Apa itu SARMS?

SARMS dibuat oleh ilmuwan yang mendedikasikan diri nya untuk bodybuilding dikarenakan utk orang yg sangat takut dengan efek samping steroid..
Steroid pun sebetul nya aman, asal sesuai dosis, masa durasi, dan melakukan PCT
SARMS sangat jauh lebih aman dan hampir tidak mempunyai efek samping sama sekali, tetapi fungsi dan kinerja nya pun menyerupai steroid.

SARMS membuat liver maupun ginjal sangat minimal.. SARMS adalah SARMS, bukan steroid maupun prohormon.
Seperti yg kita ketahui, PROHORMON ADALAH turunan dr jenis steroid.

SARMS mempunyai banyak jenis dan fungsi. * Ostarine, fungsi nya utk lean bulking maupun cutting, membakar lemak sekaligus, tanpa penambahan water, bisa juga untuk cutting, menyerupai fungsi anavar/primobolan.

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💪 A little pump after one set of dumbbell curls! Was going to be an off day, but figured I could do a total body circuit and get a decent pump! Gym all to myself so it was great!
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✔️ @enhancedathlete Ostamuscle helping pack on the size, lean out, and increasing my appetite! Of course rocking the @sizeupsupps scoop tee!

💪 Had to finish the workout with the arm blaster! @brittanyplace 🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼
👍 Huge progress with @enhancedathlete Ligandrol, now time to use some Ostamuscle. Up another 8lbs or so since I last stepped on the scale. All about the progress and staying focused on the goal ahead.
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MK-2866 10mg (Ostarine, Enobosarm) (60 Caps) - Enhanced Athlete
Ostarine, também conhecido como MK-2866, ou Enobosarm, é um SARM (módulo de receptor de androgênio seletivo) para evitar e tratar a perda de músculo. Mais tarde, pode ser uma cura para evitar a atrofia (perda total de uma parte do corpo), caquexia, sarcopenia e Terapia de substituição de hormona ou testosterona. * Estas são as mesmas indicações para as quais a maioria das drogas na classe de "esteróides" são criadas.
* Ostarine retém massa corporal magra e aumenta dependendo da quantidade de calorias que você consome. * Por exemplo, se você consumir menos do que suas calorias de manutenção diária, a Ostarine fará com que seu corpo mantenha mais músculo, queimando a gordura em vez disso. * Sobre um excedente calórico Ao tomar Ostarine, essas calorias serão usadas para construir músculos em vez de gordura em maior grau.
Benefícios * Maiores ganhos de massa magra *
* Melhor força *
* Mais resistência *
* Coesão de cura conjunta *
* Anabolizante (mesmo em doses tão baixas quanto 3 mg)
O SARMS liga-se ao receptor de andrógenos (AR) e mostra atividade anabólica seletiva de osteo (osso) e mio (muscular). O empate e a estimulação intensificam a síntese protéica e a formação de músculo.
Ostarine provoca crescimento muscular, assim como os esteróides *, mas não produzirá efeitos colaterais negativos comumente encontrados em esteróides anabolizantes e prohormonais, como próstata e outros órgãos sexuais secundários.
* O MK-2866 usa seus efeitos anabolizantes no tecido muscular completamente, por isso não é apenas um potencial para curar doenças musculares, mas também tem um grande potencial para a construção de músculos para atletas, fisiculturistas e físicos. * É também um agente para reduzir a degeneração durante Tempos de recuperação de cirurgia grave ou condições semelhantes.

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Psychadellic Mushroom experience complete. It was pure hell as I took too much and my mind got stuck in a time loop for hours that felt like days. Many epiphanies came from the experience and I feel like it changed me in ways that will last a lifetime. Not sure if it’s good or bad yet. It shattered my #ego and #confidence as I experienced such a vivid alternate reality that my mind still isn’t sure if I’m actually in the real reality right now. It’s like I just want to sit back and see reality play out to see if this reality makes sense to me. In the meantime I’ll still do #steroids and #viagra #preworkout and admire my #poppingveins but it now comes from just appreciating the #beauty of it than fulfilling a false ego. What a trip. Literally. Currently taking #trt 150mg/week and #ostamuscle 30mg per day. With the goal of nutrient partitioning while still hoping to allow my fertility to recover. Which I believe it can on this what I consider a low dose that doesn’t suppress much. Just from my experience and lab work I’ve seen. #enhancedathlete #sidechest #fitnesslife 🌐🌐🌐
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Ostarine Use for Females
As a competitive female, you'll hear people frequently talk about using certain substances to increase their performance. Maybe you've been on the fence about trying anything for yourself for whatever reasons. Give Ostarine a chance. At a low 10mg/day dose, I've probably had over 100 female athletes use it to build muscle in the off-season and use it as a recomp compound during times of increased training frequency - like precontest during and training. Ostarine is a SARM, which means you won't run into the masculating side effects associated with steroids because it selectively targets the adrogen receptors in the skeletal muscle and bones. Benefits include increased muscle hypertrophy, increased strength, increased stamina, enhanced positive nutrient partitioning, and more rapid recovery.💯
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