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HT: Liverpool 2-1 Leicester City
⚽Salah ⚽Slimani
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Kch chize kvi nhi bdlti jaise ki hum 😁😂
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#ownz 😍😍😍😍😍👸
Miss you boba💭💌

Where r u now💕
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Nationals gets more and more exciting every year. There were so many impressive lifts made on the platform this weekend. It is so cool to see our sport growing so strongly!
I am pretty happy with my results over the weekend. I hit a couple of personal bests and came away with a silver medal in the U53s. I cannot wait for the next year of training. Onwards and upwards! #olympicweightlifting #ownz #olympicweightliftingnewzealand

James Millton talking about cows. What a legend! @milltonvineyards #organicconf #ownz #biodynamics #biodynamicwine

(Acara tersebut selesai kini wirda&iqbaal ada di backstage untuk mengemas barang barangnya dan segera pulang tetapi wirda binggung ingin pulang dengan siapa?bunda abinya tak ada)

Wirda: baal
Iqbaal: apa(sambil memasukan sesuatu ke tasnya)
Wirda: boleh nebeng gak?
Iqbaal: gue bareng om omen
Wirda: yahh trs gimana
Iqbaal: ya gak gimana mana
iqbaal: biasanya jg lo di jemput sama supir?
Wirda: pak umar lagi pulang kampung
"Iqbaal ayukk buruan kita ada acara lagi nih(suara teriakan om omen dari parkiran yg tak jauh dari backstage)
Iqbaal: iyaa bentar omm(balas teriakan) yaudah gue cabut duluan ya
wirda: plis baal gue nebeng, gue gatau pulang brg siapa
Iqbaal: gue ada acara wirda(menekan kata kata) dan gue gamau nambah gosip di infotaiment tentang gue dan elo(iqbaal lalu pergi dari hadapan wirda)
wirda: oke fine kalo itu mau lo(teriak dari kejauhan) *Skip bsk hari*
(Aldi mengajak salsha ke salah satu pantai di luar kota, angin sepai sepoy membuat suasana menjadi sunyi, rambut pirang salsha berkibas terkena angin pantai)
aldi: sal tipe cowok lo kaya apa sih?(sambil menyeruput es kelapa)
salsha: kok lo tiba tiba nanya itu(sambil memandang aldi seketika)
aldi: ya mau tau aja
Salsha: gue suka cowok yang apa adanya, gak tengil, gak belagu, baik,pinter dalam segi apapun,terus yang romantis kali ya haha
Aldi: yah gue gak romantis gimana dong
Salsha: belajar dong gimana cara romantis kalo sama cewek
Aldi: oke nanti gue belajar sama iqbaal&bgkiki
salsha: yayaya
aldi: kalo gue nyatain perasaan ke elo gimana?
Salsha: ya nyatain aja?oh iya gue lebih suka sama cowok yang terus terang(Salsha berdiri lalu melangkang kedepan posisinya di dekat geremuhan ombak)
Aldi: gue tau sal gue bukan cowok yang romantis kaya iqbaal,dan gue bukan cowok yang tegas kaya bgkiki tapi gue mau lo tau kalo gue sayang sama lo (Berbicara jarak lumayan jauh)
salsha: sayang sebagai apa kalo boleh tau di(masih dengan posisi yang sama)
aldi: melebihi apapun sal(mulai mendekati posisi salsha)
salsha: (berbalik badan)
Aldi: izinin gue buat jadi pacar lo, will you my grilfriend(sambil memegang kedua tangan salsha dengan penuh harapan)
[Sisain cowok yang kaya aldi pls😂HAHA lel] #iqsteff #ownz

JuSt *A*
4 EwUuUu
#OwNz:-AnNiE :*


HT: Liverpool 2-1 Leicester City
⚽Salah ⚽Slimani
#ownz #plasiatrophy #livlei #finalplasiatrophy #ynwa #lfc #lcfc

Starting Line Up Kops !
Saksikan Live Streaming hanya di Insta Story kami 😉

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Powered by Caramilk 100kg muscle snatch, got'em! #bulklife #ccw #snatch #olympicweightlifting #ownz #adidas #caramilkislife #bodybuliding

@thefrugalaccountant with a top single low halting clean 103kg. Still need to work on feet movement but improving back position on the pull #iwf #ownz #weighlifting #olylifting #crossfit #cleans

Deadlift like you f***ing mean it!!!! 😤 •
Hyped on #MyProtein MYPRE @shotgunsupplements gives me hella focus while making me want to run through walls. Getting amped just thinking about it!!! •
Watch this space for a giveaway!! ❕💯💪 #DeadliftFace #VeinsForDays #IDGAF #Mood #NeverStopPulling #ShotgunSupplements #MyProteinNZ #72kg #u72kg

The Huia Sauvignon Blanc 2016 has just earned Claire & Mike Allan and our Huia team this award at the New York International Wine Competition.
We're all pretty STOKED ⚡️
#nzwine #ownz

@64fitness for life ❤🖤❤🖤
#Notes • We all have an inner warrior; a soldier that is relentless in life's battles. The problem is we live in a society that capatilises on vulnerabilities and relies heavily on making your inner warrior feel inferior, not good enough or incapable. Part of why we created +64 is to stand with you and help strengthen your inner warrior and get familiar with him or her so you can draw on their strength in times of need.
We know there are many ways to train your warrior or soldier, but the methods we believe in most are through fitness and community. It's what we do best!! •
#64Army #BeTheCaptain #KnowYourToa

A good morning at the bar! It felt great to blow out the cobwebs and have a lift at the new @brisbanebarbell gym. I am in a heavy strength phase ATM with the upcoming Commonwealth and Oceania championships so today was about the process of competing and enjoying myself out there. I finished with 94/108/202 which is a national record snatch and total for the under 69kg class. Thanks @bigted_gc for coming up to coach me and best of luck to my team mate @chrislai_71 this afternoon!! #bounceweightliftingclub #olympicweightlifting #ownz #girlswholift #teamalphafit #atpscience #atp4life #purelimitsclothing #likeagirl #prehenswarmup #timetoparty #allsportsphysio

#Notes #MyJourney (should you care 😈)

I remember reading a quote when I was younger : "It would be a shame for a woman to grow old and never see the strength and beauty of which her body is capable" •
I wrote this in my diary and it was often my reference point for my training. I wanted to push my body to it's limits because I knew the capabilities were endless if I simply made the choice to get comfortable with uncomfortable. Basically, I wanted to see how physically strong my body could become because I know that the potential is endless if you want it. I would smash my body and literally hunt for the burn in my muscles! I'd look forward to it. (@komihanamitchell throwback to max legs and hammy curls then straight into jumping squats, or super set arms eeeverything #ded #ooouch 😂 we didn't care how much sleep we'd had or how much was on our to do list - skipping the gym was never an option. Thank you for being my PIC 👫) •
The thing is, overtime this quote has changed it's meaning to me many times. I read it now and it is nowhere near as superficial as I once defined it when I was a teen. I replaced "woman" with "someone, anyone, man, woman or whatever you choose you identify". I do not limit "Strength" to the physical, and believe more so in mental and emotional resilience more than anything. The reference to "body" is now read as "body and mind". And "beauty", well to me that had always been self-defined and fuck all the influences that are trying to force their ideals on you! That's one word I have a love-hate relationship with but that's another #Notes novel (should you care).

So, now that I am 26 (when the fuck did that happen!?) I now read it as: "It would be a shame for ANYONE to grow old and not see the strength and beauty of which their body AND MIND is capable." And this isn't just in the gym!! This applies to the resistance you may face in every day life, not just the resistance you feel from lactic build up! 😘 as corny and cheesy as it sounds, just do you boo!!! 👊😂 define your own beauty, understand strength is internal, and the capabilities are endless IF, and only if, you are willing to hunt for it. • #Mood
#64Army #AimHigh #WorkHard

BURPEE PARTY?! The 64 WOD was completed in the weekend - 64 minutes of grit and sweat but as you can tell we had fun while doing it! Smiles all round with the crew despite a million burpees 😘💪 If you struggle to get your exercise in, I encourage you to do it with friends!! No one ever regrets a workout!

#64Army #Workout #ShotgunSupplements #MyProteinNZ

Watch this space. Whanganui Olympic Weightlifting #communityiseverything #wanganui #crossfitwhanganui #Fitness #olympicweightlifting #OWNZ

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