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‪I don't know how she does it day after day, she's So Strong 💪🏻 No, not because of the Chemo. Putting up with Me and my Corny Jokes...so this horse walks into a bar 🐴🍺#LiveLikeLaney 💛 #TeamUngerArmour 💛 #Rotationplasty 💪🏻 #Osteosarcoma ☠️ #Shaka 🤙🏻#WeFightToWin 🎗‬

The transformation is so real! July is Sarcoma awareness month! My journey has been nothing short of treacherous, but I am so thankful & blessed to be where I am today. I've been there, done that, & don't EVER want to go back. Please keep the sweet souls that are just finding out, or have been fighting this battle in your prayers.🎗💜 #osteosarcoma #sarcomaawarenessmonth

Ураа, вчера поставили химию и я этому очень рада, у меня складывается впечатление, что я уже как-то боюсь, когда откладывается химии, что я уже зависима от неё 😔. Сделали мне вчера УЗИ сердца и обнаружили образование тромбоза, приходил сегодня терапевт, посмотрел анализы, должен выписать лечение 🙏🏻. Завтра скорее всего отпустят на два дня 😊, помпу зарядят и буду я круглосуточно с лекарством, вместе мы добьём 🦀 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻. Я благодарна очень врачам #ниипетрова за их доброту, что они от меня не отказываются, ищут выходы, я их очень полюбила 💞💞💞. Левченко Евгений Владимирович- торакальный хирург, хирург от Бога, Проценко Светлана Анатольевна- химиотерапевт, Анна Игоревна- мой врач химиотерапевт, Екатерина Михайловна- химиотерапевт мой (люблю её ) Евгений Николаевич (хирург), я его тоже очень люблю. Они для меня Надежда, Вера. Спасибо Вам!!! Дай Бог Вам Здоровья #osteosarcoma #яхочужить #ракдурак #ракуходинавсегда

On April 17, Racine Pregunta passed away at 20 years old after a long bout with #osteosarcoma, a type of #cancer which affects the bones. In April, Pregunta spoke to her sister about funeral arrangements. She said that she was inspired by Paolo Ballesteros' character Trisha from the movie "Die Beautiful." A Facebook post under Racine Pregunta II recounted the exchange, where she is quoted as saying "If I die, I want to die BEAUTIFUL." You are beautiful, Racine. Rest in peace. Photo courtesy: Rolyn Pregunta #RIP

My reality today is a diagnosis of Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer.
It's been an emotional, rude awakening, but after so many months in pain I am more than ready to drop-kick this cancer beginning with my treatment tomorrow!
My treatment involves a few months of the chemical warfare that is chemotheraphy and finally a surgery to replace the femur bone with a prosthetic, making me 3% terminator.
I only hope that my unfortunate circumstances brings awareness to your own health and reminds you to keep ontop of it - please take care of yourselves! ❤❤
#cancer #osteosarcoma #chemotherapy

Kalo kalian punya semangat yang tinggi,berdoa meminta yg terbaik kepada allah untuk sembuh aku yakin monster jelek itu akan kalah dengan semangat dan doa2 kita😊
Aku sama ka loly tuh dulu kurus banget,ya kalian taulah kurusnya kaya gimana😂tapiii karna kita selalu berdoa punya semangat yg tinggi untuk sembuh alhamdulillah banget allah denger doa2 kita perlahan kita udah bisa duduk dari yg duduknya cuma sebentar alhamdulillah skrng udah bisa duduk lama,yang tadinya pipi kitaa gaadan sampe overdosis gituuu wkwk
Ini juga berkat doa dari temen2😊
Btw aku kangen kaa😢💕💖💞 #fightcancer#osteosarcoma#sarkomaewing#jgntktbotak

THIS IS US 💗 bald head & all #osteosarcoma #bonecancer #cancersucks

#nationalcancersurvivorday Blessed to share I am 6 years cancer free and Edgar is 2 years cancer free.
#osteosarcoma #acutelymphoblasticleukemia
What Cancer Cannot Do:

Cancer is so limited.... It cannot cripple love.
It cannot shatter hope.
It cannot corrode faith.
It cannot eat away peace.
It cannot destroy confidence.
It cannot kill friendship.
It cannot shut out memories.
It cannot silence courage.
It cannot reduce eternal life.
It cannot quench the Spirit.
By author unknown


I got licensing permission for this German Shepard drawing so I could use it as a support picture for Hayden. German Shepard's are her favorite animal, they symbolize bravery, and when she kicks cancers butt... she gets her own German Shepard!!! Yellow Ribbons are for Bone Cancers and Sarcomas. Pink and Aqua are her fav colors. ❤️ The pic isn't public yet- just waiting on my parents approval. But wanted to share with you guys in this hidden IG! #haydenswarriors #cancersucks #pediatrics #pediatriccancer #osteosarcoma #prayers #pray #sister #germanshepherd #bonecancer

Out-Hiking osteosarcoma! Didn't think this would be possible again after limb salvage surgery. Thanks to these poles, you can't stop this OsteoWarrior! What do you do to Out________ Osteosarcoma?
January 25-28 we will be Outsmarting Osteosarcoma at the FACTOR Conference in Miami!
#OutHiking #Osteosarcoma #MakeItBetter #LimbSalvageSurgery

“My name is Elise and I am turning 11 this week. This is a picture of me during treatment for osteosarcoma. I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in Sept. 2014, when I was 8. I had punishing chemo for 10 weeks, then rotationplasty (amputation) surgery to remove the tumor in my right tibia, then 20 more weeks of the same punishing chemo. It was awful and I am glad that I am not in treatment anymore. Join me on Instagram this week to learn more! #rotationplasty #MDAnderson #osteosarcoma #TryingtoScarePassingCars” #instatakeover

Calling all tripawds. When kinder first had her surgery we went through various sizes of shoes to help with traction and protection. We ordered pretty much every size since we didn't know what we needed. These are ruffwear grip trex. All singles. I have 1 of each of the following sizes. 3" 2.75" 2.5" and 2.25". If your tripawd is in need of a shoe then you're in luck. These are free to a good home. First come first serve. I'll send you all four and you can pick the best fit. I just ask you pass on the remaining shoes to a dog in need. US shipping only.

#greatdane #greatdanesofinstagram #greatdanesunlimited #greatdanesunleased #bluedane #cancer #fuckcancer #osteosarcoma #tripawd #tripod #ihavethreelegs #dogsofinsta #dogsofinstgram #frederickmd #downtownfrederick #greatdanesrock #greatdanesofig

I told them if they grew there hair out I would take them to get haircuts by someone else that isn't their mama!! They turned out cute! Before on the left and after on the right. What a HUGE difference!! My boys are so dang cute💜

Hey everyone! Training has started for my 26 mile marathon!! I'm raising money for bone cancer and raising awareness! If you want to read my story or donate please follow the link in my bio on my profile ❤️❤️ #cancerresearch #bonecancer #osteosarcoma #marathon #charity #cancersucks #osteosarcomaawareness #life #cancer

Took this video today to start documenting the process for other people that might go through the same thing so they know or have a better idea of what will happen. So he went from just a limp to this within four days. He's on two different types of drugs from the vet and CBD. Just started the CBD yesterday the other drugs seem to not be working #bonecancer #osteosarcoma #doberman #dog #dobermanpinscher #dobie #dogsofinstagram #cbd

Agents- please join me in welcoming Chief Gamer Agent Ben Berry!
The new Chief says, "Hi everyone I'm Ben, I'm from England and I'm the Chief Gamer Agent at MIB. I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in October 2014 and I had Chemotherapy and Surgery to put a metal prosthesis in my right leg, all in all my treatment was a year long.
My hopes are that we can use gaming to enable young people with Osteosarcoma to talk to one another about their experiences. Osteosarcoma is a rare type of Cancer so it is really hard to find people to talk to, and I really hope we can do our part to help solve that problem.

I look forward to many adventures with you all!" To join Gamer Agents, please contact us at info@mibagents.org or go to our website for a Gamer Agents Form. We can then connect your OsteoWarrior with a fellow OsteoWarrior to Game with! 😊. ....
#Osteosarcoma #MakeItBetter #GamerAgents

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