In search of red walls, and blue doors. Quiet corners and pots.
Morocco may surprise you. It’s not only Chefchaouen that holds the country’s beauty. 😉

What’s your favorite place in Morocco?

| O U D A Y A S - K A S B A H |
It´s a city within city.
The history of Oudayas Kasbah is essentially the early history of Rabat, Morocco. It is here that the city began, all the way back in the 12th century. At this time, the Almohad dynasty needed to defend its territory and decided to build a powerful fortification in a strategic location. Standing on the on the banks of the Bou Regreg river, the Kasbah was ideally placed to protect the city from pirate ships and invading forces.

In keeping with its glorious past, the Oudayas Kasbah is today one of Rabat’s proudest features. Perfectly combining historical sites with modern establishments, the Kasbah is at the same time home to some of Rabat’s oldest buildings and the place where you will find the capital’s most hip cafés and shops.
The temptation of Moroccan mint tea and small delights of Moroccan sweet pastries will be so hard to refuse 😋

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Hidden streets at the Oudayas 🇲🇦
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