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Get a Dalmatian and u will realize u are raising a thug! This dog can give me trouble for 76 hours under one day which is suppose to be 24 hours #whowantsadog😢#miosemo#otoge#enufisenof

Period cube just arrived! Goodbye, the rest of my weekend XD
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I was tagged by a few people to share my gamer #developercrush or #publishercrush, and the choice was obvious! I own at least 19 Otomate Vita games alone, not counting any titles from other systems like the PSP! 😆❤️ Otomate is the otome game division of Idea Factory, and while all their titles aren't my absolute favs, they've done some amazing games like Code: Realize, Kyoukai no Shirayuki, and Moujuutsukai to Oujisama 🎀 There's a good chance your favorite otome game was published or developed by them! Now if only I had time to play a few more of these... 💦💦 Tagging @pablo_0151, @_anaselinax3, @chibillie, and anyone else who would like to share theirs!

Still waiting this fandom can get butai version 😤😤😤 I lyke this otome game bcs i laff all of the heroines. I laff how pretty mikoto, how sweety nanami and how cute koharu ♡ and they are stronger than all of useless(?) Man on this game 😂 seriously, i hate how useless they are 😂😂😂🔫🔫🔫 Im not part of this fandom. But my fave char are nanami and heishi. Thats why i really ship them as official couple /kick away akito/ /lewl)
I hope norn9 can get butai version ASAP. And junpei or my biases can get the role for this project *-* /slap
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Richard with his guitar ( ´ ▽ ` )

Updates for #PrankMasters

New demo version is available for download with Kadin's route! Kadin's my bae in the story so I hope you'll enjoy his route 💟 https://lockviastudios.itch.io/prankmasters

Finished CGs for Kadin and Richard! Next, Romeo's~

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Aaaarrrgggghhh >< baru aja imsak, udah di suguhin CG kyk gini 😖 lol btw, si Ken-Ken ja'at amat ya lord.. kasian itu si Adam matanya ditutup 😂 WKWK lol lol
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Ikr? Your jelly my baby ㅎㅎ dont worry i still love you #mfwp #otoge #otomegame #kakiuchiakito #husbandofmine #myforgedweddingparty #voltageparty

#RandomRant ahead... Someone posted this in one of the gaming groups I belong to. Several comments later, he posted the 2nd image to assert his point.

I think this kind of opinion is a very uneducated sweeping generalization a.k.a. A load of BS.

Although there was probably a time that this might seem true, with our current technology; #Gaming has become more versatile regardless of its platform. Someone who thinks that #Mobage = Candy Crush (or something similar) obviously hasn't looked past the landing page of his phone's app store. Back when I had ample phone memory, I had a page full of #OtoGe and another page for #RPG / #JRPG; and those didn't even scratch the surface of the number of #Games available.

Someone in the comments said that #Mobile gamers can't be called actual gamers and someone also said that even though you can call them gamers (based on the definition of the term) you can't call them hardcore gamers.

Uhm... ok?! O.o So are you telling me that just coz you have a complete Razer gaming system and own all types of console, that makes you a Hardcore #Gamer?

Someone who is hardcore towards anything is someone who invests time, effort, money and does the things he love with passion and gusto. Even if you have a complete gaming system and all the consoles, if you don't play regularly and don't even have gaming as part of your Top 5 priorities then imo that doesn't make you hardcore. You're just a Casual compared to someone who plays a MobaGe religiously everyday, doesn't miss a single event and sets aside a gaming allowance for IG purchases.

Likewise, someone who thinks that MobaGamers=Casuals is obviously delusional. Aren't you folks forgetting that the game genres for Smartphones are the same as in other platforms (i.e. VN, RPG, FPS, RTS, etc.)? Ntm a lot of titles from #PC and Consoles have a Mobile counterpart (e.g. Diner Dash, Cooking Mama, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, etc.).
Technically I shouldn't be mad coz I'm close to the Ruling Monarch in this hierarchy. I started out with PC games, then handhelds and then Smartphones. Only thing missing are home consoles. But even so, I hate this kind of elitist mindset in the gaming community.

'cuz I miss him ( ///A///) my beloved Napoleon of Crime, Prof. James Moriarty from Guard Me, Sherlock!

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D-6 Mitsuhide's BD [ Bed hair 😣 ] "They say a worthy samurai takes care of his appearence, yet here I am"

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Old picture. I wish I remembered how I did my makeup 😭. (Sorry about the reupload. I didn't like the crop on my last picture)

Code: Realize love 💖💖 The cover of the latest issue of B's Log features Code: Realize and it's so cute! I haven't had too much time to read through it yet though 💦 I'll probably cut out some things to use in my Hobonichi too!

I knew Radius' route will be something when I first saw him, so I did his second. No regrets here. LOL! 🙈
I liked it a lot. Though I was able to predict his background, the way he showed his character is good. Plus points for those smiles! 😂
Decided to do Libera next to follow the gallery order.

Human Condition Prologue free to play >>> Link in my profile description! ✨As usual WIP so whoever finds a typo gets to keep it as a trophy 🏆 😅! I am currently working on Kitsu's route. Next is drawing the antagonist and Vina. Progress might not be super fast but steady! 🍀🤘After all the stress you get to finally sit down and eat something with Kitsu. Hope you enjoy the sneak peak and thanks for sticking with Human Condition 🍀💕🗝! Stay creative and make the world a more fantastic colorful place! 💕🗝🤘#gameplay #gameart #footage

Oh boi...pretty face but his words...😱😍😍😍
Look at Cinna sleeping on his little futon, he had a busy day at his shop today.😘
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I love my poorly dressed boyfriends 💕

Human Condition's free Prologue 2.1 is out. http://wemakeitfun.de/humancondition 🍀✨2.1 contains minor text bug fixes. I am still looking for a Mac user willing to test the Mac application of the game. Drop me a Linke if you'd like to help. 💕I hope you all have an amazing weekend ahead of you! 🍀✨ Stay creative and make the world a colorful place! 🦄 P.S.: I hope I will be able to share a few sneak-peaks of Kitsu's upcoming route throughout the week. ☺️🗝✨

Saito, come to momma 😁😙 💕
Today I will be mostly stanning on Saito 😍...oh and working 🙁...but mostly stanning 😘
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