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Interview croisée avec 2 ⭐ All-star ⭐ du championnat de France : Paul Lacombe et Nicolas Lang. .

Dans un style vestimentaire décontracté 😁, nous avons pu échanger tranquillement à propos de leurs expériences personnelles... .
Petit extrait sur l'importance de la persévérance et du travail, sujet principal de notre discussion : .

@paulpopox : [Quand j'avais 15 ans, je n'avais pas été pris en sélection régionale. Quand t'as 15 ans et que tu apprends ça, tu as l'impression que ta vie de basketteur est finie!! Que si tu rates ça, tu ne seras jamais basketteur... Mais c'est faux! J'ai fini pro alors que presque tous les autres de la sélection on aujourd'hui arrêté le basket.]
. .
. @nicolas__lang : [ C'est vrai que quand t'as cet âge là, tu as l'impression que c'est la fin du monde! Alors qu'avec le temps, tu te rends compte que ce n'est rien!

Ce que les jeunes ne comprennent pas forcément, c'est que quand tu es dans une "mauvaise période", c'est justement là où il faut continuer de bosser. Car c'est souvent dans ces moments où une opportunité va se présenter. Et pour saisir cette opportunité, il ne faudra pas s'être arrêté de bosser entre temps parce que tu étais dans une "mauvaise période"! ]

Propos sans doute valables à tous les âges de la vie 😇

Merci à eux pour leur disponibilité et leur simplicité 🙏

Suivez les l'année prochaine...ces mecs sont chauds! 🔥

Bonne journée ✌

#Repost @thefootcollective
Awesome post by @coachleesaxby about rooting your feet a optimal footwear
The human foot and tree roots share many features. Both provide stability and connection with the ground, and both are distorted by containers too small or wrongly shaped
Distorted "shoe-shaped“ feet and toes cannot function without the support of a shoe. Foot muscles become weak and tight until even walking barefoot around the house can be painful.
But it’s not all bad news! Inherent adaptability means that distorted shoe-shaped feet can be reversed
Just like tree roots, the human foot will begin to recover natural form and function if given space to grow! Form follows function, function follows form and Being Nimble begins with TOEFREEDOM!
Just as the roots of a tree adapt to the shape of the container they are in, the shape of the foot adapts its shape to its "container“
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I want to thank the whole team (especially Lucy our osteopath) at the Osteopathic Centre for Children for looking after the boys for the last 5 months 🙌

We love coming here, the care and specialists are excellent. The OCC has become like a 2nd family to us.
When we started at about 12 weeks boys had umbilical hernias, Robbie had torticollis and both had flat heads. We managed to sort the first 2 out and the flat head issue was more severe for just manual therapy and at that point we were guided by the staff to look into helmet therapy. The joint effect of helmet and osteopathic treatment is really working magic though. The boys membranes have really softened and we see results. But we needed lots of patience & love.
We will now go just once a month from previously once a week. 👌

About costs - OCC is a charity and they understand how important and expensive treatment can be. You make a donation each time, whatever that is.
Ps: boys tops say "Born to brake hearts" ❤️ 😄

Ps2: Hi to the other twin mumma we bumped into at the OCC who saw us on instagram. ✋
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I wanted to show some treatment possibilities for the supraspinatus muscle. This muscle can cause serious shoulder problems like Impingement Syndrome, that's why it is part of my daily treatment routine to observe this muscle for fascial tension especially with professional tennis players!
The supraspinatus muscle is one of the four rotator cuff muscles and the one most susceptible to injury.
When someone tells me they are having a shoulder problem I ask, “Does it hurt to put your jacket on?” If the answer is yes, the overwhelming odds are that the injury is to the supraspinatus muscle and/or tendon.
The four muscles of the rotator cuff are the supraspinatus, supscapularis, teres minor and the infraspinatus. The tendons of these muscles act like ligaments in a way that no other muscle in the body does, and as a result makes them more vulnerable to injury.
The supraspinatus muscle follows the top of the shoulder blade attaching to the top of the humerus, the arm bone. The muscle helps to lift the arm up and is essential to all throwing actions, which is why it is the bane of so many athletes. When the supraspinatus muscle engages or shortens, the arm is pulled sideways away from the body. It also helps to stabilize the shoulder joint keeping the humerus pressed firmly into the shoulder blade.
On the pictures you can see how I approach the supraspinatus muscle for a myofascial trigger point treatment. In this case the 'Small Bevelled-Tip T-BAR' (St. John NMT) is very useful for releasing the tendon, the muscle stomach or even the subacromial space where the tendon or bursa can get entrapped!
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Throw back to 4 years ago taking the under 18s boys basketball team to the Maccabiah games in Israel
4 years later and I'm going again (arriving on Sunday) as part of the medical team looking after the athletes of Maccabi Great Britain .


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If you missed my story clips the other night on using @grastontechnique to assist with soft tissue adhesions, then simply scroll through this post and you can see how the patient achieved such a large increase in ROM from just 20minutes of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization and Active Release on his lower extremities!
Functional Forward Bend & Single Leg Forward Bend (distance measured to the ground)

Pre-Treatment: ▶️12 inches = Straight Legs
▶️8 inches = Right Leg
▶️6 inches = Left Leg

▶️4 inches = Straight Legs
▶️2 inches = Right Leg
▶️1 inch = Left Leg

Bye Fiona @mpower_health 👋🏻 it has been great having you work out of our clinic and helping improve the health of our clients with us!! All the best with your new move! Ps love your drawings Maddi ☺️
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RESPIRATORY SYSTEM | To benefit the respiratory system, it requires assessment and treatment of the thoracic cage (ribs) the joints contained within it (150 or so) the muscular system around it and the superficial tissue of the lungs which is called the pleura. Pleura attaches to the underside of the ribs and gets tight when breathing mechanics or postural behaviour are poor. Pleura is elastic and responds really well to simple myofacial techniques. Usually in clinic, people present with neck and shoulder pain and or upper-lumbar pain. Often they don’t realise that their breathing muscles are really tight and are the cause of much of their ailment. By treating those structures and then going back and having a look at their ailment (sore neck, sore shoulders, lumbar pain) the symptoms that they presented with often are remarkably reduced. As your Osteo, Dr Piers Bubbers loves treating these parts of the body because of the potential changes it has on on your whole body. "It may increase your depth and volume of your breathing, change your posture, your respiratory physiology or your neck and shoulder range motion." says Dr Bubbers, "You may also enjoy greater freedom of movement and extended paddle time when you enter the water for a surf or other ocean exercise or activity." #sequenceosteo

XI Международный Симпозиум "Фундаментальные основы остеопатии".
День заключительный.
Так много событий, людей новых и знакомых, теоритической и практической информации. Жаль завершать обучение. Мне очень нравится процесс развития и самосовершенствования😊
Стив Сандлер (Великобритания) доктор остеопатии, преподаватель международного уровня. Имеет многолетний опыт остеопатической работы в акушерстве и геникологии. Его семинар вдохновил меня, показал как много функциональных нарушений бывает у людей, на которые нередко врачи не обращают внимание, т.к. нет никаких отклонений в анализах и обследованиях. И главное как помочь до того как нарушение функции повлечет за собой нарушение структуры😊 #остеопатия #osteopathy #РВШОМ #МАО

Repost of @andrewpt, one of our customers who is competing in the 'European Powerlifting Championships' next week.
#BodySolve #PowerLifting #PainFreeLiving #Massage #Osteopathy #Helsinki #Strong #Lift #Pain #PainFree



James's daughter Winnie learning how to do a cervical adjustment!

▪️A essência da vida é o MOVIMENTO. .
▪️Ele é o responsável por beneficiar seu corpo e enriquecer sua mente. .
▪️No entanto, a nossa maneira de viver mudou muito na trajetória da evolução humana. .
▪️Fugindo de sua essência, o homem acabou pegando um atalho para buscar por mais conforto e comodidade. Vivemos numa época em que se evita caminhar e subir escadas, utilizamos controle remoto para tudo, a locomoção é feita sobre rodas, a alimentação já vem praticamente pronta e por aí vai. .
▪️A modernidade está aí para nos ajudar e não para nos tornarmos escravos dela.
▪️Mude pequenas atitudes no seu dia a dia, tais como: prefira subir e descer escadas convencionais ao invés de entrar no elevador ou ir de escada rolante, estacione seu veículo num local mais distante do seu destino para caminhar um pouco mais, evite utilizar o carro para ir a locais perto de sua casa, não fique muito tempo sentado na frente do computador.
▪️São esses pequenos detalhes que fazem toda a diferença entre você ser sedentário ou não.
▪️Separe uma horinha do seu dia para praticar alguma atividade física aeróbica que você se adapte bem, pois através dela você vai estar estimulando o seu organismo a produzir hormônios de altíssima qualidade para alimentar suas células, a lubrificar as articulações do seu corpo, a melhorar o sono, a alimentação, o desempenho sexual, a disposição física, a concentração...
▪️Saiba que não há necessidade de sofrimento no trabalho com o corpo. O clássico “no pain, no gain” não tem sentido nenhum para quem busca saúde. Não deve ter dor, não deve ser difícil, deve, isso sim, ser gratificante e prazeroso.
▪️O caminho para a saúde é esse. Seja persistente e sistemático.
🎯Dê ao seu organismo condições de perfazer uma reorganização fisiológica interna de mais qualidade e assimilar melhor as transformações advindas do trabalho físico que será feito. .
👉🏻Sugiro que procure um profissional de educação física para auxilía-lo nessa etapa, certamente ele saberá otimizar os resultados.
👉🏻Por Ilnei Salviano (Fisioterapeuta)

Tx @bendlikebamboo for the co creation in my clinic

Your comeback is our goal. Don't let injury be a setback. Stay active with #SportsmedActiv.

#Physiotherapy #Osteopathy #BackToWork #BacktoSports

Fortaleciendo músculos del cuello y cabeza con ejercicios de extension + rotación y/o lateralización en decubito-prono en una mesa o cama con la cabeza colgando en el aire. Ideal para personas con debilidad muscular, dolores de cabeza o para simplemte para reforzar. #osteopatia #masajes #osteopathy #sportsmassage #neckpain #headache #calisthenics #ejerciciosencasa #dolordecabeza #plantbasednutrition #plantbased #vegan

Tout le monde ne passe pas par cette phase dite"d'aggravation", mais si c'est votre cas, pas d'inquiétude, elle dure en moyenne 48 à 72h. En revanche, si au bout d'une semaine vos douleurs persistent, rappeler votre ostéopathe. 😉👍 #osteopathe #osteopathie #osteopath #osteopathy #health #healthy #sante #soins #bienetre #conseil #advice #janze #illeetvilaine #bretagne #france

Inscrições abertas! Vaga limitadas, garanta a sua.
A Crochetagem miofascial é um método utilizado no tratamento das algias (dores) do aparelho locomotor, através da busca da remoção das aderências e dos corpúsculos irritativos interaponeuroticas ou mioaponeuróticas, com o uso de ganchos colocados e mobilizados sobre a pele.
Informações e matrículas:
São José do Rio Preto - SP 👉https://goo.gl/fKDrn5
#osteopatia #osteopathy #osteopath #osteopathic #osteopathe #fisioterapia #physiotherapist #physiotherapy #fisioterapeuta


The Cove Sport Family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👩‍👩‍👧🐶❤️
We had an awesome time getting glammed up by @selenamup - so fun!! Visit covesporttherapy.ca to book online for massage therapy, physiotherapy or osteopathy! (And meet Marty McFly- the coolest little clinic dog!!) #covesporttherapy #physiotherapy #massagetherapy #osteopathy #dartmouth #workparty #martymcfly

Première commande de @toyboard.fr sur notre site mahevan.com dont l'ouverture est prévue samedi, du coup super happy. #mahevanskatewear #popart #osteopathy #skatelife #skatekids #skateboard #skategirl #ecommerce #newlife #happyday

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