( lili reinhart as betty cooper x dylan o'brien as stiles stilinski )

they both are so cute, idk.
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I really love this thing I came up with and I'm doing it rn 💕 TAGS: #AU #alternateuniverse #ocau #otpau #shipau #artau #artprompt

Isn’t he lovely, isn’t he wonderful ❤️#6maandenen1dag#OtPau

😍 Als je dit nu ook nog ‘s nachts zou doen... #ohwhenyousleep#sweetboyofmine#otpau

===> Richie, save a bleeding out man on the side of the road because you feel guilty


It had been a dark night when Eddie was walking home, just trying to get home before dark.. But he was attacked, by something? He wasn’t sure what the hell it was or why he was attacked but everything was a blur-and Eddie was for sure that he would be dead. The next time he woke up, he was most certainly in a morgue. He tried to ignore how many germs could be around him as he got up and sneaked out, feeling nothing but a sharp pain in his neck. When he checked himself in the mirror, he was surprised to see a pair of vampires bites in the side of his neck. “W.. what the hell?” he asked, instantly calling Bill for advice. Stan and him were the first to come over. After a little infection, Bill was able to confirm that it was indeed the vampire venom that saved Eddie. Since Stan was great with research, he found that vampire venom is fine in small amounts. In small amounts it could heal someone slowly.. But they will appear next to dead until they’ve fully recovered. That’s fine, Eddie could manage. The only thing Eddie wanted to do now though was find the vampire who helped him.. The losers and him looked around town to find that vampire but everything felt hopeless after a few days of searching. Eddie although was pleasantly surprised when he ran into the vampire who helped him at the nearby arcade, Richie Tozier. “So…” Eddie started, “How’d you find me?” He had asked as Richie beat away on the street fighter console. This was such a weird conversation, asking a vampire how he found him.. “Huh? You were laying by the side of the road bleeding out, the smell of blood did uh.. You know, caught my attention.” he admitted, glancing at Eddie for a moment.


Art by: wtfmqkqylq
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Gewoon, omdat ik er niet genoeg van krijg #babyspam#OtPau#bobochoses #handjeszijnlekker

===> Joker, get in one of your little chats with batman


There were times that Bruce did visit the many criminals he fought in Arkham. From time to time as Bruce Wayne, but mostly as Batman. Sometimes, on a right day, he could have a nice chat with Harvey instead of just Two face. Or he could even spare some time for Jonathan Crane or even Harley gave him a chuckle.. On the inside that is. Then, there was the clown. Most of the doctors couldn’t understand why Bruce would waste any time talking to him.. He wouldn’t say it but he had some sort of enjoyment talking to the clown. Well, when he wasn’t a raving maniac, he had enjoyment talking to him. People often underestimated him but Joker wasn’t an idiot, he was quite smart and was an interesting man to carry a conversation with. It was just another day when Bruce visited the clown prince of crime once again. He stepped into the cell, the clown had been playing cards all by himself. He seemed to be pretty invested in his game, not looking up as the door opened. A minute passed before a small chuckle escaped the clown. “Nice to see you there Bats, what brings you here?” he murmured, starting to deal Bruce into the game. The Dark Knight sat down, starting to play cards with the clown prince of crime. They kept playing, chatting every once and awhile, things were nice. As they got into the game, Bruce spoke up, “What does insanity feel like?” he started, more or less just wanting to hear Joker talk. “Can you.. Tell me about it?” A part of him always wondered what went on in that man’s mind. Joker went quiet, shuffling through his cards before he shrugged, “That depends on how you define insanity.” he spoke up simply and ambiguously.


[whoa i have like so many otp au’si found that i want to write starters for :3]

Art by: fingurken
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When the cat matches your sweater #camouflage#OtPau#bijna14weken

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