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A shot of the Ablenook solar panels. Pretty sleek don't you think?

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Live your passion 🌄🌲✌🏻••to the mountains and never back•• link in bio || www.lovebymoon.com

Organizing and packing up some leather beauties for #burlingtonmadespring18 tomorrow.

Have you heard of @eirnyc ?⠀

We first got a crush on EiR's beautiful and minimalistic design. But there was more than met the eye. Eir's foundation comes from its founder's own path studying green medicine as she recovered from painful sports injuries. Today, Eir has a line of natural body care that you might just want to call Nature's First Aid Kit - serious goodness that your skin will thank you for.⠀

Would you like to feel the touch of Fresh Eir? ⠀

You could win this odor eliminator, gear freshener and hand sanitizer, nature’s 3-in-1 deodorizer for your uber-active lifestyle + a Hydrating Face Mist + ALL the other consciously curated products of our giveaway!⠀

Follow all the brands below + tag a friend in the comments to enter our Summer Crate Giveaway.⠀


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Wax Poetic Mala ✨

Connect to your innate creativity. The universe has endowed each of us with a spark of imagination. Amethyst channels focus and fosters spiritual connection. Use this mala to ignite your creative spirit and wax poetic.

Working on a mini botanical series featuring high quality gold filled discs. They are minimal and great for everyday wear. My personal favorite is the first one on the left. 🌿🌱⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Rocks up at Saint Agnes⠀
Mother Nature’s beauty⠀

I don’t usually post a balance twice but this one was more than just a balance⠀
📷 @rocks.up ✌⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Does anyone else feel like this weekend is the unofficial start of summer???😎 Who’s checking in for summer🚎

• Eunice is one of our incredible Wildish ambassadors 👑
• she took this picture with her foot👣
• she’s our role model for life💯
Be like @oneeuni and get an M.C. Hammie, then take some sweet foot selfies👌🏼😎

Our horses graze on large rolls of coastal hay while in their paddocks. 🐴
Rental horses normally receive 2 portions of grain each day, depending on their body weight, breed, and athleticism. 🐎
We add an extra feeding in the summer months because the horses burn off extra calories trying to stay cool.
Clean, cool water is always available for them. 💦
📷 photo credit goes to our team’s member @haaleighnicolee. ⭐️

Finally 🙌🏻❤️ #outdoorsy #hiking

Both happy & healthy, but the girl on the right is happier and healthier! (and ready for summer 😝) I can’t wait for our next challenge group to start on May 28th and to see where this journey takes me! Who’s with me?! 💃🏻💕 #linkinbio

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