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3 of the most influential businessman of our generation speak on adversity in business.
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“The key to success as an entrepreneur is not understanding your strengths but to understand your weaknesses.” - Kevin O’Leary

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{There is beauty still in store for you. There’s joy trapped inside your bones, as if they’ve never known the taste of breaking. There is a new life you will create unlike the one that trapped you. All the waiting, the aloneness, the exile, the emptiness has prepared you for the rising. The darkness can’t be spared but it can be a pathway to a truer love affair with life. ~AB}


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#JamesToney needed a knockdown or KO going into the last round to win the fight - as he was losing on points. He pulled it off, with 10 secs to spare. Don’t know how considering he could barely breath at the end of the 9th round. #VassilyJirov entire being was fighting to stay on his feet as well - like something out of a #Rocky film. #boxing #brawling #brutal #drama #OvercomingAdversity

Dress codes in the workplace have been a complicated subject for a long time, especially when it comes to the corporate setting. It's debated that women are more heavily scrutinized than men. Why do you think this is? Do you agree?
What are your thoughts on fashion and dress codes in the workplace? Join @divergentthought on blis.fm tonight from 8-9pm ET. Call in. Talk to us. 202.652.0708

The word intention keeps popping up in my life. What’s your intention? Are you living it fully? Cindy Whitehead is every single day! Make sure to check out this weeks episode for tips, tricks, and inspiration to reach your goals. LINK IN BIO

There is so much hope in a new year and a fresh start, but a recent visit from one of the girls who calls Big Oak Ranch home reminds us of the realities they and so many are facing. Our children are trying to understand why life has been as hard as it has. They’re trying to envision what their life will be like at Big Oak and trying to make sense of what we’re teaching them and the unkept promises of people in their past. Maybe you are facing the same battles. Maybe you, like our children, are sorting through the teachings of where true Hope is found and the false hopes of people who’ve let you down.

This young girl I mentioned came to my office with these exact struggles and I told her a story that I hope will help you too. I was out riding my bike one day at the Girls’ Ranch and I saw a mountain that was sure to be difficult but one I wanted to make it to the top of. I was too out of shape to make it immediately, so I picked a milestone each time I rode. I would focus on a stick and make it there. The next time, a rock a little further up and make it to that. The next time, a bigger rock further up from the last, and make it to that. Before long, I made it to the top. My encouragement to her was to focus on the next steps in front of her. To say to herself, “I’ll focus on completing my school project due this week.” Once that’s reached, “I’ll focus on the field trip I’m going on this week.” Once that’s reached, “I’ll focus on enjoying my birthday this month with my Ranch family.” And not only that, but to be grateful in each place, intentionally looking for God’s provision.

In our desire to reach the point in life when we can make sense of what we’ve been through and use it for good, may we not lose sight of the consistent, small steps required to get there. May we focus on the stick, then the rock, then the one after that, until we arrive at the top. The key parts of the journey to success happen in those small victories. And hopefully we will realize one day that success wasn’t really in the mountaintop at all, but in the journey to healing and the growth along the way. - Brodie Croyle

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In a time of distress, Regina’s ability to stay in school was threatened. Gathering all her strength and courage, she put her trust in @womenstrustghana to help her reach her goals. Join us as we celebrate the Regina of today: a graduate of Korle-Bu Nursing and Midwifery College.

Dress codes in the workplace have been a complicated subject for some time now, especially when it comes to the corporate setting. It's debated that women are more heavily scrutinized than men. Why do you think this is? Do you agree?
What are your thoughts on fashion and dress codes in the workplace? Join us on blis.fm tonight from 8-9pm ET. Call in. Talk to us. 202.652.0708

Ted Ryce On Overcoming ANY Adversity In Your Life... Watch Full Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKUWyX3Xl1w

Exclusive content available at 21university.com

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Good Morning!

I bought the most beautiful book today

It wasn't intentional. I had to visit the bookstore for Uni and saw this on the display table with numerous other books about inspirational women.

I started to look at this book with the thought that I could use it in my coursework and later as a focus for English classes for upper primary students.

The more I read, the more inspired I became until I decided to buy it

Such a fantastic story about an inspiring young woman who never gave up in the face of oppression. A book that pulls no punches yet is still suitable for younger audiences. And so beautifully illustrated

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Just found out I'm shadowing the great Dee Henry radio host of KFAI's Watercolors. This Saturday at 6:30 AM. And I'm starting overnights at Wal-Mart. God is moving.

This is our ethos too... ☺️👍 #Smilinggg

We saved a lot of money today and with just a little time and dedication the tablecloth is as good as new. Learn to help yourself!
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Never hold back. Give everything you’ve got. And when you fall throughout life, fall forward. -DW
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Sold 2 companies for a combined $1.5 BILLION dollars within 10 years. She's now helping women across the globe dominate in business with The Pink Ceiling and her Pinkubator. Cindy Whitehead is a powerhouse and an inspiration. Don't miss this episode! LINK IN BIO

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