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Going out of tune with the most beautiful and no-sense song in the world 😂📣🎶🎸#untitlednumber3 #johnfrusciante #guitar #outoftune

Garrel made his earliest surviving work when he was just 16 years old. LES ENFANTS DÉSACCORDÉS screens with his first feature film, the Zouzou-starring take on the Holy Trinity, MARIE POUR MÉMOIRE. As Claude Mauriac said: "The first total revolution in cinema since the advent of Jean-Luc Godard." ❤️📽Screens again 10/21 only. #children #outoftune #cinema #poetry

Papa Tony thought it'd make a cool picture ... got caught playin dress up and pretending I'm SRV
#midtown #standard #bigsby #outoftune #gibson

We’ve had a memorable night on the ferry back from Finland with our friends @usneadoom and Zdenek kicking ass at Karaoke!!!
#ferryride #karaoke #blackmetalkaraoke #outoftune

Heeeeeaps sick right now, I can’t pitch anything, sorry about that. Mostly drinking tea in bed, but I wanted to learn this, so here’s me learning this // #AlessiaCara #Stay #OutOfTune #Learning

**Long post alert - keep scrolling if you don’t want to read 😘** •
SO - some people know I “used to” play the piano. I say that because I took lessons for two years maybe and gave it up for sports... additionally, those people know that I also gave it up because the thought of people watching me play gave me the WORST anxiety imaginable - I played at one recital and one recital only 😂 so naturally, I still like to sit down every now and then but when people come around I get up and walk away. •

That being said, my parents baby grand piano is also a player piano and they would let it play during the holidays be it during decorating or having company. Alex and I were lucky to get this upright from my aunt and uncle who had no use for it and although we need to tune it again, it is in wonderful condition. •

Back to the player... another downfall of my piano playing days is that I cannot read music 😅🤷🏻‍♀️ I mean, I CAN if I sit there long enough and test out each note and I can get through maybe 3-4 measures in probably 20-30 minutes of “studying”. I remember thinking the piano wasn’t for me because I couldn’t sit down and start playing off sheet music like so many other people I would see. So instead, I watched and listened to this song on my parents piano when I was around 10 or 11 years old... and that’s how I started playing it 👍🏼 •

Throughout the years, other things became priority and I barely touched the piano. I never finished “learning” this song, but every now and then, like tonight, I want to see how much of it I remember. •

YES - I know I messed up several times (don’t make my stage fright worse) and YES - I know my nails are clanking and clicking all over the place (I do remember my teacher being thankful I wasn’t in to nails at 9 and 10 years old 🤣) and YES - I know the piano is out of tune and I know the sound quality is terrible. BUT, it felt good to play a little bit, even if it is Christmas music in October 😁. •

Maybe this year I’ll learn to finish it 🤔🎼🎹

Spotted today in the practice rooms. Spoiler alert: it is not a good time at all. #outoftune #broken string

Six Ways to Sunday, Rock n' Roll
#outoftune #blackberrysmoke


Jimi’s always felt a little #outoffocus but never #outoftune ... catch us live in #nyc 🎶
10/28 @rockwoodmusichall 📷 @jamesslanning

Maybe I should've watched the video I posted. Didn't realize could only post a minute but eh. So this is grandmother's violin. It's over 60 years old and I just recently had it fixed. It needed all new strings so please pardon the tune, they were in tune before the video was taken. The bridge needed reattached. Sound post needed stood back up, tail piece needed reattached. The bow is actually a viola bow. It needed to be rehaired and needed a new frulet. It's got more of a fiddle sound to it compared to my violin. I guess that's the best way to describe it.
#violin #starsbangledbanner #stars #stripes #usa #violinstarsbangledbanner #music #musician #violabow #oldviolin #familyviolin #stillneedanewcase #classicmusic #violins #viola #family #sentimentalvalue #sentimental #sheetmusic #musicnotes #outoftune #newstrings #newviolinstrings #bowrehair #fishburnviolinshop #vibratto #violinist

Going out of tune with the most beautiful and no-sense song in the world 😂📣🎶🎸#untitlednumber3 #johnfrusciante #guitar #outoftune

One of my favourite things about BIMM - This old piano in the corridor outside my classroom just waiting for me to play

#bimm #bimmbrighton #piano #uprightpiano #earlyforlecture #oldpiano #music #outoftune #uni #bimmwest

Why don’t we do it in the road - Beatles
#beatles #whydontwedoitintheroad #cantaremale #outoftune

Playing around in the key of G Natural Minor. Helps to discover new things when you try out keys you’re not used to... even if the mandolin is slightly out of tune. 😆

#mandolin #outoftune #ohwell #acousticguitar #acoustic

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