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Travel is still the most intense mode of learning.
Kevin Kelly.
#p100k2016atosu #travel #world #learn

If something make you feel alive, always make time for it ✨🌾 #p100k2016atosu

This entire planet is home. Staying in one city your whole life would be like never leaving the bedroom. 🍊❤️ #p100k2016atosu #OSU

Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before. ✨
Dalai Lama.
#p100k2016atosu #OSU

#P100K2016atOSU #Sunshine #Shadows CROSSING BORDERS - Borders are for maps as labels for cans. If the soul doesn't understand about dividing lines, why do humans do?

Whatta a time to be alive .. sweet 21 ☺️🤘🏻🎉 #P100k2016atosu .

A month ago I could not imagine how this place would have meaning today..Don’t wish me goodbye, it’s just - see you soon. #p100k2016atosu #OSU #awesome ❤️✨


Everyone you meet has something to teach you ✨las voy a extrañar 😢❤️#lastday #gopokes #osu #p100k2016atosu

When they tell you homecoming is huge, believe them because it's amazing. It is pretty surprising how many peiple gather in their alma mater because they really feel proud of it and themselves. "Once a cowboy, cowboy forever" #p100k2016atosu

Days in Oklahoma are beautiful!

A month ago I could not imagine how this place would have meaning today..Don’t wish me goodbye, it’s just - see you soon. #p100k2016atosu #OSU #awesome ❤️✨

When you get a flamingo because you were speaking Spanish in a place you are to learn English. These are small things I appreciate from people here, even the most insignificant object can mean a lot for your language improvement. THANKS ALL THE TEACHERS! who threw themselves with hearth and soul for their job and for us. "Un profesor trabaja para la eternidad, nadie puede predecir donde terminará su influencia" H.B. Adams" #p100k2016atosu

Hide behind the plates!

Ho man! We though it was legal!!

Me and my others me enjoy this scholarship!

When buildings are as high as the clouds!

Mexicans are everywhere and they're always polite!

Let's learn something about good art!

It's Unbelievable how far you can reach if you want. The best example of success!

I'll steal these amazing buildings!

Even teachers help you!

Go Pokes!

When you realise HOMECOMING is the greatest celebration.

Bacon soda!! #pops

As I learn from other cultures, I'll show mine.

The best experience for English and Culture

Such an amazing experience

You'll never get enough time if you are enjoying, this cycle is almost closed but there is always a new chance to start over as trees when they lose their leaves. #p100k2016atosu

There are not enough words to describe such a beautiful, amazing and peaceful place like this where we learn, enjoy, share and show a part of us just to let people know a little bit of our huge culture and our wonderful country. #p100k2016atosu

If there is a way to show what I did at OSU in this one, those branches mean to me the nice people I met, the new things I learnt, the friends I made, the places I was in and also what I miss from my hometown. This adventure is just finished but I know it is just to keep making my dreams coming true. #p100k2016atosu

"It feels good to be lost in the right direction" #p100k2016atosu

"Wherever you are, be all there" Jim Elliot #p100k2016atosu

"You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore" Christopher Columbus #p100k2016atosu

That's how I'll take OSU, as a great memory tattoed on my skin. #p100k2016atosu

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