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Listen to this! Who is Dr. Bill Schindler and why didn't I know about him?


His perspective on our unique ability throughout human evolution to use technology to make food available to us is incredibly interesting. How we "processed foods" to make them the most nutrient dense for us. This is how uniquely we evolved, and this shaped our bodies and brains. "Food processing" and technology: tools, hunting, cooking, detoxification, fermentation, domestication. We domesticated ourselves as humans, creating our own biology and our bodies responded and are still responding today. We are now left with the choice of how to continue using this technology, as we are now creating nutrient free food and using it against us.
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"Wow, what an episode. Dr. Bill Schindler talks about how food technology and meat consumption tracks with our brain size, height, and robustness. How that decreases with the advent of agriculture. Drinking a mixture of fresh blood and raw milk with a tribe in Kenya. So much more, I can’t even start to list it all. Link in profile." #peakhumanpodcast #foodlies #evolution #humanevolution #humandiet #domestication #fermentation #hunting #fire #ourancestors #ancestralhealth #ancestralfoods #nutrientdensefood #bioavailability #technology #foodtraditions #ancienttraditions #ancientwisdom #nutrition #diet #health

I call upon my ANCESTORS.
I call upon my SPIRIT GUIDES.
I call upon my TOTEMS.
I call upon the ANGELIC REALM.
I call upon the ASCENDED MASTERS and I call upon the HIMALAYAN YOGIS.

Please come to me NOW and carry me through TODAY. Please hold me in your most tender and precious embrace. Please open my heart to your most DIVINE LOVE. Please give me the sweetest words to speak. Please make me a VESSEL of your most PERFECT and PURE LOVE. I bow my head and place myself at your SERVICE. Thy will be done, not from me but through me.

May a thousand blessings of LOVE, PEACE and PROTECTION be given to my family, my friends, my community and to each and every person who reads this prayer. Hari Aum Tat Sat 💜💜💜 #prayer #blessings #protection #greatspirit #wecallupon #ourancestors #ourspiritguides #ourtotems #ourangels #ascendedmasters #himalayanyogis #livingsaints #myfamily #myfriends #mycommunity #mayallbeingsbefree #mayallbeingsbehappy #mayallbeingsbeatpeace #hariaumtatsat #weprayforpeace #peace

#Völ1 “ we live in the state which we don’t fashion ✨#OurTeachers #OurGuides #OurAncestors #DrJohnHenrikClarke

Here is the God the Spaniards worship. For these they fight and kill; for these they persecute us and that is why we have to throw them into the sea... They tell us, these tyrants, that they adore a God of peace and equality, and yet they usurp our land and make us their slaves. They speak to us of an immortal soul and of their eternal rewards and punishments, and yet they rob our belongings, seduce our women, violate our daughters. Incapable of matching us in valor, these cowards cover themselves with iron that our weapons cannot break.. #indigenous #cuba #hatuey #ourancestors #natives

The Cloven Viscount by Italo Calvino 4⁣/5

This novella tells a story about Viscount Medardo of Terralba who joins the Christian forces to fight against infidels during the late 17th century war between Austria and Turkey. Soon after joining the battle, he is halved by a cannonball. The mutilated body is described as: ⁣

"the whole thorax and abdomen between the arm and leg had been swept away... All that remained of the head was one eye, one ear, one cheek, half a nose, half a mouth, half a chin and half a forehead; the other half of the head was just not there."⁣

Unaware of each other, the two parts of the Viscount live on autonomously. The right half returns to his Ligurian estate in Terralba and establishes a reign of terror by cutting plants and animals in half, condemning several of his subjects to death for minor disputes. While the other half is endowed with exemplary qualities. When he eventually arrives in Terralba, people fail to recognized that it is the left side of Medardo that has returned.⁣ The story really picks up when both parts fall in love with a shepherdess, Pamela.⁣

I was surprised to find that people of Terralba find the virtuous Medardo (referred as The Good 'Un') equally unbearable —he is rather preachy!

As Calvino puts it: “We felt ourselves lost between an evil and a virtue equally inhuman."⁣

Calvino makes me reflect and appreciate myself with both good and bad qualities (impatience, childish, spoiled, and the list goes on). These "bad" qualities make me human, less naive, more humble, wise, and accepting of others' shortcomings.

"So my uncle Medardo became a whole man again, neither good nor bad, but a mixture of goodness and badness, that is, apparently not dissimilar to what he had been before the halving. But having had the experience of both halves each on its own, he was bound to be wise."⁣

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Today, November 11th, 100th anniversary of the end of WWI, I'm wearing this ring made between 1914 & 1918 with some elements of a weapon by a "poilu" that I found on a flea market 🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵
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We owe so much to those who have fought for our country. So many have given their lives so that we can live ours and many more struggle living day to day with the effects of serving their queen and country. We remember, honour and thank you for all you have done and continue to do #weremember #remberancesunday #gratitude #thankyou #service #love #kingsregimentliverpool #armedforces #poppy #lestweforget #weowesomuch #respect #ourancestors #sendinglove

Deep ... I'll just leave this here🍵
#Völ1 “ we live in the state which we don’t fashion ✨#OurTeachers #OurGuides #OurAncestors #DrJohnHenrikClarke

Helvetii unt Rèèmèr
🇨🇭T èèrsch apzäichnig vo t vèrko vo Rèèmèr unt t Helvetii & Gauuwisch (Gallic) täilschtäm, sèuu, resèluit ziittig quäuuè, afè i 222.bc gsii sii.
Täil wè Tecino unt Gänf sii ab rèèmisch psätzigèd chämid, ume jaar 222.bc unt 121.bc.
Durè t "Gauuisch Chriegè" (58-51.bc) vérkoo viuu kèuwtisch schtäm, ym Rèèmisch militäär unt blaagèd jèr mid hintsch guerilla taktikè ume z luitèd t rèèmisch räijè z ym Helvetisch aupèruim.
Ab Divico märkèlèd tuisig vo chriègèr uis t schtäm: Tigurini unt Togeni, z schitzènd jèr marchè unt jèr rych.
Äituè cho jèr nid uifhäute, ds Rèèmer schpaatèr schlickèd jèr berych ,ds niiw Rèèmischrych ezè ab t Caesarè.

Helvetians and Romans
🇬🇧The first mention about an relevant encounter between Romans and Helvetians respectively Celtic tribes, is around year 222.bc.
In the periodes between 222-121 bc, provinces like the future regions of Tecino and Geneve were occupied by Romans expeditions.In the time period of the Bello Gallico, a lot of celtic tribes had met the strength of the roman army and began to fight guerilla tactics, to clear the roman ranks.
Under Divico thousands of warriors gathered to protect their borders and realm against the conquest by Romans.
Nevertheless the celtic regions around Raetia (East Switzerland) and Helvetia (Central and West Switzerland) became Roman provinces under the new dominion of the Caesars.

🎶But not #blind in the sense that our other two eyes can't see
You just end #investing quality time in places you don't even neeed to be
We don't even know who we are, but the answer ain't far
Matter of fact it's right up under our nose
But #thesystem taught us to keep that #book closed 👀
See the reason why he gotta lie and deceive is so
That we won't act accordingly
To get the #blessings we suppose to receive
Yeah it's true, Uncle Sam wants you to be a #devil too
See, he's #jealous because his skin is a #curse but what's worse
Is if I put it in a #verse y'all listen to some bullshit first
We ain't natural born killas, we are a #spiritualpeople
God's #chosen few🎶#Ceelo from #GoodieMob song: #Fighting 1995 23 years later most of us still questioning the validity of #HebrewYiraelites The #OldTestament is available everywhere go read it!!! A #KJV or older .. The #Torah Tanach as well!


Paying our ole' pal the great Tutankhamun a wee visit! #valleyofthekings #ourancestors #egypt🇪🇬 #takinginthehistory #baladi #familytime 😎🇪🇬🐪

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