Because how could you pass up a mini photoshoot with your best friend when you see such an outspoken bench? (Also, if you’re interested, keep reading below for some personal updates.)
📷 by @reid.simpson

I know it has been a while since I posted on here. I found myself going through a bit of a personal branding dilemma (there is some nerdy marketing lingo for you) when I started working on my fashion blog a couple years ago and began my marketing business last year. I did not want to confuse my audience by posting such an array of content, but the thought of separating the brands did not seem practical to me until recently. The brand separation will not only make me feel less limited in posts but will also make all of you less confused or overwhelmed by things you may or may not like to see.

This account, @aftonblair will remain my main personal account, and will include my interests like art and music as well as life as it happens.

My blog’s account, @amodeloffduty, will be where I post fashion and skincare content related to comfort, practicality, and confidence. It will, in short, teach you how to be your own “model off-duty.” Lastly, my business account, @aftonblairstudio will focus on effective tips and tricks for genuine and interesting marketing with a focus on the fashion industry.

All of these topics are areas which I am really passionate about, and I am excited to start creating new content again.

When it rains, it pours ⛈ #ootd

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