So the baby’s head dropped on Sunday... I know this because I watched my bump physically move 😳 ...I noticed that you can literally see a difference in my bump in these pics... the 1st and 2nd pics were before the baby’s head engaged, and the last pic is from today with my bump noticeably lower... (making me waddle like a penguin 🐧) I find it so interesting... but her heads been engaged for 5 days now, come on gyal, what you waiting for!! Any tips on naturally inducing labour are welcome, I can’t roll round much longer 😥 •

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(español abajo) Today was amazing! I taught menstrual health via Skype for the first time ever. ✨💻✨ Aaaand did it in Spanish, with translation support. Thank you so much to Beth Merrill for making this happen and to the staff of Planting Hope/Sembrando Esperanzas in Nicaragua for participating. And to Days for Girls for making kits including reusable cloth menstrual pads to distribute there so that kids can have what they need to attend school when they have their periods. And many thanks to Miss Beatrice Torres Waight, Rocío Alarcón, and Doña Enriqueta Contreras for their lessons about menstrual health and medicinal plants, fajas and sobadas (uterine massage), baños (vaginal/down there steams) and so much more so that we can collaborate around menstrual health across cultures, languages, and borders. like chamomile tea and compresses! 💛🌿🌒 I can't wait to see what comes of the kits and classes there, may the people of Nicaragua soon, have justice and peace.
Hoy fue increíble! Enseñé salud menstrual por Skype para primera vez. ✨💻✨ Y lo hicé en español, con soporte de traducción. Muchas gracias a Beth Merrill por hacerlo posible y al personal de Sembrando Esperanzas en Nicaragua por participar. Y a Days for Girls por hacer kits que incluyen toallas menstruales para distribuir alla para que lxs niñxs puedan tener lo que necesitan para ir a la escuela cuando bajan sus reglas. Y muchas gracias a Miss Beatrice Torres Waight, Rocío Alarcón y Doña Enriqueta Contreras por sus lecciones sobre salud menstrual y plantas medicinales, fajas y sobadas, baños y mucho más para que podamos colaborar sobre la salud menstrual a través de culturas, idiomas y fronteras - como té de manzanilla y compresas! 💛🌿🌒 No puedo esperar a ver qué viene de los kits y clases alla. Que la gente de Nicaragua pronto tenga justicia y paz.

🛑TMI WARNING !!! Alright ladies, let me just tell you about these things right here , TUCKS PADS !!! They really saved my beat up vagina after child birth.LOL. My angel of a nurse gave me 2 of these babies to bring home. Although I needed to buy more because I was using them every half hour, I would use two at a time . They would cool, soothe, and help those stitches heal pretty quickly. I did have a stage two or possibly considered second degree tear. This Isn’t so bad compared to some champs out there who really probably had it worse then I did. These things really saved my life !!!!!! Buy them !!!I truly recommend them to all new mothers especially if you just gave birth vaginally and have stitches. They contain cooling agents and witch hazel Which gives immediate relief from burning, itching, and God knows what else we feel down there. #tuckspads #vaginalbirth #stitches #pain #childbirth #ourbodiesareamazing #miracle

Feeling super thankful for this belly today 🙌 Our bodies are amazing! #6monthspregnant

Pause for a minute today and thank God for the blessings He so generously gives you.
Thank Him for your body, that is such a miracle!
Thank Him for your eyes that can see! What a gift!
Thank Him for legs and feet that can run and walk!
Thank Him for your arms that can hug and serve.
Thank Him for your heart and lungs that keep you alive.
We spend so much time not loving the way our bodies look and forget what an amazing miracle it is!
When there are times when you don’t have your health you realize what a great gift it is.
Please thank Him!!!!

Have you ever stopped to think just how truly remarkable as women our bodies are? Our bodies can grow, and create these perfect little human beings with all these complicated parts. The next time you criticize your body remember just how remarkable you are!! ❤️
Watching my little hatchlings grow, and perform so incredibly at their musical last night was such an honour! #proudmom #timeflies #family #mybabiesforever #talent #motherhood #loveyourself #happiness #oneboyonegirl #lifewithkids #thrivingthursday #miracles #familylife #livinglifetothefullest #happymom #weightloss #ourbodieschange #ourbodiesareamazing

Pre-pregnancy @cathkidston_ltd dress 💗 I’ve been thinking this morning and about my journey so far, a little less than 17 weeks ago my body was home to a beautiful baby boy, so although I’m going to be spending this afternoon shopping for holiday clothes cause some of last years don’t fit, I’m feeling thankful for housing a second beautiful child, for being able to give him everything he needed whilst he was growing...aren’t our bodies just amazing?! #thoughtfulthursday #swmomma #myslimmingworldjouney #ourbodiesareamazing #17weekslater

Healthy isn’t a look, it’s a feeling and can be different for everyone. There is so much more to health than just physical appearance. Strive to FEEL healthy, FEEL strong, FEEL fit. Let’s focus on what are incredible bodies CAN do. Have a wonderful day 😊
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Do you ever have one of those days where everything just goes completely perfect? 7 1/2 months I’ve been carrying a miracle baby girl, she’s been on a waiting wish list for over 5 years. A moral pregnancy, uterine cancer, fertility meds, embryo creations, IVF, mock IVF cycles, failed transfer cycles, an egg donor, and finally surrogacy, all leading her to ME! I can’t tell you how powerful it feels to grow someone else’s future, but if you ever get the chance to give acts of pure selflessness, DO IT! So today, today was a good day. A perfect day. .
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REALITY...I didn't take this photo...my camera snapped this. I first saw it and cried, and almost immediately deleted it. ALL I COULD SEE Were MY FLAWS. ..
But then I looked closer...my face looking down at those sliders. There was a time they killed me and I couldn't do them. But today I killed them. .
My stomach...oh my stomach...it holds me up. It grew 5 amazing children. It has gone through 4 c-sections, 5 additional surgeries. It is able to do full sit ups! And is down 6 inches.
My arms...hold me up. I actually was able to do the monkey bars last night! They're stronger than they have ever been. And they are getting definition!
My legs...they are killing squats, and jumping and getting me where I'm going. And they are stronger than they have ever been. ..
The reality is this photo is raw. This photo is real. This photo makes me uncomfortable. I see where I want to go but then see where I've come from. I'm far from having an amazing body, But what I've been able to do so far....IS AMAZING! Does that make my body amazing? It just might!
I can choose to sit and dwell on my imperfections, and feel defeated. Or I can choose to see how far I've come and look forward to where I am going! One day at a time. Small choices lead to big results! ..
Don't give up on yourself! You're stronger than you know!

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Excuse the crazy hair (dry shampoo is my BFF but it’s probably time to wash it 😳) & I’m still sweaty from our walk/jog this morning (which took a crazy turn😔...)
I had to pause and share!!! I am FINALLY having some delicious fat coffee after my 60(plus) hour cleanse!
It tastes AMAZING and I’m feeling completely LIT UP! I really NEEDED this reboot! My body is SO much happier right now!!! 😍😁🙌
#ourbodiesareamazing #ketosisislife #litup #bettereveryday

Your body is miraculous. The complex functions it performs every day without our conscious consideration is really amazing. When we take the time to understand how our choices impact those internal processes, we can begin making better decisions for a better quality of life.

#oakvillenaturopath #healthyliving #healthy #ourbodiesareamazing #begoodtoyourbody #learningforlife

Healing new and old injuries surrounded by love, learning and new furry friends... What else could a girl ask for? .
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I’m baaaaaaaaack! After FiNaLlY getting over a virus which seemed like forevaaa, I’m ready to get back into my fitness routine. 💪🏻
I worked late and wasn’t able to make it to Orangetheory tonight, so I worked out at my apartment gym, but will start back up tomorrow and I can’t wait! 🌟🌟🌟
Fitness is my therapy - I didn’t realize how much it was so, until I wasn’t able to work out for a while. I felt like something was missing and it was tough not being able to turn to Fitness. I was able to do some push ups and squats, but it wasn’t the same! It made me really appreciate the things that my body can allow me to do 🏋🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️#fitnessjourney #fitspiration #fitspo #fitnessismytherapy #endorphins #fitforlife #thegymismyhappyplace #workinprogress #flextuesdaysbecauseican #ourbodiesareamazing

Sometimes we get bogged down in body image issues. We focus on what our bodies can't do, how they don't look and how we wish they looked. In the process, we lose sight of everything they are capable of and how downright incredible they are, imperfections and all.
Here's a reminder of how awesome our bodies are and what amazing things they do on a daily bases.
1. The nose can remember 50,000 scents
2. Every minute 300,000 cells in your body die
3. Your body produces 300 billion new ones each day
4. It only takes 17 muscles to smile
5. Stomach acid can dissolve metal.
6. Your skin’s outer layer sheds every 2-4 weeks
7. Cells in the inner lens of the eye, muscle cells of the heart, and the neurons of the cerebral cortex are the only cells that will be with you your entire life.
8. If you were to spread out all the wrinkles in your brain, it would be about the size of a pillowcase.
9. You spend 10 per cent of the day blinking.
10. Your eyes can distinguish between 2.3 and 7.5 million different colours.
11. Your fingers can feel a ridge as small as 13 nanometers in size (7,500x smaller than the diameter of a human hair).
12. Without your pinky finger, you would lose 50% of your hand’s strength.
13. Your heart beats 100,000 times per day, pumping 5.5 litres per minute, which adds up to about 3 million litres of blood a year. 👏😊
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"The body is precious, it is our vehicle for awakening. Treat I with care." - Budda **Are you making time for what really matters in life? Yes, we all have very busy lives. Time just gets away from us. Work, school, kids, chores and everything else can get in the way. How productive or healthy are you really, if you don't make time to take care of your body and exercise? **Exercise is the best and number one way of making sure you are a healthy, balanced and happy human being. Our bodies were born and made for movement. Get outside and find ways of being more active in your day. **Go for walks or jog. Swimming is great in the summertime. Try some yoga and join a fitness community and workout with other like minded people. You can transform your life and body through fitness, weight training and conditioning.

It is our duty to keep our bodies in good health if we are to keep our mind clear and strong!!!

It was anatomy and physiology weekend this month at #ytt... who would have thought that learning #anatomyandphysiology would be so fun and interesting?! Huge thanks to our teacher Zoe from the UK who made it so engaging and fun 💜🙏 Not only A&P, but the relevance to yoga and deeper understanding of what yoga does to the body 🤯 #mindblown

Always been a lover of science and biology, understanding why the things around us are the way they are, loved all the connections and lightbulb 💡moments I had...
#truelyinspired and #truelygrateful for #thisjourney .
#findyourpassion #learningisfun #yogateachertraining #yogaeverydamnday
#ourbodiesareamazing 📷 @wenchebeard

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