Ready for Day 2 at @bust_magazine Craftacular! Come visit us at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint.
I have Fire Cider! Elderberry Elixir! Elderberry Rosehip Hibiscus Honey! Strength! Moon! High Priestess oil! and more!
They make great gifts, and honestly, are essential additions to a self-care routine. It helps that they are delicious too 🤓
We’re here til 7pm 😘
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Happy New Moon in Sagittarius 🏹🌹✨
Today I was blessed to do another 13th Octave LaHoChi attunement/initiation, for @annabrookehealing, my fourth this year.
I can hardly put into words how I feel, especially as I look back over the year, but it all is in such divine alignment and I am grateful AF.
It's been an amazing year of breathwork circles, collaborations, events, readings, and private sessions. I have had the privilege of working with so many (literally hundreds) talented, authentic, and inspiring people and it's been such an honor. If you've come to one of my workshops or circles, or bought something from my Apothecary, or trusted me with a 1:1 session, or hosted me in your space, or read any of my newsletters or posts, thank you. Thank you, and I love you.
My intention for 2018 was Expansion, and I end this year with an even more open heart, a deeper understanding of Spirit, Universe, the Angels, Ancestors, and myself. I know what I need to do and how I need to do it. Healing for me has been a series of softenings and openings, and I welcome whatever comes in 2019. There are so many exciting things on the horizon and I can’t wait.
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✨Tonight✨Breathwork for the Holidays/End of 2018 is at @minkabrooklyn at 7:00pm❣️
We all need this time of release and healing. I know you’ve got stuff to move out of your body and energy fields – join us for a powerful healing experience that will change everything.
Link in profile 😘
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As I think about all that 2018 brought us, there are two sayings that come to mind - "Grow through what you go through," and "If you're not going through something, you're not going anywhere."
Every year brings its challenges, aka opportunities for growth.
One thing I've been trying lately is expanding my energy into a situation or feeling that is uncomfortable. Usually when something feels bad or unfamiliar, we have a tendency to contract in some way out of fear or anxiety. Make ourselves harder, smaller, resistant; steeling ourselves to withstand the threat. It's a natural response, a well-worn one that we automatically slip into. But as we know, the more we are in resistance to something, the more it persists. Contracting is defensive and does us a disservice.
The opposite of that, of course, is expansion. I don't mean puffing out your chest and taking up space, or trying to appear or be bigger in some way. Again those are defense mechanisms that are borne from a place of fear, not embodiment.
I feel into my solar plexus, the place of personal power, and breathe into it.
I bring myself back into my body, opting out of the fear/worry loops that keep me disconnected.
I see/imagine my energy gently expanding and radiating from this place as golden light.
Golden light is an extremely high vibration that clears out any lower vibrations trying to run the show. And I allow my energy field to be as big as it needs to be. Fill the room. Fill the building. Fill the city, state, whatever! Any fear, anger, or sadness I feel around whatever is happening is no match for this. Expansion = growth. Growing through what you go through. Try it 😘
—from my newsletter this month.
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Come immerse yourself in tarot magic with me this weekend at @bust_magazine Craftacular.
✨Link in profile✨
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Dancing into this week like 💃🏻!
We’ve got a big week over here and there are many ways to connect and get in some healing and expansion.
On Weds, Dec. 5th I am offering Breathwork for the Holidays/End of 2018 at @minkabrooklyn, 7:00pm. Let’s get ready for the new year with clear hearts and minds, and intentions.
On Sat, Dec. 8th & Sun, Dec. 9th I will be at @bust_magazine Craftacular offering two tarot classes a day, as well as offering my seasonal remedies and plant elixirs. Come see us, take a class or two, and get in some holiday shopping from local makers and artisans!
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D E C E M B E R :: Here we are! This month is always full, and the longer nights encourage us to find our own lights within. And it’s my ✨birthday month✨ (Dec. 26th). Here’s where to find me this month.⠀

Dec. 5th @minkabrooklyn 7:00pm⠀
Breathwork for the Holidays/End of 2018⠀

Dec. 8th & 9th @bust_magazine Craftacular, Brooklyn Expo Center⠀
* 11:30am ~ Unlocking the Secrets of the Tarot⠀
* 4:00pm ~ Tarot 101⠀
plus my plant elixirs and seasonal remedies will be available at my booth all weekend!⠀

Dec. 21st @thealchemistskitchen 8:00pm⠀
Winter Solstice Full Moon Activation⠀

If you need a 1:1 session lmk asap! There are a couple openings left in my calendar. Shift, shift, shift! That’s the name of the game and I am here ever-evolving with you. I hope you’ll join at a workshop or gathering... ILY 😘⠀
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The last Breathwork healing circle of the year is next week! Weds, Dec. 5th at @minkabrooklyn at 7:00pm.
This is an opportunity to get in some powerful healing and release before the madness of the holidays – at an affordable rate.
We will use the ancient pranayama breath technique to heal ourselves from the stuck emotions, unprocessed grief and pain held in our bodies. This makes space for clarity, new understandings and awarenesses so that we can move forward in an empowered, embodied state.
Since the holidays bring a lot of activity, and often means gathering with family, I will share some powerful energy/empath protection techniques this month⚡️
The ‘holiday blues’ don’t have to be a thing anymore.
A lot happened this year and it is important to give ourselves the space and time to feel and clear our emotions around it all.
So whatever you’ve been dealing or working with, bring it to the circle for release. We’re all in this together and we are waiting for you 💕
Link in profile to join.
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My trusty boots are being retired today. I have worn them almost every day (except in summer) for the last 7 years. Everyone who knows me or met me has seen me in them. They may be just boots but they’ve meant so much to me.
They are my connection to my roots and the land in which I was born, a gift from my father. We found them in an old cowboy supply store in Arizona (where my family is from) right before I moved to NY. They have been with me for every major life change, every step taken in this concrete jungle as I’ve expanded, grown and remembered myself.
A friend once said they are an extension of me, and I couldn’t agree more.
I honor them, the hands that made them (in AZ!) and all the versions of myself that lived in them. It seems fitting that this old part of myself is done, as I step into greater expansion in 2019 and beyond (with a new pair!!).
Thank you, boots.
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Thank you @bust_magazine for the feature! In this article you can read more about me and my work, and how I got started (link in bio).
I’m teaching two tarot classes at the Bust Craftacular Creative School for Living on Dec. 8th & 9th.
* At 11:30am join me for Unlocking the Secrets of the Tarot: Decoding the Signs and Symbols - a deep dive into the Tarot for moderate and advanced readers.
* And at 4:00pm I’m offering Tarot 101 :)
Individual classes are $15 and there are day pass and all-access options, too.
I will also have a booth at the event, offering my handcrafted small-batch plant elixirs and seasonal remedies!
See you there 🌿🌺🔮🌈💫
Oh and next Weds I am offering Breathwork for the Holidays/End of 2018 at @minkabrooklyn 💫
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wow peeps. the last Breathwork circle of 2018 is in exactly one week!
2018 has been quite a ride. A lot of things happened.
How is it all sitting with you? How does your body feel?
What has been brought up to the surface to be dealt with and cleared?
And what do you wish to integrate this year, so you can leap forward into 2019?
In our heart of hearts, we know. Even if we’re not sure what, when, why or how. with Breathwork that doesn’t matter. The breath is highly, naturally intuitive and will go straight to where it needs to go for your highest and greatest expansion.
This ancient practice has been around for centuries for a reason - it works. All you have to do is the breath.
Whatever is left in your psyche that are not fully aligned with your truest self yet, bring it to the circle. Let's work it out together - we'll be here waiting for you✨✨✨
Join us next Weds, Dec. 5th at @minkabrooklyn, 7:00pm.
Link in profile to join ✨
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Have you gotten your Immunity game on track yet? It’s the season of flu and cold and the best cure is prevention!
Fire Cider is a classic herbal folk remedy. It's an apple cider vinegar tonic that's spicy with a hint of sweetness. It’s one of my favorite immunity tonics that wakes you up and keeps your circulatory system moving. It boosts your immune system and natural health processes, stimulates digestion, and gets you nice and warmed up on cold days.
Elderberry Elixir packs a nutritious punch, chock-full of powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and beneficial organic compounds that function as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents in the body. This potion tastes out of this world, if I do say so myself!
Available now in the Apothecary, and you can order both at a discount 💕
Made with Love in Brooklyn.
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Happy Friday! Happy Full Moon!
I will be at @knowntoman.bk from 3-7pm today offering mini tarot readings (DM us to book). There is also a ton of new vintage, plus wine and holiday treats ☺️ And you can find all my seasonal remedies and plant elixirs there too!
This weekend I am offering 15% off Apothecary items online with the code ‘shopsmall.’ good through Monday.
Here are some BIPOC and/or women-owned small business owners to support this season:
If you don’t buy anything this weekend (or holiday season) that’s cool, too. There are many other ways you can support small business – write them a review/testimonial, share a pic of yourself with their product(s), recommend them to your friends, or like/comment on their posts to boost the algorithms (did i say that right? you know what i mean!).
And I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and my medicines. it means so much to me.
I love you.
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I’m really looking forward to @bust_magazine Craftacular again this year!
I’m teaching two tarot classes for the Creative School for Living both days.
* At 11:30am join me for Unlocking the Secrets of the Tarot: Decoding the Signs and Symbols - a deep dive into the Tarot for moderate and advanced readers.
* And at 4:00pm I’m offering Tarot 101 :)
Individual classes are $15 and there are day pass and all-access options, too.
I will also have a booth at the event, offering my handcrafted small-batch plant elixirs, flower essences and seasonal remedies!
See you there 🌿🌺🔮🌈💫
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A message from the enchanting @ostara.apothecary:
“As the Earth turns inward, so do we. I love this time of year as we are supported in discovering the mysteries of the Earth, ourselves, and that of the Universe. More and more are hearing the call to return to Earth-based traditions, knowledge and magic.” ✨✨✨
Join us tomorrow @minkabrooklyn for 🌬Breathwork for Ancestral Healing🌬 from 3-5pm. Let us heal and honor ourselves and our ancestors through breath and song.
photo by @_ashlynnphoto #ostarahealing #breathwork #healyourself #thesoundsofourstory #ancestors #ancestralhealing #minkabrooklyn

We know we each have a unique soul mission/purpose to raise the vibration of humanity and this planet. We have been trying to live out this soul purpose over many lifetimes – to innovate, inspire, create, speak the truths of the universe – but historically it hasn’t always been possible.
With each incarnation we tried again, sort of like in video games where there are many levels and challenges to victory. With each level/lifetime we advance with new awarenesses and skills to get closer to the goal. We may die but we always come back and try again.
As activators we were killed for our power, knowledge and light. For not fitting in, for challenging the status quo/patriarchy, for daring to be in our own power and knowledge.
We also dimmed and silenced ourselves for safety and survival.
We must (and we are) heal the trauma from that. We have to move past all the doubt, guilt and confusion we experienced over the many lifetimes we tried to express our gifts, knowledge and soul essence.
We have the opportunity once again to realign with our purpose and mission, and we can do it now freely in this lifetime.
This is the first time in human history that we have the tools, skills and awareness to integrate those old lifetimes into our body and energy fields. To break the chains and change the narrative.
Though much of the world is still rooted in the old ways, it is changing. The vibration of the planet is higher than ever. We are more powerful than ever.
I’m calling back my power that I gave away, or was taken, over many lifetimes. I’m calling in the times and ways where I was powerful, successful, and knowledgeable, and integrating into my body and energy now.
We have always known the truth of our souls. We can be fully embodied, we are free, and so it is.
#ostarahealing #5D #novaearth #pastlives
photo by @_ashlynnphoto
As as we do this for ourselves, we do this for our Ancestors (and it’s possible we were our own Ancestors!) Join me on Sat 11/17 at @minkabrooklyn for a healing like no other ✨

i think Yarrow is my favorite plant to work with. i love a good multi-tasking plant and boy does she deliver.
Yarrow stops bleeding (internally and externally) yet moves stagnant blood, relieves pain, breaks a fever, and prevents infections. It’s one of the main ingredients in my Moon elixir.
In the same way it closes physical wounds, Yarrow also seals holes in the energetic body. Yarrow flower essence strengthens and firms energetic boundaries. It also opens the senses to enhance clairaudience and clairvoyance. It’s THE vibrational remedy for empaths and highly sensitive people.
Yarrow flower essence also supports the throat chakra, allowing us to speak our truths with loving confidence.
It’s always the biggest gift when I find Yarrow in the wild. I was blessed to find it twice this year, first with White Yarrow in California and then Pink Yarrow in a deserted part of Coney Island.
Pink Yarrow is a sweet, protective flower essence that creates loving emotional and energetic boundaries, specifically around the heart. It gives us the ability to have an opened heart, while still feeling protected.
It can also be used to heal generational problems both within a parent – child relationship, or emotions, trauma or pain passed down through the family line. And it’s great for people-pleasers.
I just listed both White and Pink Yarrow flower essences on my site, where you can also find Moon and all my other plant medicines.
I hope you love it as much as I do 💛
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We are made up of our ancestors - their flesh and bones, their legacy and trauma; all are intertwined in our DNA. In many traditions, it’s said that healing ourselves is healing 7 generations before & after. If you feel the healing journey you are walking on is intense - this is why; and we are all here to support you❤⠀
Breathwork for Ancestral Healing with me and @thesoundofourstory is this Saturday, Nov 17th 💫 The work we do with our breath is extremely powerful, healing and transmuting on many layers and levels. Through this, we can change our DNA. It’s life-changing.⠀
For more info or to register, please visit MINKAbrooklyn app (free from iTune or Google Play) or minkabrooklyn.com/workshops⠀
Artwork via @_nataliesmyth_ #ostarahealing #breathwork #ancestors #ancestralhealing #healyourself

New in the Apothecary | Wild Iris flower essence! This is a beautiful and expansive remedy for creativity and inspiration. ⠀

Connected to the Crown and Solar Plexus chakras, Wild Iris unblocks old patterns of self-limitation and stagnation, and inspires us to new heights of beauty and radiance. Wild Iris gently aligns us to a path of art and creativity. Known as the ‘Paintbrush to the Soul’, this medicine enables us to find our divine connection to the higher realms and the flow of self-expression.⠀

I foraged this majestic and regal Iris in the Redwood forest in California this spring! (can you see the fairies in this photo?!)⠀

Available now in the Apothecary.⠀
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[and yes alcohol-free versions are available✨]

We Have Been Given All The Tools || Less than one week until BREATHWORK FOR ANCESTRAL HEALING 🌬🍃🎶✨
Posted @withrepost@ostara.apothecary Breathwork for Ancestral Healing is next Saturday at @minkabrooklyn with special guest @thesoundsofourstory!
Everything we need to heal ourselves is already within us. Our breath, our voice, our hearts. In this circle, we will use our breath to drop down into our bodies, to access the ancient knowledge and wisdom we’ve had over many lifetimes. We will connect with our Ancestors and take a deep dive into our DNA and energy fields to clear out any trauma, pain, limiting and old family beliefs and stories we’ve inherited, to free ourselves and heal our lineage.
We will find the songs of our Ancestors on our tongues, in our hearts. As we find our breath, we are invited to put forth sound and song - even silence - to loosen the confines of language so that we may truly communicate / release / envision. Song and story begin with breath. Let us find our breath, our voices, and discover the sounds of our story.
Link in profile to join us ❤️
Art by Molly Costello
#ostarahealing #ancestralhealing #breathwork #ancestors

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