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The Happiest place on Earth 💕 #Ourobsession

Fun and flirty perfect for our ever changing weather. 💃🏻👗Why dress drab when you can look fab! @tryb212 @clarevivier 😍 Fall wardrobe made effortless! #ourobsession #aquarius #fallfashion

Happy 1st birthday to this little bundle of joy (literally! The happiest baby ever) that God has blessed us with! We love you sooooo much!! #ourobsession #myobsession #1stbirthday

For our timeless issue we decided to focus on one of our must have icons the tan bag. This beauty is owned by @witblog and inspired many a purchase we are sure. For more classic tan bags available to buy now check out this week's issue of #TheICONSUpdate #luxurybags #chloedrew #tanbag #ourobsession.

Sweet dreams. ✨ @wyldr_london starry print dresses are back! #goodnight #ourobsession #parisandme

And in the dark, I see the moon
Shine in your eyes
We grew strong and tall as weeds
Never lived forever, there was no such thing
I looked at you, and you looked into me
And we saw in each other,
everything 💕 #alabamashakes #ourobsession #thisfckinbandman

NEST restock alert!! New shipment of Holiday and Birchwood Pine back in! Just in time for your Thanksgiving tomorrow! ❤️
#shopellebirmingham #ourobsession

My obsession, my princess, my brat, my black ballerina, my superhero, I love her like she's my own... I'm so grateful to be apart of her journey!!! #teeteebaby #familybaby #ourobsession


☁️ we can see problems in others primarily because those same problems exist within us #awareness #btswami

🙏🏻 come as you are

🖖🏻...resist negative influences, wage war against corruption and help others attain higher consciousness through our own example.#awareness #btswami

Our obsession for shiny things - our primitive desire for water. The thirst centre of the brain activated!

👁 We must be sensitive, alert and meticulous in all our dealings if we are to make a positive contribution to the level of collective #awareness #btswami

🏢🏚“The one who dies with the most toys, wins.” If we espouse this viewpoint, the toys we have to play with form the measure of our personal worth. Unfortunately, this notion confuses acquired material worth with our inherent worth as spiritual beings. We must go beyond this narrow conception of human life. This means that in every situation we must ask “Why?” and “How?” and “What will that lead to?” We should constantly examine the ramifications of our thoughts and actions—and seek to discover the laws behind them #awareness #btswami

🚪The true lines being drawn across the planet are not based upon nationality, complexion, language, creed, style or fashion. Instead, they are based upon degrees of piety and purity. Around the world, the polarization is increasing between those of us who are spiritual and devoted to higher consciousness and those of us who are materialistic... #awareness #btswami

So many options when winter comes around. This vegan leather vest will spruce up any top for the winter weather. #ourobsession #winterlayers #layeringgivesmelife #wardrobestylist #styledbysherill #layeredlook #obsessedpetaluma #shoppingtime #fauxleathervest

☁️ It is very important that we be careful about how we use our time and how we interact with others. It is our duty to be our brother and sister’s keeper. It is our duty to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. It is our duty to do things that will constantly make a difference and that will help the well-being of that person. It is unfortunate when someone does not try to help when there is a chance to elevate the people they have contact with. We must remember that helping people does not involve lowering ourselves to whatever level they are on. That is violence to ourselves and also to them, and helps no one. #btswami

☁️ Being humble does not necessarily mean keeping quiet. It means being truthful and unafraid to represent that truth, refusing to be distracted by any desire for distinction, adoration or profit.#btswami


✨ We must remember that the all-time greatest healer is love. Love invigorates; it revitalizes; it inspires; and it attunes us to the rhythm of life. Our beliefs about love and our life experiences of intimacy or alienation greatly affect our physical health. The power of love is so great that all of us, consciously or unconsciously, seek love and joy in everything we do. Unfortunately, though, many people have a distorted understanding of love and so produce conflict and unhappiness in their lives. #aboutlove #btswami
🤔color or b&w?

🌐 We do not realize that the true measure of our spirituality is how we interact with our environment and the living beings around us. We think that love and spirituality are sentimental feelings in the heart that make us “feel good” and require no commitment or action on our part. But love is a verb, and ultimately, so is spirituality. #btswami

This child is so spoiled 😩 Kisses from dada 😍 #myloves #ourobsession #cutesnessoverload #daddysgirl 👨‍👧

The Happiest place on Earth 💕 #Ourobsession

Chillin with the crew #snowball #groot #rocket #rainyday #mybestfriends #wearecoolerthanyourmom #notyouraveragecrew about to be lit! #guildextracts #ourobsession @guild_extracts_ Please continue to do what you do best!! Thank you 😍

🍯x🌶 |

👩🏻👦🏻👳🏻👶🏽| There is only one nation: The nation of humanity. Although there are many different races, genders and tribes, we all share similar human desires, and the soul is the same in everyone.

NEST restock alert!! New shipment of Holiday and Birchwood Pine back in! Just in time for your Thanksgiving tomorrow! ❤️
#shopellebirmingham #ourobsession


🎇Our emotional and mental states create an energy field that affects others. Everything is alive, including the unseen atmosphere that surrounds us.#awareness | @cuca_x

🙌🏼 We want to feel nourished inwardly and we want to be radiant externally—we want to be love in action. People should feel uplifted and inspired by our association. #awareness | @adrh11

New Bell & May’s are here!!! 🙌🏻♥️😁 Oh how we love these comfy tees! Come get em before they’re gone again! $36 #addiction #bestteesever #sosoft #liveinthem #longsleeve #quotestoliveby #bellandmay #ourobsession #makegreatgifts #comfycasual #trendytees #smallthruxl #shopsmall #shoplocal #shopposh

🗝 | @adrh11

Breakfast is served 🍍🍓🍌 Smoothie bowl & popsicle 😋 #ourobsession #smoothiebowl #Superfood #Breakfast #healthybreakfast #healthiestaddiction #eatmadclean

Let’s do some “We shouldn’t be doing this” things.
#Afterdecades 🙌
With the legends 💥@zikpuii_ralte13 😎 @maxthegsd13 🐕
#tb 🤣 #ourobsession 🐶🖐

🖱As we develop more mental strength in all of our engagements, we will experience so many insights that we normally do not grasp. Mindfulness will allow us to increase the quality and sometimes even the quantity of our performance. We will not be as distracted by all the various types of incoherence that we normally internalize and imbibe. We will not allow such distractions to ultimately stagnate us. As we practice mindfulness, we will naturally feel grateful in spite of any of the circumstances in our environment. #awareness | @adrh11

⚔️Conversation is actually an enticement and is never neutral. Any association involves some giving and receiving. Few people recognize this fact, which means that they simply get swept up by the environment without even understanding the detrimental effects. Whether the interactions are commercial, social, political, educational, or just between individuals, they are always invitations to participate in some type of exchange. Your actions and words invite others to interact with you in a certain way, and you accept their words as well. #awareness | @adrh11

When he brings #lindt #chocolate to me at work #ourobsession #sharingiscaring

✨ We do not necessarily need sophisticated formulas and rituals, but if we can remain constantly mindful, we will access many deeper experiences and adventures in our lives. | @cuca_x

My sister blessed me with the most adorable niece ever 😫this page might as well be her Instagram .
#ZoëNoelle #AuntiesTwonager #OurObsession

🥚connect to the source | @cuca_x

🐾 If we have enough concern for others, we can find the strength to help and to look beyond our own ego. We must realize that the quality of our life is dependent on how we serve others—this is the position of very advanced souls. #aboutlove | @adrh11

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