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Looking after babies is hard work. I've felt extra exhausted and seriously lacking patience this week.. and driving myself crazy trying to tidy up a never ending mess! It doesn't stop me from wanting another though 🙊 the rewards of being a mother outweigh anything else, don't they? Anyways, we've had a lovely morning today, and have Alex off tomorrow, so it feels like our Friday today 💁🏻 I hope you are all having a happy Thursday!

I was thinking the other day we maybe need to get some new baby chickens so poor Alby can get some peace ... 😂... ( no in all honesty I think Nullah is Alby's bestest buddy ) @dunssweden 🇸🇪 meets Frugi 🌈 @babygoesretro

Can I get a little excitement guys?!!🎉We're going to be on Fox 11 news today📺📰with our friends @wagsociety 🐶🐱🐷 #raisingFISHERmen #showtime #television #excitement

#jj_forum_1850 💙💚

Sevilla Tiene Un Color Especial❤️ Hoy Volvemos!🤗 Pero Tenéis Un NUEVO POST Con Un Look Casual De Los Míos, Ya Me Entendéis😂 Os Espero👉🏻👉🏻 http://www.shoesandbasics.com/2017/03/calcetines-de-rejilla.html

Sometimes we struggle to think up fun activities to do with Jack... His physical abilities don't match how alert and interested he is so we're often limited... That's when I thought up the idea of a sensory bath! Let me tell you, he LOVED it and we loved watching him looking at the lights and playing with the flowers... So much so that we have decided to do something extra special with him at least once every second week and we will take it in turns to think up ideas. I'll keep you posted on what Ricky plans for next time 😍😉

Off to Wales for a few days 🌿🌼☔️

After been working at IFE since Saturday after lunch until yesterday and today with a full day team meeting this is my current status! 😝 Love my job, but can't wait for the weekend! Even my brain is not responding well anymore 🙄😉 Hope you are all having a fabulous week! 😘


Yay for breaking the rules on your birthday!! (and also yay for getting a pic with my good camera too!!)

Our fourth baby was our third to get the strep that's slowly making it's rounds through our family. He is taking it the worst. Fevers, throwing up, and "the biggest tonsils his doctor has ever seen". His pediatrician almost sent us to the ER for labored breathing :( He is on steroids and antibiotics now though and seems like he's on the mend.
Some might question why I would post a photo of my sick kids. I'm just documenting their life. I photograph them happy, sad, playing, bored, sick or healthy. I even photograph them pooping. It's just what I do. I love that my kids will have tons of photos of their childhood to look back on and tell the story of their lives. Sickness and all.
He sure is handsome. Even with the creepin' crud.

Who gets in more trouble during your family pictures? Your kids or your spouse? Haha! In the moment we get frustrated and want the session to be perfect but it's the imperfect pictures that really give you those big, hurt your cheeks, smiles. Loosen up a bit and be silly... you might find you love your pictures more.

Sawyer brought home "where's Waldo?" and Corbin is slightly obsessed. 🙃 #corbinrose #amagical365 #skelte365

Spring is in full swing over here! #madewell #oneteaspoon #everydaymadewell

Strutting through Disney with your bestie 👶🏻👶🏼

Feeling grateful for dear friends who are on this motherhood journey alongside me. Bringing to light the complexities and importance of s e l f care while also raising multiple children, working, and trying to not be destined to wear a one piece bathing suit the rest of our lives. .
This shit is h a r d. .
Social media and our own insane expectations have been wearing me down lately and I’m so so thankful for my crew 💓 Wishing we were all living on the same cul-de-sac (though San Antonio doesn’t really have those🤷🏻‍♀️).
And well just look at my middle and little, THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT 😂

Today's dreary sky and the blustery winds didn't stop my five year old from dreaming of sunshine filled days and bright blue skies.
Side note: once upon a time I worried that he would never learn to draw inside the lines. Boy did he prove me wrong today. Not only did he draw the house, but colored it all by himself. .
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This week I unpacked my camera and actually used it! It's amazing what a difference being creative does to my mental state. With two little ones, it's hard to get me time and its even hard to pull myself away. I have to remind myself that separation and self exploration benefits the entire family. I'm sure @jake.poss would agree the most 😝

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