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The day before yesterday @nyphotographer and @briancardinal_ and I spent the day on a little icy hike in Minnewaska where Brian snapped this sweet pic of me. 💕#minnewaska #iloveny

Jan 17 Update — Today's storm has left 4-8 inches of snow across the Catskill Mountains. Expect winter conditions on trails across the Catskills. Snowshoes and/or traction devices are needed on most trails. Extensive ice has formed on most trails following the rain last week.

4 to 8 inches of snow fell across the Catskill region overnight, with the greatest accumulations at the highest elevations in the eastern and southern Catskills.
Road conditions vary widely, as do trailhead conditions. It is unlikely that all trailheads will be plowed today, which could make accessing some of them difficult.

Prepare properly for your winter hike.

Expect Winter Conditions: Following last week's warm temperatures and rain, snow and cold temperatures have returned. Snow and ice are present throughout the Catskills at the highest elevations. Snow depths range from 4 to 12+ inches, the most in the highest elevations. See the NERFC Snow Page for current snow information. The use of snowshoes is warranted throughout the region and are encouraged to prevent "post-holing," avoid injuries, and ease travel on snow (Post-holing - leaving deep footprints in the snow - makes trails more difficult and more hazardous for others to use). Crampons or other traction devices should be carried and used in icy areas (of which there are many). Those icy areas have increased dramatically since the thaw and melt last week.

Please refer to the earlier Trail Update for more information.

In An Emergency: Report backcountry emergencies, such as lost or injured hikers, and forest fires to the DEC Forest Rangers at 518-408-5850 or call 911 ❄️
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Another shot from last year’s #outdoorfest to get you stoked for this summer. Have ideas? Let us know via the link in our bio! 📷@jop_it of Ken Chaya’s tour of Central Park. #outdoornyc

I've been stuck in a creative rut lately, and I'm not entirely sure why. Feeling more uninspired than ever to create new work. I seem to fill my days with cooking, cleaning, and working out to keep myself busy, but I can't help but feel like I need some sort of inspiration to create work that is more important. To stay away from solely shooting commercially, and find something that I want to focus on that has more meaning than just selling a product. But also that I'm itching to live more simply. I'm constantly struck by the simplicity of life and I'm antsy to move towards a new period of my own life. The cold of January seems to slow time down. Anyone have any good ways that they inspire or motivate themselves to create new things? (Portrait of our wonderful @hipcamp host Jinx as the sunset on the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and we watched her dogs rush through the prairie in awe of the beauty of simple living) #hipcamp

Blue Moon Snow Frolic - January 30 #comingup .
On the grounds of the Catskill Interpretive Center in Mt.Tremper, Jonathan Mogelever will lead a moonlit cross country ski excursion on the 1.5 miles of trails.
Jeff Senterman will snowshoe with those that prefer a wider base.
🔥 .
A bonfire will burn for digit-warming, the supermoon will light the trails and the Catskill Interpretive Center will be open for hot chocolate and snacks.
🎿 .
Cross country skiers from beginners to advanced are welcome to join us for this 45 minute ski and/or snowshoe. Bring your own skis or snowshoes and please dress warmly. .
🌙 photo : @kellicain
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Little sunrise moments with this guy. 💕

Where are you exploring this weekend. Winter woods photo by @nynjhiker. #outdoornyc

Frozen like from above by @mgshins. Have any of you tried drone photography to capture your favorite adventure spots? #outdoornyc

Dreaming of those @summerstage days right about now. Tix to the summer preview showcase 2018 are still available @cpfnyc this Thursday! Photo 📸: @kudagonyc

This was a stressful day. We rolled into Monument Valley late, after a long day of driving, we pulled up to the trailhead parking lot, get out of the chinook, and out of nowhere a big ole ball of blackness comes galloping towards us in the dark. It had four legs, pointy ears, and a bushy tail, and before we knew it we had the sweet hairball pressing itself up against our legs. A dog. No other people were around, it was COLD (temps in the teens) and we spent a good 30 mins puttering around, feeding him carrots, and trying to figure out who he belonged to. There was a lot of talk of how upset my family would be if I came home with another animal. And some serious consideration of how bad it could possibly be to bring home a new dog. After much searching we found that he had a family already, and merely played tourists for snacks before returning home. Heartbroken, we said goodbye, watched him scamper across the desert, and made our way to our campsite for the night. Making friends on the road, of all species and sizes. #tashandbriansgreatescape #monumentvalley

It's so difficult to get a smiley morning photo of him. Coffee helps. Also peep our vintage Pendleton interior! The previous owner had a friend that was a goddess with a sewing machine! #tashandbriansgreatescape

Testing out our cross-country skis in Prospect Park #snowday ( #📷 @kreecespeeces ) #outdoornyc #regram

hey there @abbey__normal - you make winter look fun ✨
cause it is!! bundle up and get out there ⛷ #fourseasonsofcatskills .

before you do, click the profile link 👆🏽to check @jeffsenterman’s weekly trail update
#nynjtc #nysdec #optoutside #getoutmor #newyorkexplored #scenicnewyork #scenicny #hikeny #upstatenewyork #upstateny #trailtotap #unitedoutside #ispyny #neverstopexploring #exploremore #winteradventures #findyouradventure #feedyouadventure #outdoornyc

Hiking the Navajo Trail in Bryce Canyon NP last month. It's incredible how little bits of greenery can survive in the canyon in such a dry environment. I can only image how old some of these trees are. ✨#brycecanyon #tashandbriansgreatescapey

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