Last night our sweet Peeta passed away with Uriah at our Vet in Jerome. The Vet did everything they could, and Peeta was a total trooper, but in the end he was just too sick...
Losing a pet is weird. It seems ridiculous at times and silly to be so upset over an animal, but I don't think we ever realize how attached we get to these little creatures that we bring into our lives. Uriah and I were talking about it, and because we can't talk to them or always communicate clearly, it makes it that much more of an emotional connection. & as some of you know, two years ago Uriah was diagnosed with major depression & anxiety. I can't explain what an influence Peeta had on Uriah and how he was feeling & just coping with life in general. I loved Peeta so much, and I am obviously going to miss him. But as a spouse, I'm also hurting for Riah, and what a loss this has been for him.
Peeta was the best cat. He always greeted you at the door when you came home and rolled over for you to rub his belly. He loved sitting in the sun in the front window, climbing up onto our shoulders while we walked around the house, and snuggling in bed with us. He loved naps, feathers, rolling in snow, bacon, and milk.
We buried him this morning among the trees in my parent's back yard, and finished up while listening to Johnny Cash's cover of "In my Life" it was a cold but beautiful morning to put our little guy to rest. We love you very much Peeta. You're missed. ❤️🐱✨❤️ #ourcatpeeta #crazycatlady #sorryforthenovel #sorrynotsorry

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