Night chasing day 🌗


Share, always share all of your great experiences in life 🎉🌼🍝
And as you seek, do not forget, you are there, here because you wanted to experience this moment for yourself ✌️️

And when it speaks to you, I hope it does so deeply.
-every experience, everything that exist, existed is art. 🌼✌️️

Got the permission from the airplane mechs and finally got to ride one of these trikes around the port on my break yesterday!😄 🚲💨

The goal, is not to be the best, but to be the most authentic version of oneself for ourselves. To surrender ourselves to laughter, away from our lifetime of intellectual control, from the perpetual fear and worries fed by the outside(everyone else's) expectations and comparisons that leads us to bleed out wondering if we are ever going to be good enough. And these are struggles we need to come to meet on our own that perhaps was imposed by the people who are close to us and we loved, but no one else is to blame and hold accounted for, but ourselves for both being ignorant and believing. But patience, and self forgiveness and definitely understanding by providing both time and space to listen, to have no intention nor attempt to fix, rebuild nor repair... but just for the sake of listening. Then it propels and happens on its own, you just get better, you unintentionally, but instinctively build, you laugh more and not take it all too seriously as you thought as you should. Best part; if you would like, it can be shared with everyone you meet, one handshake at a time or not lol, who am I to expect or judge. ☀️✌️️

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