“Reckless O soul, exploring”

Traveling started out for me as an escape but somewhere along the way it became so much more.  More than just getting away from the norm, more than just seeing the sites.  It became my guilty pleasure, my therapy, my patient teacher and my spiritual fulfillment 🌱

📸| #Tb to one of my first drone shots.

🏠| Who would live here?! Still unsure how I made it out of this shoot with my drone still in one piece, the wind was crazy!

Laying back after a long day of school

Have you ever experienced that « wow, I want to get naked here and now ! » feeling ? It happens a lot when I travel to wonderful places 🇮🇸

Camping under the stars on our final night in Tanzania ✨ (This was actually three countries ago... sporadic internet availability and some stuff going on back home has made me forget about Instagram for a while - it’s been pretty nice having less screen time and more nights like these!)

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