Harvest moon small world play with moon sand. Recipe from @growingajeweledrose
🌝 Then I just added some bits and bobs mostly from our nature table 👍
It has been so dang cloudy at night we have not seen the moon much - except as a light haze showing behind the clouds. Our rainstorms have been later this year making it difficult to get outside after nap time some days. .
. .
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“Oh help oh no it’s the Gruffalo”
Inspired by @thelifeschoolers and her #gruffaloplayprompts we made Gruffalo crumble today.
We made moon sand with a twist adding coco and cinnamon. We also added our story spoons we won from @tashstoryspoons!
Elsie loved it and had great fun moulding and shaping the Gruffalo crumble!!

Sensory bin of rings for my little 7 month old today! Each day he amazes me with how much more he can do and how engaged he is with everything put in front of him! He loved exploring these rings - swipe to see what he did with them!!
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There’s comes a time in life when you meet someone who changes everything and makes you realise why it never worked before ... for us it was this Lady whose has the most beautiful heart! 💖
I came across Jordan’s page @oursensorykids early this year, and I fell in love with her account, her posts were so inspiring they made me want to play more with my children. I followed her and started to purchase her beautiful sensory toys from @oursensoryshop to help develop our play. Little did I know her products and her kindness was going to change my daughter’s life in such a short amount of time.
Indie has Autism, which also means her speech is poor and therefore it’s difficult to communicate with her and makes life some what difficult. Over the past few months this has changed, Indie is wanting to play with Me more, her engagement has increased along with her concentration because she’s playing with toys that capture her love and need for sensory input! Indie has gone from playing alone to looking at me during play, turn taking, smiling and loving to participate, something Autism makes difficult.
Jordan kindly sent Indie some communication cards for use to see if they would help, Jordan has given her a voice!! We use them daily, and have made a communication board to inform Indie of routine, change and give her the option to make choices for herself.
Jordan has become a dear friend because she gets our struggles and she’s supportive beyond measure, we share the same passion for wanting to make a difference to the lives of sensory children, mine starts at home!
Indie has grown very found of her despite never physically meeting, I mean you’ve got to be pretty special the change the life and make an influence of someone whose never met you. Indie loves her voice and will sit and listen to Jordan read her a story (something I’ve never managed to do) her expressions, passion for books and great storytelling have captured my daughters heart and I’ll be forever thankful 💕 So when you see me share a post featuring Jordan’s products or if I share her work please know it’s because we truly love them, they’ve made an impact on my daughters life, we love this Lady dearly💖

Day 1 of Our Everyday Play challenge. Today’s #edplaychallenge is SHAPE. So Marty helped me find some shapes he would like to paint and choose his colours. I added black paper to give his creation a different dimension that usual white paper #shapes #painting #playchallenge #martysmessyplay #letthemcreate #imagination #invitationtolearn #earlyyearsideas#playandlearn #learnandplay
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// GELLI BAFF // Okay guys, here's something exciting - today we tried a new sensory activity that we had NEVER tried before! Gasp! I bet you were thinking that wasn't even possible! Me too! I mean, sensory play is my absolute favourite thing to do with the kids, and I thought I had pretty much covered every single messy/sensory activity there was!
Well, thanks to some beautiful friends who gifted this to Samuel for his birthday last month, we got to try Gelli Baff for the very first time today! And my goodness, it is FUN! .
It has the same consistency as squished up water beads, and I had someone message me earlier saying she was told it is the same stuff that's in disposable nappies. So who knows what it actually is, and really, who cares! Because Paige and Samuel LOVED it!!! I put it in our #kmartplaytray with some of the jars and scoops we used for our water play yesterday and they were hooked!
So if you're after a brand new sensory experience, make sure you give it a try! I've popped a link to some I found in BigW in my stories 💕 #tpd_sensoryplay

l o o s e | p a r t s
This morning I was inspired by our @mumtomessyboys To use our natures treasures 🌰🍂 we collected yesterday, and our @play.hooray #atozplayprompts!
I decided to set up a loose parts activity with some homemade playdough. I added some dried loose Apple 🍎 and Cinnamon tea straight from the teabag for a lovely essence and added sensory element.
Not only did it make the playdough smell delicious and very autumnal but it also make it grainy #oursensorykids
I know the point of loose parts is for the activity to be child led but due to autism Indie needs some sort of idea or simple instruction to begin something independently, so I asked for her make me some Hedgehogs 🦔 and she made the cutest Hedgehogs I’ve ever seen!!
I then joined in and showed her how to make Snails 🐌 like @mumtomessyboys did yesterday, thanks for the inspiration lovely!!
I really do appreciate and love being a part of the play community here on Instagram, so many wonderful people sharing their love for children’s learning and development through play 🌎✨
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🐎 Muddy Horse Races 🐎 This super messy but super fun activity was great for outside play! Rainy or cold? Take it to the bathtub!! We used our @waytoplaytoys race tracks, pudding, and dollar store plastic horses for this taste-safe sensory activity. I also set up a small tub with water and a little bubble bath as a cleaning station for Karter but Jack thought it was a bathtub for him so let’s just say I had to refill it about 8 times 💦🤣 The white underneath is a cheap shower curtain so the mess was simple to clean up... I scooped the big blobs of pudding into the garbage, stripped the kids and wrapped up the whole mess and tossed it in the washing machine 👍👍 (except the race tracks - those I rinsed in the sink) Enjoy!!!! 🐎👸🏼🤴🏼🏰

#Repost @littletinylearner
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🚂 Train World
I made this at the start of the week using A4 felt pieces for the base and a little orange rice. It’s been such a hit that I don’t know when I’ll be able to change it up! .
He also brought in his @melodietreasures peg dolls (grandad, daddy and himself) to go on boat adventures and train rides 😍 So cute!!
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🌊 [FEATURED] How fun looking and simple is this amazing activity!?! Simply use food colouring to colour water, add water beads and sea creatures (not real 🤪) in an ice cube or muffin tray and freeze! I love the look of exploring them melting inside a foil lined tray too! Look at the beautiful reflections. A lovely addition to an ocean sensory story! You could easily make these baby safe by avoiding waterbeads and small creatures too! 🌊🐋
Thank you to the always fabulous Hayley from @entertaining_elsie for another great idea! 🌊✨ #oursensoryocean

🦊 Another beautiful fox themed story sack out the door. These story stones are great for outdoor learning opportunities. Each customised stone is sold in my shop at just £2 each. Also you all have to own this beautiful book. I could frame every page. Thank you @beckys_treasure_baskets for telling me about it! ✨🍂

Rainbow 6 (was meant to be 7 but we were just too busy yesterday). While flying into Hobart last week with Ruby on my lap I took a photo of a rainbow in the distance. We saw more rainbows from our hotel room after more rain throughout the day. So our small world today was a recreation of what we saw from the plane window (plus some sea creatures because we saw a seal and Ruby ate woodfired octopus for the first time 😂) #montessori #kmartplaytray #totschool #invitationtoplay #kidsactivities #reggioinspired #learnthroughplay #playbasedlearning #oursensorykids #smallworldplay #sensoryplay #sensorybin #oursensorykids #earlylearning #earlylearning101 #preparedplay #intentionalplay #montessoriathome #kmartau #youngwildandfree #kmarthacks #parenthacks #handsonlearning #playideas #playmatters #playandlearn #toddlerplay #toddleractivities #finemotorskills #qantas

Look who I got to hang out with last night!! 🙌🏼🍎 Thanks for all you guys do for our community and how you teach our kids!

Happy Birthday Chloe!! 🤗🎉🎂

💙 Have a look at this lovely #sensorykid exploring Carla’s Treasure #sensorybasket . 💙 💜 Great captions Jordan. We love his cute excited little face. 💜 📸 @oursensorykids 📸

🐇 More @usborne_books magic for this bunny story sack for @carlastreasure
I loved creating the blackberry dyed backing fabric for these little characters. I’m so pleased your little girl loves them. What a great way to start your day! ✨
You can design your own story sack by choosing our “custom sack” option in our shop. The link to this is in our bio. Prices start from just £4.99.

🧜‍♀️ [FEATURED] I don’t know about your littles ones, but mine love mermaid play! So how about setting up this activity to create your very own mermaid shells?
This post is from @lolaslearningtable and involves dying your shells using food colouring and water. How fun! You could then use the shells to extend your ocean play! Thank you so much for sharing this great idea by tagging #oursensoryocean for our theme this month! 🌊✨

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