You’ll have those moments when you feel like a lion and moments when you feel like a mouse. Just know that no matter how you feel, you still have a heartbeat and a soul worthy of love. So learn to roar even when you feel small , because you are more than the feelings you may have. -T.B. Leberge 🌿✨

I am replacing lies that I learned as a young child lies that said:
I must be skinny to be worthy of love.
I must be the smartest person to be worthy of a great career.
I must be rich to be worthy of exploring the world.
I must look a certain way and talk a certain way to be worthy of a great life. WRONG! 👎🏻

Well I am claiming the truth today and the truth is I AM WORTHY EXACTLY THE WAY I AM. I may not be the smartest, skinniest, or richest women in the world but I am worthy of all things wonderful! I am worthy of a beautiful love, an fulfilling career, to explore the world, and worthy of a wonderfully magical life! ✨

It’s the last day of #theauthenticwoman campaign but it’s never to late to rise up and claim your worth! Join the movement over at @theauthenticwomanseries @ashton_m_long by posting a head to toe photo of you and sharing why you are worthy! 🌿💕 #theauthenticwoman
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I just pulled out my favorite deck, which was nestled under many a box.
As a person who is highly inspired by narratives and symbolism, this deck sure speaks to me.
Lots of room for weaving my thoughts and reflections together to help clarify my own inner terrain.

"You look happy" is the best compliment you can receive. And, wowza, you all have been sending me this love in SPADES. I can't tell you how big my heart has grown over the past month every time one of of you has sent me a message with these words. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
And that's just online! Imagine what would happen if you told someone every day in real life they looked happy? So, here's my challenge for you. For the next week, tell someone EVERY DAY they look happy and watch both their smile reach mega watt levels and your heart be filled with gratitude you could do that for someone. It's the little things, ya know? 💜
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Teaching kids how to solve problems means we help our students realize two things:

1) There is such a thing as a good and bad problem. Meaning that there are problems that our students feel empowered, motivated and capable of solving and then there are those that are almost an unnecessary struggle.

I think we want our students to hear the message, "A good life is not without problems, a good life has good problems." @thesubtleartofnotgivingafuck_
2) Resilience is like a muscle. It takes consistency and effort to develop. It is essential to a life of purposeful struggle and ultimately fulfillment.

#ontheblog find teaching tips to help you build your students' resilience and ability to choose and solve "good" problems. .
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"There is no worse sickness for the soul… than this pretense of perfection." Rumi⠀

As women, we’re all guilty of it- maintaining pretenses. Looking a certain way, acting a certain way, living a certain way- not because we want to but because we feel we have to maintain this perfect image of ourselves. ⠀

How many of us wake up in the morning and make up our faces, not because it matters to us but because we’re afraid of people seeing us without that shield of cosmetics?⠀

How many of us smile and pretend all is well when all we want to do is tell someone just how badly they’ve hurt us and that we don’t want to be anywhere near them right now?⠀

How many of us live in identity limbo, waking up every day to try and live up to identities and standards that aren’t our own but forced upon us by society and others?⠀

I’m guilty of all of the above. ⠀

Society teaches women that their worth is dependent on how they look, how they act, and how happy they can make others around them. We teach our little girls that they are made of “sugar and spice, and all that’s nice,” imposing this standard of conduct on them even before they’re able to fully understand it. ⠀

But here’s the thing. As my friend @ashton_m_long says,"Our worth is proven evident by the breath in our lungs and the beating heart in our chest. We don’t have to fight for it because it is already ours.” Our sense of self-worth needs to come from within. We need to stop with the pretenses and start living our lives from a place of authenticity and embracing all that we are. ⠀

Dear friend. You are worthy because you are YOU- worthy of all that is good, valuable and beautiful because YOU are good, valuable and beautiful. You don’t need to pretend. You just need to live your best life as #theauthenticwoman. ⠀

Do you struggle with pretenses and attaining perfection, not for yourself but for those around you? Let me know 👇🏻and tag a friend who could benefit from this.⠀

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Our brands, just like us as people, are constantly growing and evolving. 🙌🏼⠀

Despite what we wrote in our high school yearbooks, change is good. ⠀

And I hope that over time, your brand has changed and you have changed as well. 💃🏻⠀

Because we're not meant to stay the same. ⠀

Entrepreneurship is not a journey where you stay the same and in your comfort zone forever. And if that's what you're hoping for, you're in for a very bumpy and unpleasant ride. 😬⠀

Growth is often uncomfortable and messy and full of feelings you weren't expecting. ⠀

At the same time, it's necessary. 🙏🏼⠀

Because in order to make your dreams a reality, you need to be willing to put yourself outside of your comfort zone. Every single time. And well, you can’t be outside of your comfort zone constantly and not change. 💁🏻‍♀️⠀

How have you and your brand changed this year? 👇🏼


👋🏼@ashton_m_long here, popping in your Instagram feed with a little truth bomb: your are worthy. Now, I know you probably hear that a lot, but I want you to grasp that truth in an even deeper way. ⠀

⚡️In order to create the space to do so, follow these steps:⠀
1️⃣ Get alone.⠀
2️⃣ Chuck your phone across the house (or gently sit it in another room).⠀
3️⃣ Close your eyes and put your hand on your heart.⠀
4️⃣ Say this: “I am worthy simply by being.”⠀
5️⃣ Sit in the moment for just a few minutes, and let that truth sink in.⠀

✨As we go into the FINAL day of the #theauthenticwoman campaign, I want to encourage you to create space to grasp this truth and feel it in your bones. ⠀


🙅‍♀️No questions asked⠀
🙅‍♀️No if’s, and’s, or but’s⠀
🙅‍♀️No denying it⠀

💕You are worthy, my dear. Have you joined in on the campaign fun yet? If not, you STILL have time. Today is the last day, and we would LOVE to cheer you on as you stand in your worth. Click the link in our bio, sign up, and get to posting, lady love!⠀

👇👇👇Do you have specific practices you use to become grounded in truth? Share those with me below!

~ Just a little house, on a little sand dune, overlooking a little piece of the Gulf. I’ll take it. And one of the cool things… look closely... the obelisk on the right is actually a chimney for the outdoor fireplace to match the chimney on the house!
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For all those that struggle with self worth and not being enough because the world told you so...

✨I AM WORTHY BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN. Here’s the truth, sista:⠀

👉🏼All of the answers and magic are buried WITHIN, and it’s time to revel in that truth. As a woman, you…⠀

〰️Breathe life into hopeless places⠀
〰️Eradicate hatred & make room for love⠀
〰️Exhale beauty into the earth⠀
〰️Release answers and resolution⠀
〰️Shift atmospheres⠀

⚡️We are powerful influencers, carriers of light, world changers, and true beauty. THIS is who we are. THIS is our identity. THIS is our true destiny. ⠀

💫So, today I encourage you to let go of anything that is NOT serving you on the journey of being the powerful, worthy woman that you are. ⠀

💥Release what is weighing you down and boldly claim what is serving you. Because all of the magic within you deserves to be nurtured and fiercely protected. ⠀

🎉Today is the last day of the #theauthenticwoman campaign with @theauthenticwomanseries. If you want to join the party, feel free to post today and claim your worth, lady love! I’d love to cheer you on. ⠀

👇Comment below & tell me what truth you are stepping into today!

Went on an awsome hike today with Abi at How in the Clouds. She jumped in the creek and we collected sticks to make a drangonfly craft at the end. #hopswmlc

Psst. My fat rolls don’t make me less worthy. Of anything.
Neither do my stretch marks.
Or my cellulite.
Or the fact that I’m waayyy more comfortable in yoga pants than anything else right now.
You questioning it? Ok lemme double check. Yup. Still 👏🏾 freaking 👏🏾 worthy👏🏾
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The kids enjoyed exploring the trail at Portman Preserve at a storybook hike. #hopswmlc

I say let’s own it. Let’s own all of it. The ups, the downs. The highs, the lows. The pride, the shame, the joy, the grief, the triumphs and the tragedies. Let’s claim every part of our beautiful, messy, important lives - to deny parts leaves us in a state of disconnection from others and ourselves.
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Did you know that 20 million women and 10 million men will suffer from and eating disorder at some point in their life. In fact Binge Eating is more common than breast cancer and HIV. Even more people suffer from disordered eating which doesn’t tip the scale into an eating disorder but which still disrupts their life and their health. 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ The problem with an eating disorder/disordered eating is that it is the only addiction that one must learn “to cope with”. There is no “quit cold turkey”....(that’s called anorexia). Instead suffers must learn to have a healthy, balanced relationship with food. Tell a drug addict to have a balanced relationship with heroin...not possible! 😮 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ My point is, learning to have a balanced relationship with food is TOUGH. But, it’s also DOABLE. 💪🏼 Here is one thing that I believe helps...BOUNDARIES! Abraham Lincoln’s said, • “Freedom is not the right to do what we want, but what we ought." • 〰️ Boundaries are what guide us to do ”what we ought”. To “eat what we ought” even when we want to do otherwise. That may mean reigning in your habits...That may mean expanding your habits. Either way, there is no way to go from the ENSLAVEMENT of disordered eating or an eating disorder to FREEDOM in eating without the journey through establishing BOUNDARIES! 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️
If you need help, establishing boundaries in your eating or maintaining boundaries in your eating, reach out...I would love to help!

Morning #snugglefest ❤️

I am 20 pounds over my pre 2nd baby weight and it has been rough. ✨
Of course my husband lovesss the thickness and I’m like this shit has to go.
But I am learning to love myself where I am and not focusing so much on where I was or want to be. ✨
So lately I have been working on balance. Balancing my thoughts and emotions. ✨
Postpartum is not easy but it’s a beautiful process of learning to love different parts of me. ☺️
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