Once you go high-end there's no going back 🙅🏻Ft. three favorite @theouai hair care products reviewed below 👇
1️⃣ If I had to pick one product amongst the Ouai haircare line it has to be the Ouai Smooth Shampoo 🛁 I've dyed my hair burgundy recently and I plan on maintaining that color for a while so, if you're also looking for a shampoo which will protect your color from fading, moisturizing frazzled hair, keeping your hair clean and frizz-free wether rough-dried, air-dried or blow-dryed, Ouai Smooth Shampoo is the perfect choice for you IF you wish to invest on an high-end product that is. As, this shampoo retails at $28 but, SOOO worth it!
2️⃣ Not something I use on an everyday basis, as too much conditioning leads to my scalp getting oily 😩 But, I condition my hair with the Ouai Smooth Conditioner which also retails at $28 once or twice a week to maintain an extreme frizz. Scented with Ouai No. 2's fruity-floral fragrance, this conditioner is your go-to product for sleek and silky-textured hair🙆🏻
3️⃣ Last but not least, is the beauty industry's FIRST EVER dry shampoo foam!($12) Apply this product on to all damp areas of your hair like you would with any mousse, Keep working the product into your hair, you'll feel it absorbing all excess oils and impurities from your hair ✅ Once you're done applying the foam, you'll feel 10% more cleaner than you feel with dry shampoos. Hats off to @jenatkinhair on creating one of the smartest hair inventions yet leaving ZERO gross residue or white cast which is a major plus point for people with dark hair. If you're living in Islamabad visit @theeditpakistan to purchase on the spot or order from @themakeupjunkieofficial // @beautycloset.pk1 for nationwide) #SSB
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When in a pinch, this Travel Size Ouai Haircare Kit, a few Bobby Pins, Comb, Brush, Heating Tool, & some Hairspray. I can make Magic happen! #OuaiHaircareLine #ILoveHaircareTravelKits #VeryExperiencedHairstylist #VeryKnowledgableHairstylist #LoveBeingBehindTheChair #SupportArtistYouLove #DMVHairstylist #HeavenlyTouchHairDesignbyTaye❤️💇

I LOVE when Haircare Companies like Ouai Haircare make Travel Sized Versions of their Haircare Products. It lessons the load and the amount of crap that takes up Valuable space in Hairdressers Travel Kits! #OuaiHaircareLine #ILoveHaircareTravelKits #VeryKnowledgableHairstylist #VeryExperiencedHairstylist #LoveBeingBehindTheChair #SupportArtistYouLove #DMVHairstylist #HeavenlyTouchHairDesignbyTaye❤️💇

The Newest Member of The Ouai Haircare Family, that makes my On Set Sexy Hair Life Easier. Often times when doing Hair for Print & Film, models show up with Squeaky Clean/Freshly Shampooed Wet Hair, this Ouai Foam Dry Shampoo helps create Texture, Volume, & Fullness in an instant! #OuaiHaircareLine #FoamDryShampoo #NewFavorite #VeryExperiencedHairstylist #VeryKnowledgableHairstylist #LoveBeingBehindTheChair #SupportArtistYouLove #DMVHairstylist #HeavenlyTouchHairDesignbyTaye❤️💇

It's a very RARE occasion that I Love a whole Haircare Product Line, but after being able to Test Run and Play With The Ouai Haircare Line thanks to my fellow Hairdressing Bestie. I can HONESTLY say that I LOVE each and every product, from The Ouai Haircare Line! #OuaiHaircareLine #ImInLove #DeliciousSmells #VeryKnowledgableHairstylist #VeryExperiencedHairstylist #LoveBeingBehindTheChair #SupportArtistYouLove #DMVHairstylist #HeavenlyTouchHairDesignbyTaye❤️💇

I FINALLY Caved In, and purchased my own set of Ouai Haircare Products. After having the chance to play around with The Ouai Haircare Line in my GOOD FRIEND & Fellow Hairstylist Salon. I Love the smell of these Haircare Products, and how they respond to my Weaves, Wigs, Extensions, & Hairpieces! #OuaiHaircareLine #GreatHaircareProducts #TheseHaircareProductsSmellAmazing #VeryExperiencedHairstylist #VeryKnowledgableHairstylist #LoveBeingBehindTheChair #SupportArtistYouLove #DMVHairstylist #HeavenlyTouchHairDesignbyTaye❤️💇

We are thrilled to introduce @_thebeautyteam_ Hairstylist, Alysse, as the new Canadian Educator for @jenatkinhair's haircare line @theouai. We asked her a few questions about this DREAM position. Go to www.thebeautyteam.ca/blog/ to read more! Congrats Alysse 💫👱🏻‍♀️✨ #torontohair #theouai #beautywhereyouwantit

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