Flashback to meeting Doug Wardlow at the State Fair. Good Luck at the debate!! You got this!! He will make an excellent Attorney General.

#TurnMNRed #RedTsunami #MNAG #MAGA #MMGA #SecureOurBorders #attorneygeneral #JoinTheFight2018 #OverThrowTheStatusQuo @republicanpartyofmn @minnesota_youngrepublicans

Have you heard about our Fall Kickoff event?! The MNYR’s are hosting Bowling Night at Park Tavern in St. Louis Park. Come out for a night of networking and bowling with a bunch of fun people! Details in our bio, see you there 🎳

Had lunch with the next governor of our great state! @jeff4gov @tbaana #overthrowthestatusquo #grassrootsgovernor #beerdrinkersforjohnson

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3 hours til primary polls close!
I'm not on today's ballot, but if you haven't voted and you're just chilling at home, PLEASE consider swinging out to vote for Jeff Johnson & Donna Bergstrom before 8!
I'd be honored to work w them in the state and we'd all be lucky to have them working for Minnesota <3 #overthrowthestatusquo

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I was happy to have gotten to know Candidate Jeff Johnson. And to see how well he represents the principles of a conservative and more responsible government.
Good LUCK Jeff Johnson!! Tomorrow, I hope and pray that the polls will reveal that you are our next Governor. Vote Jeff Johnson for Governor. August 14TH 2018. 🗳🍀👍🏻 #MnGov #ImWithJeff #JoinTheFight2018 #MCM #ManCandidateMonday #DrainTheSwamp #OverthrowTheStatusQuo

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.the primary election..
We will win in November with @MNJeffJohnson he is our grassroots candidate who supports the #MAGA movement!
He will #MakeMNRed #TurnMNRed and #OverthrowTheStatusQuo

‪There is only one clear choice in Minnesota’s Governor race. That choice is Jeff Johnson @MNJeffJohnson ‬ ‪#MMGA
‪Keep #MAGA
#WalkAway ‬ ‪Please watch and learn more.‬
‪Very respectfully, #TheSwampHunter‬ ‪https://www.facebook.com/PhillipCParrishforGovernor/videos/848874278654193/‬

Be a rebel with a cause. #overthrowthestatusquo

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‪Freedom Talk with Phil with Jeff Johnson @MNJeffJohnson Minnesota’s Republican Candidate for Governor‬ ‪Topics: ‬
‪Fighting Poverty‬
‪Primary‬ ‪#MNGov
‪Keep #MAGA
@POTUS @realDonaldTrump @BreitbartNews @CRTV @FOX9‬ ‪https://www.facebook.com/PhillipCParrishforGovernor/videos/848874278654193/‬

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I'm so excited to announce that I have room for 2 new clients on my schedule. Does this sound like you?
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You long to tap into the part of you that is sure-footed and steady. You want to feel that powerful magnetic center that keeps you tethered to yourself. You crave that deep knowing in your gut that that makes you feel like you can do anything.
I want to work with you. My deepest wish for you is to speak your mind truthfully, powerfully, and unapologetically. To go after your goals with an intense and deep-rooted conviction, even when onlookers roll their eyes. 🔥
Click on the first link in my bio to book a free consult so we can explore the vision you have for the future. We’ll talk on the phone and figure out what is working and what is not. Click on that link and let’s get to work!
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