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@xanboni and I with the co-star of daddy daycare. #oscarsnub

Yo Deep thanks for the beers and letting me wingman. You were the only not creepy part of the Willy Wonka remake. #oscarsnub #Bungalow #popstyle #RIPcope

"Damn Girl, I didn't know Nike made dresses." - Love & Basketball #oscarsnub #gymholidayparty #fitfam #oathletik #gymrats

You can add this to my top 10!
#lion #oscarsnub #saroo #saroobrierley

Jake Busey in Contact is a goddamn revelation. #movienight #vhs #jakebusey #contact #oscarsnub

To this day , I still think this film and Jen deserve an oscar for this 💜😭 #jenniferaniston #cake #oscars #oscarsnub

Gee Taraji was great in Hidden Figures! I remember when I saw this for the first time I thought this would be the scene they show at the Oscars when they're reading out the Best Actress nominees... But then she wasn't nominated, whaaat?? I think it would've been great to see her nominated for such an important role and one you can see she felt very strongly about. #IHeartActresses

Rebecca demostrando que no era tan dura de pelar. #oscarsnub

okay its almoust 24 hours since i watched the live stream of oscar nominations and now im ready to talk about it
let me present you THE BIGGEST OSCAR SNUB EVER (my opinion) I JUST I JUST cant even {#johnnydepp #blackmass #whiteybulger #oscar #oscarsnub}


Byron-Paterson review:What is this movie about?Well,that's tough to say,you could say it's about about a week in the life of a bus driver,but that's the easy answer.You could say this movie is about poetry,it's about happiness and it's also about simplicity,it's all up for interpretation.Paterson played by Adam Driver wakes up about quarter past six,kisses his wife,eats some cereal,walks to the bus garage,drives his bus and returns home to have dinner which his wife has prepared for him.This is shown seven times by Jim Jarmusch-one for each day.There are small differences in each day however,whether it be an incident at the local pub,the bus breaking down,or even the dog chewing up his poetry book.With all of the films simplicity however,there is a large amount of depth to the character.Adam Driver very much carries the film in a great performance.Movies like Paterson are extremely rare these days,and whilst most people will say it's slow,nothing happens etc etc...this movie isn't about that,this movie focuses thoroughly on Paterson and sticks up for the ordinary guy and never deter's away from that.This movie felt so refreshing for me and yet that was partly because actually,there isn't loads and loads of drama,and it's focus is so clear on this one character. The only flaw I could really come up with from thinking about it was perhaps the re-watch ability due to the pacing,but apart from that I think Paterson was definitely one of the best films of 2016.It was truly poetic for me as much as it was about poetry,and the little details made it a great watch 8.5/10. #paterson
#film #review #adamdriver #comedy #adamdriver #jimjarmusch #directing #writing #poetry #life #happiness #simplicity #refreshing #cinematography #acting #magic #underrated #mustwatch #greatfilm #2016 #oscarsnub

To this day , I still think this film and Jen deserve an oscar for this 💜😭 #jenniferaniston #cake #oscars #oscarsnub

Scratched one off the bucket list last night. Yes, that's #wethotamericansummer on the BIG SCREEN. Thanks to the Laurelhurst theater and my Camp Firewood bunkmate @jkayheis for being my swimming buddy to this secret pizza party. I can now die a happy man, crushed to death by a renegade piece of Skylab. #campfirewood #whas #thehopkinsbabywhatadream #waitformeabbybernstein #fondlemysweaters #oscarsnub

Me, Terrence Stamp, Val Kilmer and Carrie-Ann Moss heading into the spacecraft which is Olympic stadium in Sydney.
Red Planet 1999

@xanboni and I with the co-star of daddy daycare. #oscarsnub

Have you seen the movie "Columbus" yet? From our friend, Charles Birnbaum, President & CEO of @tclfdotorg: "Well, it’s not Oscar season but we already have one of the biggest snubs of the year." Check out the article in the HuffPost, the link is in our profile.
#dankiley #modernist #modernistlandscape #landscapearchitecture #columbusin #millergarden #vermontasla #columbusmovie #oscarsnub #theculturallandscapefoundation #nationalhistoriclandmarks

jack and jill 2011 10/10 high recomend . it's good because it's genius to have one person to play two roles in the same movie #jack #and #jill #oscarsnub #oscarsaresowhite

Welcome to the underground "Kontroll" by Nimród Antal is easily my favorite foreign movie of all time, creative, insane and just pure fun madness don't believe me well why not step into the underground and find out yourself, remember there is no free rides here 😈.
#kontrollmovie #dvdfilm #masterpiece #trains #murder #madness #insane #hungary #2004 #incredible #unique #oscarsnub #soundtrack #amazing #foreginmovies #art

Happy 37th Birthday Caddyshack! Will always be a classic. #GOAT #OscarSnub #golf

~If in the midst of suffering and trials, what if God is silent?~ Scorsese's 25 yr passion project has instantly jumped into my top 5 films of all time list, which is rare for a film that I've only seen once. But believe me when I say that this statement is not hyperbolic.
The question posed above is one that I've been wrestling with for some time now. Though I have served on the mission field and have had my share of trials (frankly the last year has been none too kind), it's nothing compared to what the Jesuit priests and the Japanese Christians experience in this picture. But every once in a while, something comes into your life right when you needed it. That was what "Silence" is to me. And maybe that, in and of itself, answers the question?

Make no mistake, this film is as brutal as it is beautiful. The technical prowess exhibited by Scorsese and his crew is nothing short of exemplary. This might be one of the most gorgeous works in his filmography. And I would be remiss not to mention the fantastic performances in "Silence". Andrew Garfield has never given a better performance in my opinion and should have been nominated for his portrayal as Father Rodrigues rather than "Hacksaw Ridge". But his is not the only noteworthy performance, as the whole cast excels. Special shout outs to Liam Neeson (Father Ferreira), Adam Driver (Father Garupe), Tadanobu Asano (Interpreter) and Yosuke Kubozuka (Kichijiro). So how does Scorsese answer the question that he poses? Well, it is not something that I can delve too deep into, as to avoid spoiling the film for those who have yet to see it. However, "Silence" is one of the most powerful, honest, challenging, profound and spiritually edifying films I've ever seen (and certainly the best film I've seen in a while). I challenge my peers (especially those whom are Christian artists) that this is what we should strive for as creators. In an era of disappointing "Faith-based" films that are content with putting out trash, "Silence" is more than just a breath of fresh air: it is a lifeline.
#silence #film #movie #scorsese #andrewgarfield #adamdriver #justwatchthemovie #oscarsnub #sorryforthelongpost #letscreateart

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