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Bolivia was amazing! Nice people, beautiful landscape. Sort of minus side was a roadblock on that ONLY bridge on the ONLY mainroad towards north. There were burned tires, huge lines of trucks waiting, hundred people talking if they should clear it up or not. We were there two days, then turned back to Chile since situation did not change.
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Honestly, I've been hiding the fuck out. (So here's a video from the vet, getting the boys last check up before we leave Mexico.) My overall theme for this year is the hermit and that couldn't be more true. I had a reading done last year where this woman pulled a turtle for me from her Native American spirit animal card deck. I laughed because I knew my dream of living in a home on wheels, carrying my home on my back, like the turtle, was so close to fruition. Earlier this month I put our beloved Pudding in a shipping container and sent her on her way to Colombia. The past few weeks without her have been rough to say the least. I flew home to say goodbye to my grandpa who has now ascended this earth plane, battling the boredom of staying in one spot, plus the energies of the solar flares and New Moon have me feeling all the feels. I have a tattoo on my arm that reads, "Taking steps is easy, standing still is hard," and I have been feeling the fuck out of that. But perhaps it's for the best to bunker down and take it easy before the next big step in our adventure. Tomorrow we fly to Colombia and in a few days we will hopefully have our girl back and will begin our tour of South America. If anyone has any tips or must see spots for traveling in Columbia, please let me know! 💖

Greetings from San Pedro de Atacama. Rather interesting village. In a good way. Tomorrow we are heading to Bolivia!
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Personally I Love It As A Way To Travel, You Find So Many Hidden Gems Like This Giant Hand In The Atacama Desert

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