Mt. Tam is one of my Zen places...

When you can’t find what you’re looking for where you’re at, it’s time to try somewhere new.

Rolling on like the desert wind.

Always reflect

Blacktail Canyon acoustics. Doug got a head start and reached this end of the canyon where he played flute which we could hear making its way through the canyon as we hiked to catch up with him. His flute sounds echoing through the canyon as we hiked made for a mystical experience. Here a 24s clip of him playing deep in the canyon.
#music #flute #flutemusic

In many ways, I have lost everything. Every protection I knew, whether real or perceived is gone. But maybe, just maybe I have recovered myself. 🙌 Here’s to fighting for the girl I was, and honoring the woman I want to be. #myowninspo Necklace by the lovely @gilyilan

Collect moments, not things.

we were born in the same city 🐥🐥

Basically Laura Croft.. with rosé. Adventuring back to an old hometown hangout with @lou_toscano 🏞

Winter stand.

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