A este paso voy a terminar convirtiéndome en fisioterapeuta amateur 😂 #ouchthathurt #ouchmylegs #cryotherapy 😂

Basic info: you're a senior in highschool, you play soccer, and you have a huge crush on your art teacher- Mr. Marais. -----------------------------------------------------------------
y/n- your name, Jo- Jonah, J- Jack, Z- Zach, C- Corbyn, D- Daniel
"•y/n: just dont touch me" I look him straight in the eye making sure not to show him any resistance. and he just stared right it my eyes as well. "•jo: get up" i stared at him blankly like he was insane. "•jo: you heard me" "•y/n: it's kinda hard to walk when your foot is stuck in a bear trap." he laughed. and that made my blood boil. as he ended his laughter he held out his hand as if he expected me to grab it. but then I decided that I was a big girl go I put my palms on the ground and pushed myself up and balancing on my good foot. as I finally got up and regained my balance Jonah looked at me up and down like he was surprised that I got up all by my self. he clapped his hands and nodded his head at himself. "•jo: you might as well sit down again so I can get the trap off of your foot" I sighed and looked at him as if he were crazy again. [DANIELS POV]
as I woke up to my consciousness, I looked around hazily trying to make sense of the situation. i then felt a trail of something wet and thick running down the side of my face. blood. and then the pain came to me. being shot twice hurt. and it hurt like a buttcheek on a stick. since they were in the same leg, I had my other leg to hop on. as I got halfway down the path I remembered I had my phone in my pocket. so I grabbed it and dialed 911. "•Dispatcher: 911 what is the what is the situation and location of your call?" "•d: yeah hi my name is Daniel Seavey and me and my girlfriend y/n y/l/n have been kidnapped by my band mate and art teacher. we're at a warehouse for the old shoe company." "•Dispatcher: ah yes. we'll send some officers right away. please stay ion the line with us" "•d: no problem"

EDIT: after it says "and that i do" it's supposed to says "so. I'll see you in twenty with some chipotle?"
comment if i should do text imagine requests. these are really fun. •

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Son of a 😭😢😤😡😠!!!!! #ouchthathurt ugh!!! My finger has a heartbeat!! And I know some of the ladies can relate. Eff-n-a!!! #jinkies

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