Heart of Venus elixir is pure love in a bottle. Whatever you are working with, this medicine is here to assist you in filling your heart with love and higher consciousness.⠀

Heart healing and self-love is medicine we all need. There truly is no limit to how much we can love, and the world needs so much of it right now!⠀

Roses are also very protective – their thorns set loving boundaries and only those who approach with care may drink in their sweetness.⠀

Made with Love and Reiki in Brooklyn 🌹💓⠀

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super grateful and honored to share the medicine of my Ancestors with you next week!
A cacao ceremony is an opportunity to connect deeply to yourself and the Divine Feminine, and open your heart. This medicine will meet you wherever you are and help you transform and release old stories, patterns, and beliefs, and move forward with confidence, love and higher awareness.
Join us.
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i woke up incredibly grateful today. for yesterday, for this week, for this work. life is so surprising... and i can’t wait to find out what happens next.
we are Master Creators.
this Thursday i am offering tarot readings at @chiquitabrujita’s Brooklyn Brujería block party under the Manhattan Bridge! ❤️🇵🇷 and reading at @knowntoman.bk on Friday evening 🔮 oh and next week i am holding a cacao ceremony at @breadxbutta botanica.
expansion feels like all the 💗🦋🌈🌟🌺⚡️ and we’re all on this ride together 💞
have a good week, peeps!
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Even through we are each going through our own journeys, we aren’t meant to go it alone.
Humans are hardwired for connection. We need it, we crave it – because we ARE connected. And we need one another.
That’s why I love doing healing circles. Coming together is enormously powerful. Our shared intentions, energy and power create a portal that amplifies and fast tracks healing in ways that continue to amaze me.
And, we are connected to all who came before us. Though it seems we are separated by time and planes of consciousness, we are always connected to our Ancestors. We are their living legacies.
We carry our Ancestors with us in our bodies. In our blood and in our breath. In our bones, our DNA. We not only inherited their physical and genetic traits – we inherited everything! Hopes, dreams, beliefs and pain. Karma and energetic patterns. They all live within us, and frame our life experiences. The way our bodies function. Our coping mechanisms, how we care for and support ourselves.
Any healing we do for ourselves, we do for them. Nothing is separate. Whenever we do healing work, they always show up. Always.
By healing ourselves, we change everything. The world. The future. Our family. Everything is connected, and it’s all happening right now.
Whatever the focus is, whatever we are working with, the healing facilitates this work.
Tomorrow, Sept. 16th, we will gather at @minkabrooklyn to do this work.
I hope you’ll join us ⚡️💗
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9 years ago, someone told me that by healing myself I was also helping my family. I could not see how that was possible... my family was a mess after a traumatic incident. But we were in trouble long before that... nothing happens in a vacuum. And a series of decisions made by my parents, made out of fear and unconscious programming, paved the way. And of course I was the black sheep of the family already.
So I shrugged and said, “Okay, whatever,” and just went about the business of healing myself. What else could I do?
Then my Ancestors started showing up. Or rather, I became aware of their presence. And they told me I was the chainbreaker. “Great,” I thought. “Just my luck.” My family never listened to me (they still don’t)! I could see how healing myself could help the Ancestors since they were in a place of higher awareness and consciousness, unbound by 3D illusions. But my living family was still very much in it, as was I.
Slowly but surely I began to see that we really are connected, and there are no accidents, and time is an illusion. And 3D is not to be transcended or escaped but integrated into higher awareness.
And when I visited my family last year (I really did NOT want to go) I saw so much change. Soul-searching had been done. And we were able to come to understandings I never thought were possible. I was amazed, and humbled.
So while all you can do is heal yourself, know the work is for everyone around you – even if you cannot see it.
I’m offering Breathwork for Ancestral Healing this Sunday at @minkabrooklyn because healing is so much bigger than all of us, but it starts with the self. Whether you know your Ancestors or family patterns or not, come to the circle with what’s in your heart.
Humanity is going through so much right now, and it’s all in service to our evolution. Let’s dig in and make it count ⚡️
Link in profile! Art by Ana Sofia Castañon.
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Breathwork for Ancestral Healing is this Sunday, Sept. 16th at @minkabrooklyn 💫
In true healing, we must unlearn and transform all that we’ve inherited to move forward in our paths and further humanity.
It is what we came here to do.
So whatever you are working with right now, bring it to the circle. The work we do with our breath is extremely powerful, healing and transmuting on many layers and levels. Through this, we can change our DNA. It’s life-changing.
Link in profile 🌱
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Cacao has been an integral part of my healing and this offering has been a long time coming. i am so excited and honored to share the medicine of my Ancestors with you.
Cacao, known as the 'Food of the Gods' by the Ancients, is a powerful energy shifter, teacher and guide. Connected to the heart chakra, it allows us to open up to the divine guidance within, and connect with our Higher Selves and Spirit guides. It is a natural and ancient plant medicine, offering us mental clarity, energy, creativity and vision. This sacred elixir connects us to the deep love, gratitude and abundance available to us in every moment.
A cacao ceremony is an opportunity to connect deeply to yourself and the Divine Feminine, and open your heart. This medicine will meet you wherever you are and help you transform and release old stories, patterns, and beliefs, and move forward with confidence, love and higher awareness.
Join us.
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As humans, we need to be seen. We seek the light. We gravitate towards heart-given energy.
This is the medicine of Sunflower. Look towards the light, she says. Stand tall. Radiate.
Believe in your ability, as a multidimensional human being, to manifest from your will. Believe in yourself and your power.
As an essence, Sunflower amplifies your inner radiance and light, and will shift your awareness to where you are not embodying your worth and potential.
It is powerful medicine that bestows radiant golden light, higher vision and keen awareness. It will help you orient yourself towards the Sun, the giver of life and vitality. It is a powerful self-love and confidence booster that will practically make you levitate!
Available now in the Apothecary. Made with Love in Brooklyn.
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Next Sunday, Sept. 16th, join me for Breathwork for Ancestral Healing at @minkabrooklyn.
A huge part of the work we are here to do in our lifetime is Ancestral.
Ancestral healing breaks the chains and the inherited patterns and behaviors that keep us from being who we really are.
We not only inherit physical traits – we inherit energy, trauma and beliefs too!
This work is also about recognizing and honoring the very real human beings who have passed through this life – they all exist within us. Their lives, their joys, hopes, sorrows and loves sit within numerous codes at the very heart of who we are.

You don’t have to know your Ancestors to heal them. There are many reasons why one might not be connected to their lineage, and we will work with that in the circle.

Know that whenever we heal ourselves, we are also healing our family line. If you feel you just need a clearing and upgrade, you’ll find that here.

And once I embraced my lineage and Ancestors, my healing and development soared, and my practice expanded exponentially.
Link in profile.
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🍃September🍂 I can’t tell you how excited I am to be in a new month and heading into a new season. This month, my work is coming into focus working with the Ancestors and deepening and widening our awareness with who we are and where we come from. I have new projects/releases and medicines, too. For the full scope, read my newsletter on Monday. Here are the workshops and offerings this month!⠀

Weds, Sept. 5th, 9am PST / 12pm EST⠀
- Discussing cultural appropriation in spirituality on Spirit Guides Radio live podcast with @spiritguidesmag

Sat, Sept. 8th, 12-6pm⠀
- Mini Tarot and Reiki sessions at @minkabrooklyn’s Open House⠀

Sun, Sept. 16th, 3pm⠀
- Breathwork for Ancestral Healing at @minkabrooklyn

Thurs, Sept. 27th, 7pm⠀
- Heart Awakening Cacao Ceremony at @breadxbutta botanica⠀

If you need extra support I have a little availability for 1:1 sessions! Wherever you are on your path, wherever you are in the world, we can move a lot of energy and heal on a deeper level to bring you into more alignment with yourself and purpose. Email me if you feel called 💌⠀

I love you, peeps. May we all move forward with greater understanding, love and embodiment.⠀

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My work is changing. The path is deepening and widening.
If you’ve worked with me in any capacity in the last year, or even just chatted with me, you’ve heard me talk about the Ancestors.
They are around us all the time, and come in close whenever we do healing work on ourselves. Because whatever work we do for ourselves, we do for them. There is no separation between the timelines, though it seems that way from our 3D perspective.
Right now the world is going through its Tower moment. Old structures are tumbling down in dramatic fashion, and long-hidden darkness is coming to light. This is happening because we’ve done the work to get here and have the capacity, tools and skills to heal and transmute it all.
Things that our Ancestors had to suffer through. Things that weren’t able to be resolved and passed down the family line through our DNA. Trauma, pain, old beliefs and stories. You know the saying, “It runs in our family”? You can break that chain, end this pattern and free your lineage. It starts by declaring, “This ends now.”
If you don’t feel connected to your Ancestors, it’s okay. They are there anyway, supporting you and cheering you on. Just do you. And if you want to connect with them, call them in. They will make themselves known. They want to be known by you.
Nothing outwardly will change with my work – My medicines and modalities aren’t going anywhere. But they are deepening and expanding, and are no longer bound by “time.”
I have some exciting things to share in September, new workshops, offerings and medicines. And I will be offering Breathwork for Ancestral Healing again at @minkabrooklyn on the 16th 🌀✨
This feels so aligned and I am so grateful and excited to dive in deeper. See you in there!
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so grateful to have had this moment of ceremony and intention with my MINKA community of priestesses. thank you @itsdenissemonge for capturing this moment 💓
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every so often i’ll wake up and things feel... different. new and foreign. like i’ve just come down onto this planet, woken up in strange body and i have no idea how anything works or how to communicate. i don’t know anything. stranger in a strange land.
expansion, upgrading, receiving higher frequencies, integrating more light feels like this sometimes. as we embody more of ourselves, our Higher Selves, our starseed lineage and our divinity... it doesn’t always feel amazing. it can be really disorienting as you step further out of the matrix.
i stepped through some kind of portal this past weekend. maybe it was the full moon, or being around thousands of creative and ancient beings this weekend. maybe it was all the planets dancing and shifting, maybe it was all of it.
when i feel disoriented and displaced in my world and in my body, i now know that something deep has happened, far beyond my current awareness. the answers will come in time but for the moment, it’s about getting my bearings again. giving myself time to re-acclimate. working with sacred plant medicines, herbs and flowers really work wonders in these moments. as does sleeping it off. and breathing, breathing, breathing. grounding and allowing stillness to anchor me back into myself. taking my time with every movement i make.
feeling like a stranger in a strange land is something we all feel, because on many levels that is exactly what we are.
we have come here, back to this planet no matter what we’ve experienced in past lifetimes, on sacred, divine missions to heal and raise the frequencies of Earth and all humanity. to embody our Mastery and Ascend. and this is how it feels sometimes. and it’s okay, and it will pass.
photo by @_ashlynnphoto #ostarahealing

Thank you @Afropunk. Thank you @minkabrooklyn. It was an honor and amazing experience.
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🌻Flower essence magic🌻
Teaching and sharing is such a gift and I am so, so grateful 💖 Thank you.
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Thank you everyone who joined us last night for our Flower Alchemy workshop lead by @ostara.apothecary 🌻🌻🌻
It was a beautiful night, full of high vibrations, lots of insight and flower essence magic🌿✨
Keep your eyes peeled for more workshops with Jordan coming in September and of course Tarot every Thursday from 4-8pm ✨
Come check us at the shop today and tomorrow from 1-8pm 💋
We’re closed on Sunday but will be back Wednesday afternoon 💚
Happy Friday!
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Flowers heal. From the most ordinary to the most exotic, each has a special purpose and unique vibration that brings us into alignment with our highest and best selves.
They have a consciousness and language all their own, and their magic and wisdom is unparalleled. It never ceases to amaze me the way they present themselves in my life.
And making medicine with these flowers has healed me and propelled me to new heights I’d never imagined.
Their gentle power softly weaves its way into our body and energy fields to shift old patterns, beliefs and imbalances that physical medicine can’t reach.
This Thursday at @breadxbutta’s botanica, I am offering a workshop on how to make your own flower essences and connect with the plant world. We’ll take a shamanic journey and make an essence in class, which you’ll get to take home! There are only a few spaces left so if the flowers are calling to you, the link to sign up is in my profile.
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Grounding into Mother Earth will change your consciousness.
Building a relationship with the Earth will change everything about your life.
Mother Gaia is our biggest physical supporter we will ever have. She literally holds us up, gives us food and water, and air to breathe. Consciously connecting to this being, this Goddess, this Ascended Master, reaffirms our reason for being and our purpose.
If you don’t know your purpose, this will help you find it. She holds a record of everything that has every happened on her soil (much like the Akashic records). Each time you incarnate on to this planet, Mother Gaia recognizes you. Connecting with her wisdom, her memories will help guide you to your greatest understanding of your soul’s journey.
The Earth also is here to help us in our Ascension process. When you ground from Source, you are creating a link between Spirit/Universe and the Earth. This allow high frequencies of light to pass through you into the Earth, raising the vibration of the planet. You, as the channel, are able to receive these light codes and high frequencies and expand through this process.
If you are feeling badly, allow that excess energy to flow down into the Earth. Open up your feet chakras and allow the stress or pain to drain out into the ground. Mother Gaia will receive it and transmute into higher consciousness. She doesn’t quantify it as “good” or “bad” - to her it is just energy. When we confer our energy on to her, it is received as a blessing.
It can be challenging to ground, since many of us have spent so much time and energy trying to escape it. The World (which is different than Earth) can be a painful place, and not at all like home.
But we did make the choice to come here, and I’ve found that by embracing this reality, this body and this planet, it immediately becomes easier. My heart opens.
Accepting this bring us into alignment with our truth and our purpose.
The next time you ground, draw her energy up into your heart. Ask her what wisdom she has for you. Feel her love, holding you up ❤️🌎
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