Día Siete: The road to Elqui Valley #desertdrive #overlandingsouthamerica #roadtrip

Sorry for the Paracas picture waterfall but there are too many good ones! For anyone wondering what we're actually doing right now: enjoying the warmth and sun in another desert, co-living hard with @slowlaneadventures and trying to get our life together before we start a new big exciting work project coming up very soon ✨ What's on your mind right now?

E quando a gente para pra pensar no que ja foi capaz de fazer nesta vida, nos valorizamos quando nos permitimos às revoluções para transformar e crescer, então estamos definitivamente presentes, mesmo com as dificuldades, ali estamos inteiros. Lembrando um dos momentos inesquecíveis e tensos na Bolivia. Depois de atolar 2x no salar, vencemos! 4x4💪💪(Vulcão Tanupa na saída 30km de espelho sem ver o chão 🙆👀) And when we stop to think about what we have already been able to do in this life, we value ourselves when we allow revolutions to transform and grow, so we are definitely in present, even with the difficulties, we are there. Remembering one of the unforgettable and tense moments in Bolivia. After to get stucked twice in the salar, we won! 4x4💪💪 (Tanupa Volcano at the exit : 30km from the mirror without seeing the ground 👀)

Bom dia mundo! Gute Morgen Welt!

Calculando...Cusco>Nazca aí vamos nós!• Calculating...Cusco>Nazca, there we go!!!

Quando tudo faz sentido ♡ When everything makes sense.

Couchsurfing ♡ Pisac /Quente/a salvo/relax.
warm/safe& relax

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