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For anyone who did some yoga today you have a chance to win this awesome @rei camping multi towel. Keep it up GCU we are in first place! Reminder: all activity logged must be done within Sept. 18 - Oct. 15. #outdoornation #rei #yoga

HEY!! ☀️☀️ you can find balance even when your world seems upside umop 🤸🏼‍♀️🙃#staypositive 💪🏼 this was taken a few weeks ago while messing around with @twoowlsphoto in my FAVE @overthrowclothing tank ❤️🙃
#outdoornation #exploretocreate #rei #getoutside #lakelife #overthrowclothing #earthtones #earthgirladventures #earthisamazing #iloveearth #yogi #yoga #inversion #balance #wellness #fitness #fun #positivevibes

Glacial lakes + snow-capped mountains + alpine forests = better than anything + anything + anything. #outdoornation #trueequation
Jasper, Alberta, Canada || Photographer: @jasoncharleshill

Wow! 1100 points before 9am? 🏆🔥We see your #OutdoorNation hustle. It's day one, so sign up - link in bio! #humboldtstate

Double rainbow at Havasu Falls! 🏞
Who thinks this place is amazing!?
📷: @luketyreephotography

friends!! come hang out with me tonight from 6:15 to 7:30 for sunset yoga! 🌞 this class is part of @bucknell_oel #outdoornation Campus Challenge - we will be practicing outside between AcWest and Breakiron, would love to see y'all there 🙏🏼
PS- no cost!

What are the odds this buck's luck's running out? #GoWild. Pic: @soppygreatdane. Hat tip: @huntingthenorthwest
Picture: David Smith from Alberta Canada! Via @midwest_whitetails_1


Did you know you can rent canoes, kayaks or stand up paddle boards that are available to use right at the East Lagoon? Just stop by the Adventure Center for your gear and key. Visit go.niu.edu/gear for prices and more details. #niuoa #OutdoorNation now you can get out for a paddle!

Lost in thoughts and direction
Lately I've been incredibly uninspired with life. Although I get having a job equals job success, and job success in turn brings financial security and/or success. With financial stability comes the obligations to buy real estate, invest in RRSPs and GICs, and save. Save for a mortgage, your wedding, your retirement and probably toss in your funeral...along with future generations of spawned children and their education and their life.
I completely get the obligations and duties I should fulfill because that's what life is....or life with quotation marks wrapped around it. There are days that this all makes sense to me and why I do the things I need to do. And then there are days when I'm climbing or I'm alone to my thoughts really analyzing, questioning myself if I'm really that happy with my life?

Status quo, the norm, expectations, responsibilities...because society expects me to; because that's what others are telling me; because that's what I'm telling myself. And it's all food for thought when I'm sitting on the phone providing customer service to make others happy when I feel the insides of myself slowly chipping away and realize the cruel irony of "life" and the modern world.

My only escape is seeking the outdoors to rid myself of negative thinking and have a mind's rest. Perhaps I should get a years worth prescription of it....

Get out and canoe, kayak or SUP for the #OutdoorNation Campus Challenge for extra points and raffle entry Wednesday! #niuoa will be out at 10a at our rentals trailer at the East Lagoon stop by or come by to rent a boat between 3-6p.

adventures with a little bear

Sunset hike with these beautiful women 😻🌳🌾 #outdoornation #chicoca #bidwellpark #monkeyfacerock

I'm still holding out for a few more summer evenings like this one.

Tonight Acro Yoga Club moved practice outside in honor of REI Week's Yoga Day for the Outdoor Nations contest! Go download the app and log your outdoor activities to win some neat new outdoor gear shwag. 😌 #hsu #humboltstate #humboldtstateuniversity #acro #yoga #acroyoga #outdoornation

My little climbers. We're trying to get outside with the @outdoornation challenge. Check out the app and play along!
#outdoornation #getoutside #sacstatealumni #futurerockclimber #myboys

Classique d'automne. La semaine nature avec les SLA est un projet farfelu qui rapporte énormément. C'est une semaine d'initiation au plein-air et d'apprentissages de calcul intégral, biologie, théâtre, philosophie, sociologie et physique en nature avec des cégépiens de Maisonneuve; projet unique en son genre au Québec. Propagez l'idée. Sortez dehors. Ayez peur. Amusez vous. Découvrez le Québec. Découvrez-vous. #maisonneuve

Year 4/16 • Ecua 28
Those mountains I always see outside my window, yeah this volcano sits behind and above them. Climbed that. No biggie.
📷: 9.16.17

We're in Iceland this week! It's some beautiful country. #GoWild

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