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The answer to your burning question is yes, my arms really are that much tanner than my legs... 👌🏻

آدمها بايد يك چيز را درباره خودشان بدانند!
من كجا خوشبختم؟
و لزوماً، منظور از جا
يك مكان جغرافيايي نيست،
منظور نقطه لذت زندگيست.
كِی ها و با كی ها و چراهايش مهم است ....
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Mtl -->Nyc 🚲
2 days, 650 km, 5300m, 1 crash, 5 flats, 1 bee sting, 33 QOMs 👑,countless laughs 😂
#thinkless #stupidmore

Take me back to Lofoten😍

Canal d'amour 🇬🇷🌴🍍 ☀️ 📷@nejajesenko .
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Secret Oasis ✨

If you haven't tried this... You probably should. It was so much fun! @billsgs is having a pumpkin shoot at all 5 range locations on October 26th! #MyKindOfPSL 🔫🎃👻🍂🍃🍁

We are not here on this Earth just for ourselves. The goal of the cosmos is not for 7.5 billion human beings to seek their own private fulfillment, especially not at the expense of the rest of the planet.
Meditation is not supposed to be about "me and my mind." Yoga is intended for much more than "me and my body" or "me and my chakras." Good nutrition is not simply about "me and my health." Religion is not supposed to be concerned with "me and my enlightenment" or "me and my salvation" or "me and my afterlife." And we in this convulsing country of ours are DEFINITELY not here to be obsessed with "America First," as though such a thing were even possible on a continent located on a planet that is spinning through space with trillions of other fellow-creatures.

Rather, our beloved Source wants to experience ecstatic awe, wonder and surprise at the beauty and grandeur of the cosmos through our body, mind, imagination, heart, emotions, soul and spirit. And through our philosophy, theology, poetry, music, art, dance and culture.
Are we up to the task, or will we be up to the task anytime soon?

Photo: Me rhapsodizing at the intense beauty of aspen trees growing in a meadow in Colorado State Forest State Park, CO, September 16, 2017

#cosmicconsciousness #wildernessmysticism #stephenhatch #contemplativelife #beauty #erotic #besutiful #model #earthporn #wildernessbabes #outdoorwoman #outdoorman #autumnleaves #aspentrees #aweandwonder #surprise

S'acosta el dia i amb ell comença el compte enrere, els nervis, i les preguntes.
Però paradoxalment també es respira la tranquil·litat envernissada per una gruixuda capa de felicitat, de satisfacció, i de lluita.
Hi ha dies en què s'ha sofert i d'altres en què se't menja la ràbia. Però també n'hi ha molts d'altres en què s'ha gaudit i on s'ha acabat amb un somriure que ni tot l'or del món podrien dibuixar.
Els nervis hi seran. Avui, demà, i quan amb els pèls de punta es dongui el tret de sortida. Però el més important és que aquell dia es sortirà a gaudir i a enamorar-se dels paisatges.
Per això és pel que m'he entrenat. No per aconseguir una marca, sinó per seguir-me enamorant de la muntanya a cada pasa. [Fotografia de la x-Trail Saldes]

Det lyser en stjerne et sted,et sted der snille sjeler har fred. Se dit når du er trist å lei, og vit at det alltid er noen som er glad i deg. ✨💛God natt. Sov godt💛✨

I can Snow you the world
Shining, shimmering splendid ❄️✨

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