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Happy Bday to my girl Liv💜💜 love you #püta x

☀️🌎🌗 #f2m #püta

#püta ☠️


Serengeti Hipo Pool

See what i See

Long neck, Galopin walking styles make them the look like real jungle queens, Call them Masai Giraffe.

Black Backed Jackals, Best for small rodents and sometimes scavenging.

Faice paint of Maisa, Read to become warriors!!!

Formation of the pride...' In serengeti National Park

Papii JJ Caught In The Act😷

The view on Lake Natron, Where a million of Flamingos landing here during their breeding period.

Stop Using People For Clout💁 @bhadbhabie @malutrevejo @ifendibuh

The Veiw from Ngorongoro Creater Tanzania and the Large pride of Masalaba Mkubwa "big Crossing"

Strong jaws, make the being one of the successful scavenger in the wild.

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