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Missing the prettiest little city in the mountains❤️Innsbruck, Austria📍

When planning my trip to Glacier National Park I wanted to stay in Many Glacier Campground. Unfortunately I wasn't able to reserve a site in advance so I decided to go with a spot at St. Mary Campground. It was a beautiful Campground and this bridge was the highlight of the campground. So many sunsets, glasses of wine, local beer, sunrises and stargazing opportunities arose here. If you ever stay at St. Mary, take some time to enjoy the setting here at this bridge. The experiences that unfold here will really surprise you. 😊 I'm so glad I ended up at St. Mary, it totally ended up working out better than I could of ever of anticipated. PC: @ambervfarlow (with my edits)

L I S B O A 🇵🇹

Here's to the people who make it mandatory to wear plaid on a road trip and take a hike with you on a mosquito infested path, even when it's not their style because they know it will make your heart explode into a million pieces.

Here's to the people who know all your biggest flaws but still think you're perfect.

Here's to the people who know how bad you sing in the car, but let you sing your heart out anyway.

Here's to the people who make you smile the biggest and laugh the loudest.

Here's to the people that will stay up with you until 6am after a night out, or wake up with you at 6am for a workout.

Here's to the people who have done all of the above for you through the most confusing years of your life and who will still be there for you when you want to start a knitting club - probably by age 32.

You're my tribe. And I love you so so much. ❤

Perfect way to end the week. This is the life⛰



Håja in the distance #midnightsun

L I S B O A 🇵🇹

Weekend vibes are strong today. #ExperienceSeeker @ryanlongnecker

The Perseid meteors were pretty fast. This chevy was much easier to capture.

This morning's sunrise!😍

Gettin out there

Perfect way to end the week. This is the life⛰

Walking into the snow storm! ❤️ #colorado #monsoonseason

I have been wanting to do this fairly light shoot for soooo long! I'll tell you right now it is not as simple as it looks! Shot these with my canon 60d and sigma 50-100mm f1.8. Thanks @brandonwoelfel for being so inspiring and creative! Doing the Woefel!

Wild turkey's - the original nomads.

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