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‘A Star is Born’ is a technical marvel. Having seen concerts on film countless times, Bradley makes it feel new and authentic. Watching the film I felt like I was experiencing something intimate on stage with the artist, even while thousands of people were screaming at me on screen. The simple and elegant decision to shoot only from onstage was so incredibly effective in getting the audience inside the head of the performer. This was one of the many things that allowed people to truly be on the journey with the characters as the film shifts from glowing love story to dramatic tragedy. Lady Gaga is truly a marvel. She crafts an authentic and engaging heroine in Ally. Her home life is populated with friends and family who feel so extremely alive that we don’t want her to be ripped away even as she rises into a global superstar. Bradley Cooper is a tragic hero - so cool and so troubled. The film shifts greatly in it’s second hour. It’s not a sweet love story anymore but instead a dark story about the depths of addiction. It’s real and harsh and you will be crying in your seat if you have half a heart. This is a true movie in an era of television. Now everyone gets to spend ten hours at a time with a character so things seem to move quickly in ‘A Star is Born’, but if you suspend your believability as required you are right there, in all the emotion and drama and magic that this film creates. Bradley Cooper has proven himself a musician, and truly great director beyond being an already great actor. I can’t wait to see what he does or next, or what Gaga does next - but I’m also fine if they never make anything again. This was great. This was peak. This is the kind of movie you don’t move on from after seeing it in twenty minutes time. It stays with you, it grows with you, and we’ll be listening to the soundtrack and watching this film for years to come. It’s the 2018 ’Titanic’, an epic crafted for our times that reflects the dynamic between men and women, society and celebrity, in these troubled times. .
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Últimamente veo muchísima gente con el "JUGUETE DE MODA" , sin tener en cuenta:
1-La postura
2-El control Motor
3-Las cadenas cinéticas
Aquí mi amigo @echedey.garcia siempre en su línea de un movimiento basado en la salud y no en la "LOCURA" como hoy en día se ve en tantos sitios.
- El nos muestra unos cuantos ejercicios con buena postura, tiempos de ejecución controlados y que nos ayudarán a mejorar dándole un uso correcto a este material.

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In light of this unexpected turn, and with just over two months until the ceremony, Variety reports that the Academy is scrambling to find a solution, even considering going without an official host altogether. In recent years late night hosts have been the go-to for Hollywood’s biggest night, but the Academy is worried about anyone potentially too “edgy,” while at the same time concerned that someone safe could continue the trend of low ratings. The answer may lie in utilizing the A-list roster of talent on hand for the night, and featuring actors and actresses doing something “buzzy” to throw to commercials. Presumably the idea will be better fleshed out in the Board of Governors meeting set to take place Tuesday night.

While most Oscars ceremonies have been presided over by a single host, this wouldn't be the first time in the awards show's 90-year history that a bevy of stars split the hosting duties. Ten shows were hosted by three or more people from 1956 to 1987, with the longest streak of team hosting events occurring from 1972 to 1977. Most of these ensembles included a mix of hosting vets, comedians, actors and performers - such as the 47th Oscars hosted by Sammy Davis Jr., Bob Hope, Shirley MacLaine and Frank Sinatra. They also threw together some truly strange groupings, like Liza Minnelli, Dudley Moore, Richard Pryor and Walter Matthau for the 55th event.

Should the Academy fail to find a satisfying solution to the current crisis, there's still a precedent - five shows have gone on without an official host, most recently in 1989. Of course, the main job of the host is to entice people to tune in, and then to keep them entertained enough to keep watching. With the debacle of the proposed popular film Oscar earlier this summer, the Academy is clearly willing to try any means necessary to increase viewership. Perhaps this controversy, and the potential “new” hosting style will be the answer the Academy has been looking for.

As it pulls in even more nominations, here's a really fascinating look at 'The True Story Behind The Favourite': http://time.com/5468269/the-favourite-movie-true-story/
from @time .
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The #ScreeningOfTheDay deals with addiction again, focusing on family.

@benisbackmovie deals with the return of the eldest son on Christmas Eve to his family when he’s supposed to be in rehab.

It’s high alert though for his family. Mom, played by Julia Roberts, is thrilled to see him again, but also concerned. Older sister played by @kathrynnewton calls all hands on deck, seeing how her mom is too blind to her brother. She calls step dad @courtneybvance who rushes home in the middle of the day. Only the two youngest, products of the second marriage are thrilled.

What starts as a family drama and how drug addiction takes its toll transforms into melodrama when the family returns from Christmas Mass to find the house broken into & the family dog missing. It’s not Lucas’ character because he was with them, but it is a part of his past coming back to haunt him.

Lucas & Julia go searching for the “missing” dog, but Lucas’ Ben knows it has something to do with his past drug days.

As the #movie progresses, we learn more about his life prior to today. He wasn’t just a user, he was a dealer. People in the town got hooked because he was dealing. His girlfriend died of an overdose.
It all culminates into a favor he has to do for someone he owes money to in order to get the dog back.
The whole #film takes place in a 24 hour period. The first two acts are great. But my interest waned as it got into the drug dealing. It’s almost like the people involved didn’t think the stakes were high enough (no pun intended). But by raising them, the movie undercuts what went on before. It should have stayed focused on the devastation drugs has on the family, keeping away from cliches.
The performances are really good though. Hedges could see another nomination. This time for Best Actor. At the risk of repetitive, this year is filled with great Best Actress performances. Roberts is worthy of a nom. Is there room though?

I did want to do a special shout out to @kathrynnewton. Her Ivy is a nuanced performance. Big things are coming for her, mark my words! #screening #movies #films #Oscars #Oscars2018 #BenIsBack

This is a screen-shot of a post by a friend of ours, the great actor David Oyelowo (Dr. M. L King in “Selma”) as he gives a shout-out to another great, Mahershala Ali ( who replies so beautifully). The image is from a scene in the film “Green Book”. I wanted to re-shout the shout-out because everyone should see this wonderful movie! Mr Ali @mahershalaali brilliantly creates the late, genius pianist Don Shirley on a dangerous concert tour across the 60’s Deep South, as driven by the very funny Viggo Mortensen. I won’t call it a “feel good” movie - but it will make you feel good! ❤️Five 💥💥💥💥💥 on the Kitometer! And look for @davidoyelowo as Javert in the new BBC/PBS “Les Miserables”! #greenbookmovie #davidoyelowo #mahershalaali #greatacting #greatacting👏 #talent #actors #actorsonactors #oscars2018 #goldenglobes2018 #viggomortensen #laactingstudios

Lena Waithe Nominates Donald Glover to Host 2019 Oscars. #brokenanchor

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