Yay, if you haven't seen @aliasxahna account, we recommend that you do so! We love love her style. Thank you @aliasxahna for this awesome drawing.

I love love love this!!! Thank you @aliasxahna

Oskar has an adorable partner-in-crime now! :) @hello_oskar

Today is Friday and I forgot to post #oskarforart the past Wednesday. So I'm posting one now. This last piece of art for Oskar is by @franfranmaster I absolutely love love this drawing. I wish I could draw this good!!! Such an amazing work. If you still want to send me Oskar fan art, please do! I love looking at them and maybe I'll post some in the future! With this I end the oskarforart event :) thank you to all the artists who participated in this :)))

Drawing for @hello_oskar by @erwin_cat! #oskarforart I hope you like it! 😊
❗️If you want to win a drawing like this enter @erwin_cat's birthday contest! ❗️

This Wednesday I'm featuring a drawing by @harrycatofallcats for the #OskarForArt event (next Wednesday would be our last post btw). I love the colors and the brush strokes, very expressive 😽💕💕💕💕

#OskarForArt Oskar contemplates to surf

Yahoo!!! Harry's Mom is so happy! @hello_oskar chose her sketch as this weeks winner!! We are so honored we were chosen. Oskar is such a handsome and wonderful cat to watch. If you haven't checked him out you should. Thank you Oskar!! #oskarforart #cats #catsofinstagram #catdrawing #catart

This awesome drawing for #OskarForArt is by @harrycatofallcats I love everything about this, especially the purple touch! What do you like about this drawing?

A quick snatch of Oskar by @gentryjohn Don't you think he looks like a surfer cat here heheh. We only have 2 more Wednesday left, pls hurry up and submit your #OskarForArt 😽😽😽😽

We have only 3 Wednesday left to post #oskarforart Are you thinking of submitting yours?

Please draw me for #oskarforart aren't you tempted?😼😼😼😼

I tried painting my favorite cat from Instagram! (Other than my own of course) #oskarforart @hello_oskar

This week I would like to present a drawing by @aliasxahna I love love love it. It's Oskar paw up in a field of yellow flowers, a perfect combination for a really nice day out! Thanks so much for sharing your drawing with us.

Heeeyyyyy, whatcha doin'? Are you thinking about drawing me? Because you should 😼😼😼😼 and tag it #oskarforart

Walk this way, papa. ---------------------- don't forget to submit your #Oskarforart we only have 5 Wednesday left to go.

Come sniff with me, this smells like garlic 👃----------------////////////------------///////////---------//////////////----- want a chance to be featured next Wednesday? Send me your #oskarforart now. This event will the last Wednesday of April.

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