it was so worth it! I had so many students and staff tell me how cool it was and how thankful they were that I came and spoke! It was such a great experience and one I will never forget! (I can't post an actual picture of me speaking to my students because of privacy issues so I thought I would post this beautiful sunset instead 😊)

10 months in the making for this transformation. Very happy with the progress my body has made over this period time through hard work, dedication, consistency, and great direction from @ptbyjoe and @getfocusedathletics58 . 7.5 weeks out from my next competition and can't wait to see where we will take this!

#npcathlete #npcmilesproductions #pacemakerclub #dedication #hardwork #consistency #mealprep #mealplan #mensphysique35plus #mensfashion #mensphysique #competition #transformation

Here's to strong women who don't let anything stop them or get them down. Here's to those raising strong women. Here's to the strong women we know. Don't let anything stop you. Don't let anything get in your way. Be strong. It's not always physical but mental as well.
#fitmomstrongmom #fitmomstrongmomambassador #iamempowered #sweatpink #t1dfitmom #fitmom #type1diabetic #pacemakerclub #pacemaker #pacemakermom #doabetesnotdiabetes

Enjoyed Go Red For Women Luncheon today! ❤️ This my iPhone photo of the "red dress" projection for the event at Little Rock Marriott. #goredforwomen #pacemakerclub #ARGoRed

A few days ago, for Mother's Day, the Hubs took me shopping for the first time since my surgery. I looked around the store for way too long, finally settling on a tshirt dress that I really didn't even care for. When he asked if I was ready to go, I told him I just wanted to take one more look. I grabbed a wrap dress without thinking and went back into the dressing room to try it on. When I opened the door, I asked for his honest opinion. He responded the way he always does when he likes something, "Oh yeah, babe" with raised brows and a cheesy smile on his face. "But don't you think it's too low cut?
Do you think it's too much for a restaurant?
Do you think people will be uncomfortable or get grossed out?" All he answered was, "No". I felt like such an idiot.
Scars have never once bothered me. This wasn't me. Why did I feel I should cover up to spare the feelings of complete strangers? I should be proud of what I've been through and, more importantly, I should be an example of strength for my children.
Show them that they should never be embarrassed of who they are or where their lives take them.
So I rocked that low cut dress and never once thought about my still healing scar or what anyone else thought of it.
And I had the most amazing day.
I hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful day with the ones you love✨

#Selfie #MothersDay17 First time I actually felt comfortable with my scar showing. #Pacemaker Anniversary May 19. #PacemakerClub #ScarstoYourBeautiful

#Boat memories 🛥⚓️... I will be working on my boat today getting it all cleaned up. Hopefully I can get it in the #water this weekend for #MothersDay 💕💝#saturdaymorning #yachtlife #yacht #pacemakerclub #blonde #boat #sunglasses #hair #model #captain #bikini #bikinimodel #hips #tanned #toned #stateroom #marina

I was honored to share my testimony tonight as the headliner at @sparkstalk. The topic was "defining moments" and I've had a couple of those! I was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease and received my first pacemaker at 14. I flatlinined and spent four minutes in sudden cardiac death. After praying about it for months, God led me to write a book... And as uncomfortable and awkward as it was to put my story out there, I obediently published that book about my experience. Since then I've been so blessed by the doors God has opened and amazed at his faithfulness. Pastor Paul always said "blessings follow obedience" and I'm living that reality these days 😁

Ps, I didn't get to meet @patmcafeeshow, but I did get a picture with him! (er... his poster)

#pacemakerlife #pacemakerclub #completeheartblock #suddencardiacdeath #suddencardiacarrestsurvivor #suddencardiacarrest #sparkstalk #mortyscomedyjoint #definingmoments #blessingsfollowobedience #givegodtheglory

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