Shakira and Beyonce .....Beautiful Liar performance tonight for the Humane Society of Del Norte......fun night...thank you Joshanna for all your hard work!! #lipsyncbattle #shakira #beyonce #rockinit #ourhipsdontlie #2018Delnortedancingwiththestars

Another great night of dancing with the lady🔥 #ourhipsdontlie

Everyone sees you and they see a beautiful face, a helpful soul and a young mom but no one knows who you really are...you've fallen but you rose back up; Luna as your guiding moon and Miriella as your hidden sun. They don't know your true strength as a mother and as a women, but they'll find out this new year. I hope this year brings all the blessings...literally all.of.them. I hope this year brings back all the happiness you thought you lost, the selfishness you deserve, a new beginning for you and Luna. I hope this year lets everyone know you are a complete savage with a heart of gold but please don't fuck with her she doesn't have the time for it. I hope you keep all the friendships that truly mean something to you ; not the half ass ones that just want you to know all the shit you're going through , the real ones that call you crying in the middle of the day for help, the ones that you can stroll through the mall or park all day and make it an entertainment, the ones that shower your daughters with love and baby talk. I hope this year brings love....allll the love, unexplainable love, family love, friend love, motherly love, baby love, undeniable love because you deserve it all. I hope you celebrate all your blessings today, celebrate the losses,the gifts,the endings,the beginnings that the last 23 years have given you because they made you this beautiful person that I see here today. With all this being said, Iza and I would like to say happy birthday to you, we are so grateful to have you in our lives and to be able to still call you family is nothing short of a blessing. We've been through a lot these years together but I'm glad we can keep raising our queens together, I hope they have the bond we have, because God am I thankful for it. WE LOVE YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY LESLIE❤👑️🌛🌞🌹💗 #happybirthday #loveyousss #blessingsss #queen #love #birthdaylove #babies #truefriendship #youmake23lookgood #ourhipsdontlie #mommytime #babytime #round2comingsoon

#Valborg och #cortègen närmar sig! Vi förbereder oss genom att rulla lite höfter till en av årets Mello-finalister... (vilken det är får ni höra på Valborg) 👊 #ourhipsdontlie #Patriciabaletten 💃

3rd weekend in a row I’ve taken my sis out, but this time my bestie went w us 🙌🏼💕 #foe

The first of the “dream team” is married! Congratulations Nikita and Prashant! A beautiful weekend to see your childhood friend from 7th grade get married! Swipe left to see our dance 💃🏽 Danced together as kids, had fun dancing together as adults!#celebratethespiceoflife #ourhipsdontlie #indianwedding

They wanted to try on my prom dress👗 30 years later and it's still intact 😲so we had fun watching them fit into it! 🙊#girlsjustwannahavefun #lovethesegirls #ourhipsdontlie #dressuptime #mypromdress

Sometimes you just need a little dance break 💃 👩‍🍳 Rosario and I are big fans of @shakira ... #ourhipsdontlie

A little Saturday night out salsa dancing with my lovely aunt & cousin.♥️ #ourhipsdontlie

I like you girl, in particular 🙄 #danceparty #pabts #ptbogirls #ourhipsdontlie @normariie

This oldie goes out to the birthday gem that taught me #allthedancemoves 💃🏻Feliz cumple Moni de mi corazón! #esviernesyelcuerpolosabe #flashbackfriday #halloween #friendsbirthday #foreverfriend #shecandanceandsheknowsit #instabirthday #ourhipsdontlie

En cada edición del Heiva nacen nuevas estrellas 🐚🌟 esta foto de los ganadores del Heiva 2014 sin duda es un gran recuerdo para todos (: ¿quién nos deslumbrará con su baile en 2018? 😱

#heivatahitienmexico #oritahiti #dancedancedance #ourhipsdontlie

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