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One day we will be old as dirt and at the end of our earthly life and we will look back at this pic of potty training days and our teeth will fall out as we chuckle and weez with great admiration and reflection. I will still be a gentlemen and pick up your teeth for you first @jwoww . #ForeverBlessed #OurStory #OurLegacy

I've always kept a journal growing up & Uti enjoyed reading them all😅but this new one is going to be so special for my little family! Cause when I'm gone, they will have this record of Mom & Dad from the very beginning to the very end🔒✨This is for our children, our children's children, their children's children & so on💙📕🖋 #OurStory #LongLiveDose #FamiliesRForever #MakasiniFamily #RecordKeeping #HappySabbath

Two mermen in love 😍 - #gayswithstories

"It's almost 2,5 years ago when we said ''I do''. I remember the lovely moment when you asked me to marry you at the Pont Des Arts in Paris 4,5 years ago and i said YES out and loud. I'm so grateful for every moment we share together and to call you forever my husband every day. I love you ❤" ️- @leroy_21 #wedding #ourstory

Day 4 of our story “The Harder They Fall”
Everything I worked so hard to build up completely collapsed on me at 27. 👎
I had spent the last few years buried in work, building up a real estate career. Despite the incredible income, I had lost sight of everything that really mattered to me.
I let the money, the popularity and the illusion of power go right to my head. In a big and dangerous way.❌
I became obsessed with MORE. Even making $250k didn’t seem ‘enough’ in my materialistic stupor. I bought a BMW and a Benz, built a house way bigger than I would ever need, wouldn’t blink an eye at a $1,800 jacket, all while shutting down any emotion I ever had.  I stayed out all night, drinking myself into a blacked out stupor and snorting lines inside bathroom stalls.☠️
I felt empty and alone. I took it out on everyone around me. I was so wrapped up in keeping myself numb, all while keeping up appearances, that I completely and utterly threw my life into a downward spiral. 🌪
At rock bottom, I made the decision to press ‘reset’ on my life. I KNEW material possessions and pretending to be someone I wasn’t would never make me happy.  I left everything behind, including my career, moved across the country, and promised myself I would find my purpose. 💫
🚹Trevor was starting to get more and more used to sober life, but he was struggling with the everyday stresses that had caused him to drink in the first place, but now with no ‘escape’. He got back into restaurant management and buried himself in 70 hour work weeks to occupy his mind. He started to feel desperate in the sense that he knew there was WAY more to life than working his ass off for a boss who didn’t appreciate him, in a job that had no meaning for him. 😐
Looking inward, he started concentrating on health and lost 60lbs that he put on after replacing alcohol with food, but he still didn’t feel right. Restless, he also decided to leave his career (and press ‘reset’ just like I did) to find something he could feel proud of doing.💫
Our lives were both taking a very similar turn, even though we had never met yet!}
....continued tomorrow at 4pm…
👇👇p.s.- Have u ever been caught up in material things?


(Real and personal post) On this day 6 years ago, I left a very frightened young man at an airport security line.  He was scared of so many things, but mostly of the unknown and being alone in an unfamiliar place.  For those of you who have been close to a family member or friend, and walked along side of them in addiction or recovery, then you will understand my story.  It hasn’t been an easy 6 years, but it has been a sober 6 years, and for that I am incredibly grateful.
My son had a serious opiate addiction for close to 4 years that almost took his life.  And for a mom, nothing other than death can make your heart ache more.  I honestly didn’t know my heart could ache like that.  I didn’t know I could cry that hard for that long.  It was pain in the rawest form.  And that kind of pain will put you on your knees like nothing else.  But God has been faithful through it all….the good days and the not so good.
We have all been through so many changes as a family, even moving to a new home in a new city (yep, that is how and why we moved to our beautiful farm). I knew he could never return to our previous hometown if he was to beat this disease, because all odds were against him there.  So, we moved from the only city that I had ever known,  to give my son the best chance possible.….so many changes in such a short period of time.  But God’s goodness has been overflowing.  The farm is now home and we can’t imagine life any differently than it is today.  Every farmhouse picture that I post on this feed is a reminder to me of God’s faithfulness and goodness to my son and to my family.  We wouldn’t be living here today if it wasn’t for his addiction.
There is joy in the morning.  There is light after darkness.  There is purpose for our pain.
So today, we celebrate you, Bryce and we celebrate God’s faithfulness and goodness to our family.  We are so incredibly proud of you. Happy 6 years!
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I soooooo want to get this .. watching the testimonials and how it works got me so intrigued !! Whether we admit it or not, most of us sort of prefer some nationalities over others, but maybe for some ancestrial reason we came down from there.. I believe #thegenographicproject will help us acknowledge that no nationality or race or culture is better than another and that we are all connected in a way.. 🌍 ✋ @natgeo
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Kalo kumpul ama kalian tuh rasanya ga pengen udahan ada aja bahasannya, ada aja guyonannya, ada aja kisah2nya, ampe dapet pak suam hasil perjodohan salah satu bebongku, dari jaman gadis ampe gendong2 bocah selalu rame dan heboh..tapi sayangnya minus bong mirna @mirna_fani 😢😢 semoga kumpul berikutnya formasi lengkap yah bebong bebong ku 😘😘
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Tokyo von oben! Unser Couchsurfer hat tatsächlich ein Gebäude gefunden, in welchem man umsonst bis ganz nach oben kann und diesen View hat! Doch ganz schön groß diese Stadt! Wusstet Ihr, dass Tokyo sage und schreibe 9.4 Mio Einwohner hat??? Kein Wunder, dass hier immer so viel los ist! Es macht einfach so Laune hier! Wir haben echt so viel Spaß! Falls Ihr iwann die Möglichkeit habt, her zu kommen - tut es! Also: Steht Japan auf eurer Bucketlist?
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