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Einen super netten Nachmittag bei einer Freundin verbracht 😊 Mit der Erkenntnis dass ich manchmal ein wenig zuviel suder 😏 #fürmehrösterreichischaufinsta 😁 Wiedermal gesehen was Mehrlingsmamas so leisten 😅 Nicht weil die Kids besonders lästig sind, nein ☝🏼 einfach weil man alles mehrfach hat, und es manchmal mit einem schon zum durchdrehen is 🤣🙃 Also echt ihr lieben @daniela__sch_ , @millefleur_5 und wen ich sonst noch so in meiner Followerliste hab - IHR SEIDS MEINE HEUTIGEN HELDINNEN UND SUPERFRAUEN 💪🏼

Work, lunch, peace, love.. all together 🙏🏻 iş, öğlen yemeği, huzur, aşk... hepsi bir arada💙

I look at this picture and see two drunk girls stumbling home from a night out, losing their shoes and laughing about it 😂🙊☺️

Happy One Month to my little ray of sunshine Remy... I'm thinking I might try and make this picture into his monthly celebrations and if you swipe left you can see his growth updates ☺️ Can't believe how much he's grown already! 🙈🙀#mylittlechunkymonkey #Remysmonthlyupdates
Kinda wishing I still had all dark hair for these pics 😂 #mamahairissues

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From this to cold?? You can do better London! 😩😝 Back to work and with a busy week ahead! Wishing you all a fantastic week 😘


When I realized they were moving and I wouldn’t be able to help, I knew I had to go snuggle them. Lunch, snuggles, feeding, burps, chunky leg squeezes, Jesus talk, relationships strengthened, love spread, future plans made. I’m going to miss them but am so proud of the adventure they’re about to embark upon. #thelifeofamilitarywife Day 115/365 •

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🌼🌿 'Flowers can't grow without a little rain.' 💦In life sometimes you need to persevere through the storms in order to grow as a person 🍃
Amazing Art by @colour_me_creative
@kristinawebb •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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Gettin outside

Definitely not my normal style. But tiny human has been all kinds of grumpy so playroom photo it is

My favorite restaurant, probably ever - Her favorite too, but more so because of the endless candy, rocking chairs, and toy section of the shop 🤣

That one curl... and new gardening gloves that she was dying to get dirty! 💚

When he comes home with flowers and beer. #Soulmate

🌱It started with just a mom/son picnic at the park. Which led to a nature walk. Which led to great conversation. I knew watching my son in the overgrown weeds, talking about the soil & critters, was something I wanted a visual capture of. Back pocket 📲would do the trick..
☀️ these are simple moments I will always hold on to. And I hope my children do too. #boymom #kristinmerwin "Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting". -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hi babe mamas! I hope you are all well. I've been updating about the shop and still going to open one last time to the VIP family via email when I'm caught up. I've been feeling super exhausted that I had attributed to working a full time day job, 3 kids + the shop (I'm sure it's still part of it) I finally went to the doctors and thankfully it's nothing serious but I have a B12 deficiency 😴 and now on the road to recovery 🙌🏻 but will take a few weeks. I suppose this has been going on for months which explains my mood! I am putting this account on pause now and there will be no more posts from me until I'm feeling better. I will not be checking DMs so please email me instead. I cannot express enough my appreciation for all the love and support you have shown me in the last year. You all know who you are 🖤I wanted to tough this out until after my anniversary celebrations but I just can't. Too tired haha! Love all of you guys! Be well and have a great summer 🖤 will miss all of you. p.s. This has been really tough on me emotionally to do but it's what's needed. 🤗 Jenn xx

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No sweeter sight than this!

This wishy washy weather is just torture. I guess we will take the sun with the rain over no sun at all.


Congratulations & Thank You Jamie, (@jamieeilts)! You are this week's TOP SUPPORTER!

We @MagicofChildhood are super excited to feature a different photo from YOUR magical gallery for the next 7 days in appreciation of your support. Thank you very much for sharing your magical photos with us.


Kindness is Magic! Please join me in congratulating her by visiting her gallery and please continue to share your magical captures by tagging #MagicofChildhood for features.
Featured by Leza: @lezajeanne6 🍃
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I guess months of waking mom up at 5:30 to start the day finally caught up with her. She's taking an unheard of, afternoon nap! 🙌🏽 #naptime

Asher was being such an angsty threenager the day this was taken...zoom in on his face!😅 #3goingon13 #toocooltosmile

I'm cleaning out my diaper bag to make room for (newborn) baby things! 👶🏻 I had no idea I was so well-prepared: I could've survived for at least 48 hours on the Cheerios, Cheddar Bunnies, and condiment packets from @Chicfila at the bottom of my bag. 😂 Can you also spy the dirty baby socks, hair clips, plethora of pens, forgotten grocery list, and jump drive? Or my beloved @BurtsBeesUS tinted lip balm, the emergency chocolate peanut butter cup, and handy @InfantinoBaby changing kit? What's in your diaper bag? 🍑
P.S. Backpacks forever! This one is @SteveMadden (on clearance for $15 @FredMeyerStores 🙌). I will never go back to a shoulder bag again! #freedom Also, does this count for #ParentLifeFlatlay? We decided to make it a monthly thing, since parenting is so hectic! Keep sharing your messes and tagging us! 🙏#makingroomforbaby #babynumber3 #onemonthtogo #ourlittlepeachato

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