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Time to fix a broken system. Enough is enough. #ourkidsbelongwithfamily Love and respect to @rarriwuyhick

Since Kevin Rudd's national apology to the Stolen Generation, the number of Indigenous children in care across Australia has increased by 65 per cent.
This gross over representation "There's always somebody for someone in care. You just have to take the time and invest energy in finding that person.
An Aboriginal child's community is around their family. So you know, non-Aboriginal see a family as in mum and dad, brothers and sisters and aunties and uncles and maybe a grandparent whereas an Aboriginal family is about the whole extended family.
So it's about whose mum's connected to, whose mum's cousins because they're the families, they're the aunties, they're the uncles, they're the mums and the dads that take the place of the parents when the parents aren't able to.
So it's about wrapping a whole community around a child.
So when we talk about an Aboriginal child being in care and doesn't have any family, I challenge that all the time." - Ann Oakley, founder of Kinship Connection.

We can do better than this | Love to @rarriwuyhick and those boys | #SorryMeansYouDontDoItAgain #OurKidsBelongWithFamily

Thank you for your support everyone!! I've cried a few times in the last 24hours because of all the love and support we're receiving. ❤️ You all have such beautiful hearts. One love. Can't wait to one day share this with my nephews. 💋 Thank you again. #ourkidsbelongwithfamily #bringthemhome

@rarriwuyhick #ourkidsbelongwithfamily

Just a snippet of Budjerah's cover of From Paradise by Archie Roach.
Today marks 9yrs since Kevin Rudd made an apology to the stolen generations, sorry means you're not going to do it again. #sorrymeansyoudontdoitagain #aboriginal #indigenous #ourkidsbelongwithfamily @budjerah_slabb
For full video head over to the Juraki Surf Culture facebook page.

It's been 9 years today since Kevin Rudd formally apologised to the 'Stolen Generations' in recognition of past government's policies where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children were forcibly removed from their families and communities and placed into institutional 'care' or with non-Indigenous foster families.
Since then, the number of Indigenous children in care across Australian has increased by a staggering 65%!!! 😫
We're already looking at the #newstolengeneration so it's time for Government 'child protection' policies to change!!
Sending love and support to my sis @rarriwuyhick and her beautiful boys...they need to be with family NOT strangers!! 🖤💛❤️
#sorrymeansdontdoitagain #kinshipconnection

Today marks the 9 year anniversary of Rudd's apology for the past treatment of Aboriginal people - particularly the Stolen Generations. Since then, numbers of Indigenous kids in out-of-home care have risen by 65%. NT have the highest percentage and 70% of these kids go to non-Indigenous families. We need to take into account the inter-generational effect of dislocation in Aboriginal communities and ensure that when a parent is unable to care for their child, that all other options (aunty, uncle, mother or father's cousins etc) are pursued before a permanent care order is taken up with non Indigenous carers. An Aboriginal child's community is centered around their family. I believe it is vital that we protect this connection in order to nurture the future of the world's oldest continuing culture. Sending love to @rarriwuyhick , a friend and incredibly talented actress, affected directly by this legislation. Sis, you have my support. Picture of myself with good friend Vashti. @pontaks #ourkidsbelongwithfamily


My Niece Is My Everything. She is just one of many thousands of Indigenous Kids that are put in situation where they cannot be put into family care. I will fight for you every time I wake up my niece. Uncle Loves You ❤️ #ourkidsbelongwithfamily #family #life

There's never been a more important day to be performing this show. This monologue ends with "I guess we can't go back now". But have we? 🖤💛❤️#nationalsorryday2017 #7stagesofgrieving #ourkidsbelongwithfamily

We're a family again!! Thank you everyone for supporting our campaign and helping us get the boys back. I'll be forever grateful. I do hope that all children go back to their family. #ourkidsbelongwithfamily #belonginasafehome #mynephews #myworld @badawuy photo by @meyneg

In November 2016, without any warning or notification, two boys were removed from their family in Arnhem Land and sent to Darwin.
The boys are the nephews of Indigenous Australian actress and dancer, Rarriwuy Hick who knew something needed to happen to bring not only her nephews back, but the children of families across Australia who were in a similar situation. #OurKidsBelongWithFamily was born.
On June 30 2016, a census released by the Productivity Commission revealed that 16,846 Indigenous children had been removed since the apology in 2008 and placed into out of home care. Just under 11,000 of those children were placed with strangers.
The Indigenous Child Placement Principle states that if an Indigenous child is removed by welfare or a government authority, that child must be placed with either the immediate family, extended family, another Indigenous family or as an absolute last resort, a non Indigenous family.
On the anniversary of the apology to Australia’s First People, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd warned of a new type of Stolen Generation.
There are 15,455 children in care. That’s 35.6% of the total 43,400 Australian children in out-of-family care. Indigenous children make up 5.5% of the Australian population and so the disparity in removal is glaring. Many are not placed with Indigenous foster parents.
Rarriwuy's nephews were two of these numbers. Two young lads who whilst in foster care, were denied access to culture, tradition and language and were rapidly losing pride in their identity.
So Rarriwuy and her friends stood up and fought.
The result, is the kids have now been rightly returned to their families.
This story doesn’t stop with Rarriwuy. We can see what happens when you stand up and fight for what’s right, for Indigenous kids to find a loving home with their friends or family as the first option. Let us take on the responsibility of, at the very least, sharing this story. Let's show how Rarriwuy has created change. And please, if you know a media outlet that would like to amplify Rarriwuy’s story so that we can reverse this epidemic get in touch and we’ll connect you. #aboriginal #indigenous #stolengeneration

Too many off our kids are being removed from families into non indigenous families who have no clue about cultural practices. I know from experience as my partner has children in care but have no idea about there heritage. Lucky enough though, for us in a few weeks we will have them full time which will give us the ability to share who they are, where they come from & the history of their culture. #OurKidsBelongWithFamily #YourNotSorry #StolenGenerationAllOverAgain #StopTheCycle #SupportThisCampaign #GetOnBoard

Getting support from these amazing young men #DjukiMala #ourkidsbelongwithfamily #preshowphoto #yolngu @djuki_mala

Did you know The Stolen Generation is not a tragedy of our past, it is happening every day NOW!!! 36% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are taken from their families with absolutely no explanation. What are we going to do about this? Supporting organisations like #grandmothersagainstremoval and talking about this issue, it's time to raise more awareness and stand up for basic human rights. #blacklivesmatter#ourkidsbelongwithfamily#ausgovwhodoyouthinkyouare@waangenga photographed by @lachlanjamess

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