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Y'all please forgive me. I don't know how I didn't get this one 😩😔. But Kelly OuuuuuuBre with the dunk of the new year 😳😳. #oubre #wizards

Had so much fun with @drjelleaux this weekend celebrating @moubre4 & @shv87 wedding weekend! #oubre #weddingdate #boyfriends #pocketsquare

¿Conocéis la historia de Kelly Oubre Jr? Sus amigos (con él presente) murieron en un tiroteo con 11 años. El mismo prometió donar su primer sueldo NBA a cada uno de sus familiares, poco consuelo para las familias cuando un niño de 11 años te dice esas palabras despues de la muerte de tu hijo. Cada año, el primer sueldo esta repartido entre todas las madres y padres de sus amigos, como forma de compensación a Dios por salvarle la vida a él. Respeto para él. #NBA #Oubre #Dunk #Crossover #Basketball

Man candy everydayyyy ❤😻 let's get this win tonight boys!!! #WIZKIDS #dcfamily #oubre #game5🏀

🎶 I'd like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony🎶 #wizkid #oubre

Vaya preciosisad de camiseta la del "Veterans Days" de los Wizards 🔥🔥
#NBA #Kelly #Oubre #Jr #Wizards


Brandon Ingram VS Kelly Oubre Jr
Who ya got? 🤔

Allways train with the best ! The sky is the limit what a nice streetvall challenge in Berlin NBA star Kelly oubre #basketball #nba #streetball #berlin #workhard #success #kellyoubre #oubre #try

There is a still a number of free agent big men available, including Nikola Morotic, Mason Plumlee, and Nerlens Noel. Who do you think we should sign?


Why do we always get overlooked in free agency😪. Imagine PG13, Beal and Wall all on the same team.

It has been reported that during the all star break, Wall and Cousins talked of playing together in DC. How far do you think we would go if Boogie decided to meet with his former teammate in DC? I say Finals and a ring💯

Waiting for the season to start like😪

@wallstarig // Let them know what you want, Mia!😂😂

Ok. So being a league leader in steals doesn't make you a great defender??? If you say so bud🤷🏻‍♂️

@ballislife // @johnwall 😤😤😤

@wizardshome // It makes sense that the best defender at the PG position would have the best hands😏🐐

@Nike hook @johnwall up with a signature shoe deal ASAP😴

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