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Happy #othday to the most amazing supportive community of fans Ive ever come across. Thank you for always reaching out, saying hi when I came through town, and accepting me so warmly into the OTH family for so many years now! Tag any #OTH fans you know and see y'all on the tour this winter! Tyler Hilton loves you ;)

#tbt to these badass outfits...😂 happy #othday to all of you lovely OTH fans! @sophiabush this is a good look for us no?

Happy #OTHday to an amazing group of people who taught me many life lessons both on and off the show and who continue to inspire me on a daily basis. #thankyoumarkschwahn #InsideOTH

Happy #OTHDay 💙

Throwback Wednesdaying to one of my favorite episodes. Happy 12 years to the #OTH fans! #othday

#OTHDay #HappyOTHDay
Thank you Mark Schwahn and all the cast for this 9 seasons.
I'm so lucky to have met you.

[insert sappy caption here]
13 years ago, this little show called one tree hill aired and our lives changed forever. I can't express enough how incredibly grateful I am that this little show came into my life. It taught me more things about myself than I ever knew was possible. On days like today, my heart is filled with nothing but gratitude. I'm so thankful for all the friends I made since I started this account, and I'm thankful for all of you. and a huge thanks to Mark Schwahn and the rest of the creators for changing my life for the better. ❤️ #onetreehill #othday #13yearsofoth


Step aside nanny Carrie🙄

Only 1 month and 8 days until Eyecon One Tree Hill Chicago 😍😍 #eyecon #onetreehill #eyeconoth #chicago #othday

in celebration of #OTHDay and the fact that it has been THIRTEEN YEARS [!!!] this week since #OneTreeHill first premiered, shoutout to this absolute gem of a show. to some it was just another teen drama; to me it feels like a real place that has legitimately helped me get through some shit in life and has remained my number 1 go-to for comfort whenever i've had a rough day. [not to mention i still try to live every day like B. Davis.] so here's to continuing to revisit Karen's Café even thirteen more years from now. #AlwaysAndForever #OTH 1️⃣🌳🗻

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