Babies are the loveliest gift

Hi! My name is pearl, I love laying in the sun and getting belly rubs! If my mama stops rubbing my belly then I kick her for more lol #bluenose #boxer #ourbabypearl #shessocute #landshark #bellyrubplease #shescute @staffordshire.bull.terrier @pitbullinstagram

One week with this most precious gum drop. She truly just emanates sweetness. I could and HAVE held her all day and night. She's my baby in every sense possible ❤️❤️❤️ #ourbabypearl #pearlygirl

I thought I REALLY wanted a son. I wanted to see a mini Dustin. A boy who he could scout, and golf, and fix cars with. I even shed some real tears when I learned we would be having a fourth daughter.
I'm so grateful I'm not in charge. This man. My babies. My GIRLS. My heart... And everything it ever needed.
@dustinjackson #ourbabypearl #happycrazyinlove

And reveling in this newborn perfectness is now my full time job. I don't want to blink for fear I'll miss anything.
My Pearl---12 days old and my heart is so completely yours ❤️. #iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou

The best view....In the world.
I'd rather be no where.
#pearlygirl #ourbabypearl #happycrazyinlove

Pearl Larue
#mygirl #ourbabypearl

Christmas came early... ||Pearl Larue Jackson||
8:12 pm
6lbs 14oz
19 inches

#ourbabypearl #happycrazyinlove

Happy 4th from Pearl and the gang!

Oh good, you're up!

The chubs all cuddled up during her nap earlier.

Massive 🐾


Hahaha now you're powerless ma, I learned that I'm tall enough now to get up on your big bed! Now we can be together everywhere!

Yiiiisssss car rides!

The look I got when she heard the chocolate foil wrapper. Can I help you, bub?

It's too hot outside today, but I still want to be out in the yard because outside is my favorite.

Dis my hooman. Mine.

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