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I’ve been staring at my bellybutton for a solid 10 minutes and I’m officially weirded out ... my husband keeps giggling and says it looks like a deflated balloon?! . My old bellybutton ring holes are above my bellybutton on my stomach ... 🤷🏼‍♀️ #pregnancyprobz #ourbodiesareamazing #andweird

Today I am amazed at what our bodies can do and how it can change so quickly. .
I am only one week into my new program and I am already feeling stronger 💪🏻
So today I am grateful that I have the ability to do this program and that my body is capable of doing it! ❤️

My goal is to fall in love with everything that I am. 💕 #ourbodiesarestrong #ourbodiesareamazing #loveyourselfbeforelovingothers

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Social media is always rife with ads for detox products after the holiday period, which claim to get all of the 'toxins' out of your body. These products more often than not have no evidence to support them whatsoever and are a pure waste of money.

The fact is that our liver does a brilliant job each and every day of processing and detoxifying any harmful substances which may enter our body, whilst our kidneys are continuously filtering our blood to remove waste substances which are then passed out of the body in our urine.
So ignore the ads, and trust your body to do its thing!
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Nothing is quite as magical as mamas milk to help your little one fall asleep at night. In fact, our milk is so amazing, as it changes in sickness and health, from newborn to toddler and beyond... and from day to night.
Fun milk fact: Naturally occurring chemicals called nucleotides that have previously been linked to sleepiness only reach their highest concentrations in human breast milk that is expressed at night. 📸: @alegaresphotography for Breastfeeding world’s photography project.
#ourbodiesareamazing #motherhoodrising #breastfeeding #fulltermbreastfeeding #bedtime #nycphotographer #wrapnap #timessquare

I’ve seen photos like this online before, but it’s the first time I’ve ever experienced it so I had to post it myself because women’s bodies are freaking amazing! The milk I just pumped for Asher is so thick and yellow, almost like custard. My body knows he’s sick and is making the perfect medicine for him and altering the antibodies in my milk to heal him. It truly is awesome and it makes me want to take such good care of my body because it’s done some pretty incredible things and made some pretty incredible people. 💙
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Love this @lauraet8 🙋

When I was 14 this is what I was told I had. I suffered one miscarriage at the age of 21. I then found out when pregnant with Oliver at the age of 25 I actually have what is called a #didelphusuterus meaning I have two fully separate uteri each with its own cervix. I learned typically a woman's body will favour one side and will continually get pregnant in the same uterus. At the age of 29 I learned that London was in fact nice and cozy in the uterus that neither the misscariage nor her big brother had chosen which shocked my OB as she hadn't seen that before(or very often). So I now get to say I have carried one baby to 39 weeks and had a c-section and then in a completely other uterus carried a baby to 40 weeks 5 days and had the most amazing and healing vaginal birth. #ourbodiesareamazing #variationsofnormal #uterineanomaly
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A heart shaped uterus ♥️ - well, it’s pathological!
A bicornuate uterus is a uterus that has two horns and a heart shape, just like this one.
In general, the uterus, tubes, and upper vagina develop from the Müllerian ducts in the absence of anti Müllerian hormone.
In particular, the fusion of these ducts will form the appropriate structures and their canalizations.
Therefore, if fusion failure occurs at the level of the uterus, multiple uterine anomalies may result depending on the quantity of fusion failure.
As a result, the lower part of the uterus is unitary while the upper part is bifurcated.
Pregnancies in a bicornuate uterus are considered high risk ones and require extra monitoring because of association with poor reproduction potential.
They are associated with recurrent pregnancy loss, malpresentation of the fetus (breech or transverse positions), and preterm birth.
It’s questionable whether it is also associated with infertility but studies did not confirm it.
Patients with a bicornuate uterus have good reproductive outcomes, but they might require a reconstructive intervention called metroplasty which is done by hysteroscopy (access to the uterine cavity with an endoscope).
Photo by @cagrigulumser

#37WeeksPregnant Life is insane these days. Everyday is somehow an unplanned routine. A complete oxymoron. The days all seem the same, until I stop & take a breath; & then suddenly, everything has somehow changed. I pass a familiar stranger’s reflection in this mirror, day in & day out. I acknowledge her presence, but our eyes rarely meet. There’s not much time for that anymore. But, some days, my mother’s bleary, brown eyed gaze catches mine. Her eyes are intense & tired. So tired. There are more lines, & paler skin than I remember seeing before. My focus falls down, down, away & away to the dry, blonde split ends of the hair that hangs lifelessly within the hollow of my freckled chest. My fingertips trace the sun splotched constellations of summers gone by. Soon, the freckle map seems to merge into shiny silver & pink highways that span across the tight skin of my belly, hips & thighs. My eyes catch the reflections once more, only this time, they don’t seem as tired. The lines surrounding them no longer age her, but instead, soften her. The lines & marks in her skin wrap around & adorn each curve, shimmering like metallic ribbons. Instead of seeing ugly scars, I now see reminders. Reminders of all the growth my body has been through & is capable of. Serving as a home to grow & birth new life, sustaining that life with my body’s own milk; I may not look at & examine this woman in the mirror often, but today, I finally SEE her for what she is- strong & soft all at once. & that; kinda makes her a badass! #Capable #OurBodiesAreAmazing #StrongAndSoft #Motherhood

“Our bodies love our babies”
I’ll never forget this conversation we had in my doula workshop. My trainer shared this phrase and we talked about how it relates to both birth and parenting.
Giving birth is the first great surrender of a parent. It’s not the last. As kids grow up, there are many times where we have to let go. To let them learn, to grow, to become who they are. But that first time, while giving birth, our body has to LITERALLY open up and release the baby it has spent months growing, feeding and protecting.
For most women, labor takes longer than planned. It rarely begins when we want or proceeds along a predictable timeline. It is normal to be anxious, to watch the clock or feel pressure to speed things up. But if we look at the perspective a little differently it can help us to have more patience with our bodies as they “let go” of the babies they have loved and cared for in such an intimate way. .
#surrender #open #release #birth #parenting #babybumplove #patience #letgo #respect #ditchtheclock #trustyourbody #respectyourbody #perspective #ourbodiesareamazing

*Intuitive eating for those who are unaware is simply listening to and honoring your body’s biological cues - eating when you’re hungry, stopping when your full…
🤔 “…Uhhh yeahhh WAY easier said than done..” Yes you’re right, BUT there is a lot of hope for us in getting back to our child like ways of listening to our body.
1️⃣: Your Goal - you should be focused on the *mental* freedom you are going to begin to experience through making this transition, rather than focusing how your body/weight might change. Easier said than done, I know.
2️⃣: Patience, patience, patience…you may over indulge or under eat some as you may have lost touch w/ your body’s hungry & fullness cues through years of dieting. It takes time to come back into balance & work through emotions you may have formally tied to food.
3️⃣: Start small - make small changes like letting go tracking one day a week, or only tracking only at night when you struggle w/ overindulging the most for example.
4️⃣: Throw away your scale. I mean it! Your weight WILL fluctuate & that’s entirely normal. Don’t let the scale hold you back from finding your freedom & balance. Focus more on the mental gains!
🤞I promise the struggle to find your balance w/ intuitive eating is SO WORTH IT! You’ll never experience as much freedom as comes with reconnecting to your body & the natural cues it give us daily.
If you’re wanting to make the transition comment below! I want to support you 🙋🏼‍♀️🌸🌷#OurBodiesAreAmazing #TheyKnowExactlyWhatWeNeed #PracticingTrustingYourself

I've had body image issues for as long as I can remember. Who hasn't, right? I feel this was perpetuated by a short stint in the modelling industry in my early teens, not to blame the industry itself, because as a whole it's a much bigger issue than that.
There also comes a time where you have to accept responsibility for how you feel about yourself, and your body. In saying this, I can vouch that it is really difficult to unconditionally love yourself when you have people whom you respect telling you that you'd be 'perfect' if.... whatever it was at the time. Whether it be a few kilos lighter, or if your hips were a few inches smaller. What if at 14 your hips had now taken on their womanly curve, and no amount of dieting could 'fix' this. It's much easier to say 'don't let what someone tells you about your body affect you', until it does. These voices are ever present, however over time I've learned not to listen as much. I'm slowly, but surely, learning not to shy away from the camera because I'm not 'perfect', because my hips aren't a damn 34". However, in saying this most of the photos I post like this one are legit candid and not posed whatsoever. Basically I want this post to be #real as I am all too aware of how social media can act as a facade to reality. Just a lil' reminder I'm human.
Also my body can take me up mountains, and enjoy sunset dips in the ocean. 🚴🌞 Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that this is enough. It truly is about the simple things.
#realtalk #bodyimage #loveyoself #ourbodiesareamazing #sunset #travel #vegan

#tbt..when you (think you) have two months to go and you wonder 🤔..how much more can you stretch??! #lifesmiracles #ourbodiesareamazing #twinsmommy #identicaltwins #whatanadventure #theywereheavytho #cantwalkanymore #babiesshower #2015

this little miss fell in December and broke her elbow 😩 poor thing. Just a check up to make sure she is healing ok. She is doing miraculous ♥️♥️ #ourbodiesareamazing #thisgirljuliette

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