I’m Now Working With Go Get A Pair Of Them Hmu For Info Or ❤️‼️🙏🏾

I think this was the seventh sit-down protest of Friday evening . #fridaynight #killingtime #crickettraining #overtired #takemehome #parenthood #sister

MoonRocks 😍💨

EPIC 35 min meltdown after her shortest nap ever just led to this........screamed herself to sleep on the tile floor. What a doozy! Just in time to load her up into the car and travel north on a holiday weekend 😮😬🙄#sendhelp #overtired #usuallyagreatnapper #longdriveahead

😍💚 MY FAVOURITE BATH 💚💚😍 (Credits unknow ➡ DM me)

Who wants this??

Ridiculously happy with our new teapots.
I mean, ridiculously.


#overtired #afternoontea #brighton

Pee Gee's 🖤
Cannot express how much I love this photo or the people in it.
• • •
(Taken after an intense weekend of being stuck in classroom so we're all a little more deluded than usual)
📸 @joey_gosse

Omg Goals 80 Pounds Of Weed 😍

But what if alien spaceships have been here all along and we haven’t noticed because small?? #overtired

I am posting this beautiful picture of amara just to say Hello 👋 I am overtired 😏 (as you can see on the second pic last week I slept on average only 4.14 hours per night) and I couldn’t write a good caption, then I thought that the picture looks amazing and is enough itself. It’s a great feeling to count on a great photographer even when you are overworked. Here I wanna say a big THANK YOU 🙏🏻 @gabrielatsulin
Now we’re on our way to beautiful Greece 🇬🇷 and I am happy to relax 😌 What are your plans for the weekend? Do you also had a lot to do this week?

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