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Hoping Trump won't ban us from entering the states now👀🐼

I want summer back. #osheaga

My brother once told me when we were about to jump the fence at #Osheaga Music Festival: "All you need is 20 secondes of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of embarassing bravery, and I promise something good will come out of it." This always stuck with me, and did apply in so many other moments of life. From going to introduce myself to someone intimidating, to turning around and dropping a big ass wave, to asking for what I want.... 20 seconds of embrassing bravery, sometimes even less, that's the only thing that stands between you and the doors of new possibilities ! 🙌🏻
Bracelets by @myvirtualyoga
#eltunco #elsalvador #centralamerica #yogaveverydamnday

Au revoir mes amis!! Goodbye for now Montreal❤️. #JFLMTL #osheaga #timetosleep

Thinking if I hadn't been laying in that bed on the side of the road I might not have missed @officialkaleo ... bad quality video but high quality weekend💕 @nandanihanna @kylabrown97 #osheaga video by: @sydwat

Tag la personne que tu vas emmener si tu gagnes pour courir la chance de gagner les premiers billets! Tirage demain (25 jan) à 10am // Tag the person you'll bring if you win the first pair of tickets! Winner announce tomorrow (Jan 25) at 10am! #concours #contest #the1975 #osheaga #evenkoexperience

Take me 🔙 #OSHEAGA

Festival season is upon us! 🌸 #ShopLee

Best memory : the whole festival with these 4 crazy friends 😍
#Osheaga2016 #Osheaga


Festival season is upon us! 🌸 #ShopLee

#osheaga2017 #osheaga 🎵🎵🎶🎵🎶

That is all I could think about 💞||#happiness #musicfestival #lovethisplacesomuch #osheaga

Clinging to you in the pouring rain while we jumped along with the crowd for Nas and his friend Mos Def and I tugged at your shirt so excitedly 'He's in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy bae!' and you laughed.
You tried to sneak a bottle of expensive red wine into the festival and they caught you and said that you were the first one they had ever ever caught with a bottle of wine, and you weren't even embarrassed but roaring with laughter and draped in necklaces and begging me not to sit down for even one song when my legs almost gave out for glorious Sylvan Esso.
We shrieked with glee during Kygo's pyrotechnics and whirled and spun in the mud and fought our way back through the crowd of teenagers swaying with joints in their mouths away from the coveted first rows so we could dance more freely in the back.
I was so focused on you I almost didn't see a tall lady all in black join us for one twirl and then stride away and you clasped my hands 'Love, that was St.Vincent!'
And I didn't know who that was which made you laugh all over again.
Every single one of our favorite bands played that year and I cried during Florence and the Machine on your shoulders and we both gasped afterwards that we would have to allow the other to marry her if she ever asked one of us.
And on my birthday you made me a cake out of tater tots with candles in it and gave me a card with the tickets to the festival inside it. My love who was always pouring out.
Sometimes I get so stuck at that black door where I have to face losing parts of you- those hands, the piercing blue eyes with crows feet from smiling; that I forget for a little time what's most true.
That you and me are going all the way to the end of love, all the way to forever and this is an uncomfortable chapter in the big Book you loved to refer to life as. Uncomfortable for me because I want back the moments I could bury my face in your arms in the cold rain and the way you bit your bottom lip when you were being mischievous.
It's so frustrating- this thin/thick veil. I'm either reaching through it with both hands outstretched or pacing outside it all unsure.
But then you come close and we can run and dance even more.

#tbt Hanging out on the Oyster King with Charlie. The thrusters were hilarious. #oysterking #boat #hydraulics #family #osheaga

Hoping Trump won't ban us from entering the states now👀🐼

L'hiver est long... #tbt #osheaga #summer

I've been dying to improv to this song for a while now. Can't wait to see @hamiltonleithauser at Osheaga!
#dance #improvisation #osheaga

currently in the middle of writing my first E.P....getting ready for a summer release🖖🏻🙏🏻

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