My whole heart.! We have our struggles but we always make it through them, together! #allmine #ilovemylilfamily #ourbabygirl #ourprincess #ourloverunsdeep #strongertogether #virgo #picses #geminibaby #happiness💕 #betterthenbefore


15 years later I still get butterflies when I see you.#ourloverunsdeep #iloveyou

eleven years ago I took the biggest leap of faith I have ever taken in my life and flew all by myself to Panama to meet, who unknown to me, would be my soulmate, my future husband, and father of my children Jabdiel Zapata. Weary and unsure of what I was about to get myself into, I continued to reassure myself that all would be ok and that my faith was going to guide and protect me. Little did I know that it would be the greatest decision I could ever make. Love is certainly a powerful thing, something that has no boundaries or limits and takes us to places we'd never normally go. I think about the many moments that bombarded my mind telling me to turn back but for some reason I trusted in the unknown and knew that I had to just spread my wings and fly. I spent the next 2 1/2 years of my life living in Panama with a heart so fulfilled words can't even come close to describing the feeling. While it was polar opposite from the life I knew and grew up in, it was truly the most beautiful time of my life.
Now fast forward to September 10, 2011, exactly seven years ago today, a day that bonded us for life, a day that was unlike any other, a day that I will deeply cherish in my soul. My commitment, loyalty, love, and trust to you my sweet love will never fade. I loved you before I knew you, I love you today, and I will continue to love you all the days of my life. Happiest seven year anniversary! This is still just the beginning. T E A M O.
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My prayer, is that you all will never let where you are in life become more important than family! I pray that you Love one another unconditionally, respect each other and encourage each other! You may just be kids now but life happens fast and nobody will have your back like your family will! This picture is everything to me because family is everything to me. No matter how far apart we are I will always put my fam first ✊🏾#wearestrongertogether #ourloverunsdeep #familyfirst #cousins #raisedlikesiblings #ourkids #ourfuture #todaywasrough #wecomingtovisit #seeyousoon

Happy Anniversary Boo! May the Lord continue to bless y'all union 🎉🎈🎊😘🤗 Thanks for allowing me to be apart of something so beautiful 😘 #OurLoveRunsDeep #MaidOfHonor @reeka82

For seven years and right up til today, Polly Lucia brought so much light, joy and unconditional love to this world and into my life. I will miss you sweet angel and can hardly wait until we meet again. . . 🐾
#ourloverunsdeep #bestfriend #ilovemydog #imissyou #furangel #itsalwaysbeenyou #germanshepherd #💕 #🐾

This is my pack. 🐺🌙 They drive me crazy. They make me worry. They make me laugh. They make me cry. They make me smile. They make my heart pound. And they make me wonder where the hell time keeps goin to, but... THEY. 👏 ARE. 👏 MINE. 👏

Our life is messy and chaotic, but it's also beautiful and rewarding. I am happy to begin a new school year with all these crazies standing beside me while we cheer each other on. Come Monday all of us except dad (but maybe one day soon 😉) will be back in class and taking more grand steps toward all of our futures and I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else. Here's to us and our next stop along this amazing journey! 🙏🖤🙃 I am happy. I am loved. And I am PROUD.
#ourhappymessylife #mybrood #mywolfpack #proudmama #ourloverunsdeep #strongertogether #newbeginnings #freshstarts #truehappiness #familyties #deeproots #texaslife #texaspride

#tbt PSA: If you find someone who looks at you the way I looked at this Lion King cake - it’s a love that will last forever. Trust me. 🙋🏾‍♀️🍰😂 #somethingswillneverchange #cakeismyfavoritefoodgroup #givemesugar #ourloverunsdeep

"It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves" -Edmund Hillary #coloradoliving #mountains #mylove #ourloverunsdeep

Gm... Guys no need for a longgggg a@@ paragraph. If you know us you know our story. Happy Anniversary Honey ... #19yrsandcounting #andwestill #ourloverunsdeep #ourwillshinefortgewhole🌏tosee

Cousin love 💗 #ourloverunsdeep

What if I told you that I am the legs behind all of those faces-in-the-knees memes? I’m not, but you believed me for a sec, huh? My left knee is shocked (or maybe sneezing) but my right knee, otherwise known as Jay Leno, is totally amused. Go ahead, zoom in. 👀 Annnyyyyywaaaayyy, the topic of renewing our vows has been a hot one for over a year. He’s traditional. I’m not. So the idea of another wedding is super exciting to him. And to me too, actually. Because we will do it wild. We will do it quietly, with the kids, on a cliff or deep in a forest or with canyons behind us. We won’t stress over family or friend drama. We won’t fuss with making the rounds to thank everybody, and I won’t dry heave after chugging a drink (actually, strike that...probably will). Our wedding was perfect. 🌻 I arranged all of the flowers, worked on the decor for weeks, had help from family with setting up, we won free photography, and had a great time being frugal and fluffy and a bit naive about the future. Next exchange of vows will be even better. Just us. On the road. Somewhere secret. Making updated, more honest promises. Laughing. Tripping. Getting shit dirty. Betting on forever...again. We don’t have a date. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe 2025? Who knows. I don’t have a dress. He says nude weddings aren’t a thing. We’ll see. It’ll probably come together in a matter of days when it feels right. When the place is right. Because this partnership? Messy, funny, tough as nails, full of stretch marks, and so very right. The knees agree. You didn’t ask, but there yah go. Super married. Staying married. The whole nine. Anybody else marry your person twice? Tell us about it!

The sunset was perfect for our bike ride @beckstain #bfflove #ourloverunsdeep we’re the coolest people I know 😂

Niagara bachelorette weekend with these beautiful ladies to celebrate our Lovie, @cher_sher .
#sweetthang2018 #sistercousins #ourloverunsdeep #niagaraweekend #jacksontriggs #jacksontriggswinery

When you've been having issues with your truck forever, and your baby daddy bless you with a car with no note!! Thanks @deizelmac #blessed #13reasonswhy #13years #Himloveshisbabymama #OurLoveRunsDeep #SlickSpoiled #unbreakablebond

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